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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 2. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Book notices. (search)
e the adventures of a woman who disguised herself as a man, fought gallantly in a number of battles, rendered most important services as a Confederate spy, and had various hair-breadth escapes, and most romantic and thrilling adventures. As to the reality of the existence of such a personage, there can be no reasonable doubt. The publishers' circular contains certificates from Drs. J. F. Hammond and M. D. L. McCleod, of Atlanta, Georgia; Major G. W. Alexander, of Washington, Georgia; Major John Newman, of New Orleans, and General George Anderson, of Atlanta, all testifying that Madame Velasquez and Lieutenant Harry T. Buford, Confederate States Army, were one and the same individual. Major Alexauder says that she was well known to him, and that she was particularly distinguished for her devotion to the cause, for which she made many sacrifices. She was also brave, noble, and generous in disposition, ready at all times to do anything in her power for the Confederacy. We have also
Hustings Court. --This Court was in session yesterday, and disposed of the following cases: John Newman, indicted for exhibiting the game of faro. Case continued till the next term of the Court, and party admitted to bail. William Stelle, indicted for exhibiting faro-Case continued and party admitted to bail. John Reardon, indicted for stealing two blankets Tried and acquitted. Francis Read, indicted for assault and battery. Nolle prosequi entered on the payment of costs. Tobias Pearsall, indicted for selling ardent spirits without a license. Found guilty and fined $60 and costs. William Kinney, indicted for Larceny.--Plead guilty, and sentenced to jail for one week. James Charles and Henry Shearman, each fined $60 and costs for violating the revenue laws, by selling liquor without a license. William Taylor, indicted in two cases for unlawful trespass on real estate. Found guilty and fined $75 in the first case and ninety days imprison
as possible. The applications of Tiernan & Sizer, and Richard Seiling, to keep ordinaries, were heard and rejected. There were three cases of presentments against Alexander Cross, and five against Robert Wilson, for retailing ardent spirits without a license, and a nolle prosequi was entered in each case. Jerome Digges, indicted for exhibiting a game called faro bank, failed to appear when called, and his recognizance was forfeited and the case continued to next term. John Newman, indicted for keeping and exhibiting a certain gaming table called faro bank, was called and did not appear, whereupon his recognizance was forfeited and the case continued to next term. Charles W. Allen, the surety upon said recognizance, paid into Court the sum of $1,000, the penalty thereon. James McGhee, a Baltimorean, indicted in eighty cases for selling ardent sprits without a license, was fined $60 in two cases, and seventy-eight were dismissed. He was also required to give
Hustings Court of magistrates. --The following business was transacted by this body yesterday: John Newman, presented for keeping and exhibiting the game of faro on the 16th day of October' 1863, was tried and convicted under the old law, and his punishment assessed at $300 fine, which he paid, and was there upon discharged. Nolle prosequis were entered by the Attorney for the Commonwealth in seven other cases of a similar character, Newman paying the costs thereon. ChristopherNewman paying the costs thereon. Christopher, slave of Alex. Nott, charged with stealing several articles of wearing apparel and jewelry, the property of John M. Daniel, was tried and acquitted. The trial of Carter Winston, a free negro, charged with stealing a lot of clothing from a free negro named John Ryan, was postponed till the next term of the Court. Peter, slave of N. A. and John S. Clopton, charged with stealing a lot of iron belonging to the Old Dominion iron and Nail Manufacturing Company, was put upon trial, and afte