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Small cases. --George Nelson and Calvin Henry, charged with stealing four dozen sora from a market cart, were examined before the Mayor yesterday, and remanded for trial at the next term of the Hustings Court. Michael Leary and John Hamilton, charged with fighting in Mrs. Canary's bar-room, presented a most dismal aspect as they stood before the Mayor. Leary, it was stated, behaved very badly during his incarceration at the watch-house, while Hamilton was as docile in all respects as a sucking dove. The consequence was that the former was sent to jail in default of security to keep the peace, and Hamilton, who wears the garb of a soldier, was discharged from custody. Lawrence H. Kelly, another gray jacket, who claimed to belong to the Fourth Louisiana Battalion, was arraigned for taking a dollar note from a lad named Henry W. Shaw, at Stecker's store, and striking Mrs. Stecker on the head with his musket. The prisoner had been drinking most copiously; but as one cri
to an order of the Circuit Court of Giles county, and the signature of James D. Johnson upon the back of the same paper, was examined; and after hearing the evidence, the Court remanded him for final trial. John Wade, charged with shooting William V. Mott, on the 5th of October last, with intent to "maim, disfigure, disable, and kill," was discharged from further prosecution. The Grand Jury yesterday made the following presentments; The Commonwealth against Charles Wood, for petty larceny; John Haake, for retailing ardent spirits without license; George Nelson and Joseph Calvin Henry, for petty larceny; George Williams, for an assault; Thomas Linton, for petty larceny; Daniel C. Warrell, for an assault on his wife; William J. Summerville, for shooting a pistol in the streets;--true bills of indictments for misdemeanor. The Commonwealth against John H. Cook, an indictment for a misdemeanor — not a true bill. The Grand Jury will meet again this morning at 11 o'clock.
presentment for exhibiting faro bank. The defendant in each case recognized in the sum of $3,000 to appear at the next term to answer for the offence. Commonwealth against James Eddins-- and indictment for a misdemeanor. The defendant was recognized in the sum of $100 for his appearance at the next term. The cases of Dillon McCormack and Cosamore Castiglione, indictments for misdemeanor, were continued to the next term, each defendant giving security for his appearance. George Nelson and Joseph Calvin Henry were tried for stealing four dozen sora, found guilty, and sentenced to fifteen days imprisonment, and to pay the costs of prosecution. Thomas Linton was also convicted of petty larceny and sent to jail for fifteen days, and costs of prosecution added. George Williams was tried for stealing a coat, and acquitted. The Grand Jury yesterday presented the following persons for issuing shinplasters: J. B, Godsey and A. A. Raine; John F. Reguault; J. P. S