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Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 19: battle of the forts and capture of New Orleans. (search)
r M. Parsons, 3d Assistant Engineer Theo. Hart, 3d Assistant Engineer James Elliott, 3d Assistant Engineer James Waters. Engineers from the Manassas.--Menzis, 3d assistant engineer; Weaver, 2d assistant engineer; Culver, 2d assistant engineer; Newman, 3d assistant engineer. United States Steamer Clifton. Near Fort St. Philip, May 2, 1862. Sir — The following officers of the Confederate States navy now held on board this vessel as prisoners of war, had no voice in the council which d. Parsons, 3d Assistant Engineer Theo. Hart, 3d Assistant Engineer James Elliott, 3d Assistant Engineer James Waters, 2d Assistant Engineer Orvel Culver, 2d Assistant Engineer George W. Weaver, 3d Assistant Engineer T. A. Menzis, 3d Assistant Engineer William Newman, Engineer Henry Fagin, Engineer J. H. Toombs, Engineer J. H. Dent, Gunner James Wilson, Boatswain Samuel Jones, Carpenter Virginius Cherry, Paymaster's Steward D. Porter. I make the above statement in consequence of having learne
James Parton, The life of Horace Greeley, Chapter 28: day and night in the Tribune office. (search)
or two in looking over a long printed catalogue, posted on the door, entitled, Tribune Directory. Corrected May 10, 1854. A list of Editors, Reporters, Publishers, Clerks, Compositors, Proof-Readers, Pressmen, &c., employed on the New York Tribune. From this Directory one may learn that the Editor of the Tribune is Horace Greeley, the Managing-Editor Charles A. Dana, the Associate-Editors, James S. Pike, William Hi. Fry, George Ripley, George M. Snow, Bayard Taylor, F. J. Ottarson, William Newman, B. Brock way, Solon Robinson, and Donald C. Henderson. We perceive also that Mr. Ottarson is the City Editor, and that his assistants are in number fourteen. One of these keeps an eye on the Police, chronicles arrests, walks the hospitals in search of dreadful accidents, and keeps the public advised of the state of its health. Three report lectures and speeches. Another gathers items of intelligence in Jersey City, Newark, and parts adjacent. Others do the same in Brooklyn and Willi
Reviving the Drop Game. --Yesterday morning a young man in soldier's clothes, who gave his name as Wm. Newman was arraigned before the Mayor, charged with stealing $50 from Jesse Barker. The circumstances, as related by Mr. Barker and other witnesses are these: Mr. Barker is a countryman, and was selling his produce at the 1st market. Early yesterday morning while standing at his cart, the prisoner and an accomplice passed by, the accomplice having in one of his pockets a piece of card, in one corner of which was folded a three cent piece. Just as the couple were opposite Barker the prisoner pulled from the pocket of the accomplice the piece of card, and taking from it the three cent piece, showed it to Barker. Prisoner then called to his partner and asked him if he had not lost something. Accomplice replied that he had lost a card that contained a three cent piece. Prisoner denied that there was any three cent piece in the card then, Barker having seen him remove one. Acc
Hustings Court. --The Justices composing this Court disposed of the following cases brought before them yesterday for hearing: John A. Faries, charged with receiving $300 worth of clothing stolen from John McDonough, knowing the same to have been stolen. Sent on to be tried before Judge Lyons. Daniel Solon, stealing 400 pounds of scrap iron from the Confederate Government. Seat on for trial. Thomas Doland and Charles P. Felburg, obtaining by false pretences $2,000 of John Smith, as substitute agents. Examined and acquitted. William Newman, stealing $50 from Jesse Barker. Examined and sent on. Conrad Bender, receiving $200 worth of clothing stolen from John L. Pairo, knowing the same to have been stolen. Acquitted. Myer Myers, receiving 640 pounds of coffee stolen from W. W. Snead. Acquitted. John and Sarah Devzler, receiving 640 pounds of coffee stolen from W. W. Snead.-- Acquitted.
Presentments by the Grand Jury. --True bills were found by the Grand Jury for Judge Lyons's Court yesterday: Wm. Hinchman, Matthew O'Neale, Richard Costello, Patrick O'Brien, Lewis Harcum, Wm. Newman, Wm. H. Curtis, Charles Schwartz, John Conway, John H. Bolton, James W. Perry, Wicker, Touson and Champion, Matisse J. Palmature, John Welsh, Robert Ryan, Landon W. Shell, and nine forgery cases against Alex. D. Cheatwood. The Grand Jury will again sit this morning at 11 o'clock, when other presentments will be made.
The Legislature. --In the Senate, yesterday, several House bills were received, but not acted upon. Mr. Newman, of Mason, submitted a resolution, which was adopted, directing the Committee for Courts of Justice to inquire and report whether any legislation or enactment of laws is necessary to prevent aliens, who refuse to contribute their services to our cause, from acquiring title to real estate in this Commonwealth. The Senate then went into secret session on a communication from the Governor. In the House, without the transaction of any important business, the body went into secret session. At 5 o'clock P. M. both Houses renewed their session in secret.
Judge Lyons's Court. --In this Court yesterday the following cases were disposed of. Wm. Newman was sent to the Penitentiary one year on the charge of stealing $500 from Jesse Bowles. John G. Scott, charged with robbery and garroting, was sentenced to five years in the State's prison.