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ial for spiking cannon, burning and destroying buildings, gun carriages, etc., were placed under command of Lieutenant Hallonquist, acting ordnance officer. Lieutenant Nelms, adjutant Fifth Georgia regiment, was attached to this command. The medical officers who accompanied the expedition were: Dr. Micks of the Louisiana infante wounded every service which under the circumstances was possible. Colonels Anderson and Jackson pay graceful tribute to the memory of Captain Bradford and Lieutenant Nelms, of their regiments, to which I desire to add my respectful admiration for them and for every brave patriot who fell with them for their country's liberties. the morning of the 9th inst. The object of the expedition was fully and completely accomplished, though the loss of such men as Captain Bradford of Florida; Lieutenant Nelms of Georgia; Sergeant Routh of Tallahassee; Private Tillinghast, etc., would not be compensated for, in my opinion, by the total annihilation of Billy Wilson
Important from Pensacola. Pensacola, Oct. 9. --An engagement took place at Santa Rosa Island this morning early. Among the killed were two of the Clinch Rifles, one of the Irish Volunteers.--Nelms, of Warrenton, Ga. There are several wounded and missing. Full particulars have not yet been received.
rossed the bay last night, landed at Santa Rosa Island at 2 o'clock in the morning, and stormed the camp of Billy Wilson's Zouaves, burning and destroying every building, except the hospital; also destroying an immense quantity of rations, equipments, stores, and ammunition, and spiking their cannon. They effected a total destruction of the camp. The loss of the enemy was very great. The loss of the Confederates was forty killed and wounded. Capt. Bradford, of Florida, was killed; Lieut. Nelms, of Ga., killed; Walter Tuggle; of the Continentals, desperately wounded; John Burgess, killed; Gen. Anderson was wounded in the arm; Lieut. Sayre, wounded in the hip. This list is imperfect. It is impossible to get all the particulars. Our force engaged consisted of three companies of the 5th Georgia Regiment, fourteen members of the Mobile Continentals, three companies of regulars, a detachment of Mississippians, a detachment of Georgians, under Lieuts. Hallinguist and Nelson, 200
R. J. Hayes, badly; Thomas Caldwell received a shot in the left arm, making amputation necessary. Company A, 7th Alabama Regiment.--Killed, 2; wounded, 6; missing, 1. Two members of the Madison Rifles attached to this company were killed. Capt. Peake's Company, 10th Mississippi Reg't. --Killed, none; wounded, J. W. Kincaid, badly. Company G, 10th Mississippi Reg't. --5th Sergeant J. P. Barksdale, wounded — supposed mortally. McDuffie Rifles, (Georgia Reg't.)--Killed, Lieut. Nelms, Sergeant Bedeau. Wounded and missing, not yet handed in. Continentals.--Corporal Juggle, wounded. Private Burgiss missing — supposed to be killed. This list is not yet complete, but we will continue to publish as fast as the reports are handed in. There are not many more, we believe. From a communication received this morning, it seems as though several tents were fired at the same time, and it is hard to tell who fired the first tent. The communication say, "Captai<
Company F.--Killed: First Sgt J W Fant; Private G W Hopkins. Wounded: Sgt J F Tarrant; Corporals J D Funster, D C Farmer. Privates J R Spann, J L Deuprec, R Mahorner, H Mahorner, W H Tate, W Freeman, J Davis, M Bell, D Bell, J T Jones, T F Glass, S M Bowen, E J Carter. Missing and Supposed Killed: Privates W A Price, W J Fant, F M Hill. Total killed, 2. Total wounded, 16.--Total wounded and missing, 3. Company G.--Killed: Capt Beanland: Privates Beard and Doak. Wounded: Lieut W G Nelms; Sgts J G Goodwin and Wyatt; Privates G W Delbridge, W B Delbridge, W B Cullen, F L Hope, J Doak, A G Burney, C C Boyd, R W. Black, J Listenby, R N Mitchel, Pat Nagle, W J Stowers, Jno White, J E Talbert, Rigger, J B Orr, T Burney, A J Raglan, S W Dooley. Missing: Privates Market. B A Shaw, G Smither, Hartgrove. Total killed, 3. Total wounded 22. Total missing, 4. Company H.--Wounded: Lieut Reld; Sgt R T Hobson; Corporals R G Steele, R N Lyon, Geo Shaw; Privates J N Carothers, J C Car
nington, 31st Ga; Thos. Slack, Wm A Tyler, 28th Va; Uriah Etheridge, J J Chapman, 14th S C; H F Pridgen, 4th N C; J W Joliff, A B Cross, 3d Va; H Bradbury, 1st Tenn; J M Jones, J W Carter, Jeff Davis Artillery; John Moore, H C Watts, Horace Windsor, J D Strickland, 2d Ga; Peter David, 15th Ga; James W Dye, 15th Ga; J B Watkins, 2d Ga; Lieut Wm Jones, 18th Ga; J A McCrery, 2d Ga; Jos Allman, 6th N C; W M Tidd, 2d Ga; S J Pitts, do do; J T Jones, do do; W A Brown, 7th Ga; W J Davis, 2d Ga; W H Nelms, do do; H P Shultze, 1st Tex; H P Freeman, 2d Ga; J W Edwards, 8th Ga; C G Gray, 6th Ga; L R Regsdale, 8th Ga; Jesse E J Leigh, do do; C C Bear, 15th Ala; J A Hill, 7th Ga; J J Patterson, 2d Ga; J E Maguire, 8th Ga; D W Croft, do do; E A Crew, 2d Ga; E A Shepherd, do do; S E Goss, 17th Ga; J D Hale, 9th Ga; L C P Jones, 8th Ga; F E Scarborough, 15th Ga; J B Hopkins, 2d Ga; Lieut W W Williamson, 8th Ga; W D Lewis, 2d Ga; Jacob A Allbright, do do; J L Burks, W Roby, do do; Lieut J B McCollum,