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New Artillery company. --An Artillery company of fine material, and numbering 93 men, has been formed within the past week, at the rendezvous over the store of Woodhouse & Co., Main street. The uniform will be grey jacket and pants — the officers and men wearing the same uniform, which is now being made up by the ladies. The company is officered as follows: Thomas J. Peyton, Captain; Thomas Jackson, 1st Lieutenant; J. Hatley Norton, 2d Lieutenant. The company will be armed with a battery of six of the iron 6 lb. Parrott guns lately purchased for the use of the State.
Yorktown Naval Battery. --It is important that this well-known battery should be immediately filled up with the necessary complement of men. The inducements offered to enlist are unsurpassed, and we feel assured that the young men of Richmond will gladly avail themselves of a most favorable opportunity to serve their country. By application to Lieut. Norton, at Duval's drugstore, all information can be obtained, and those who choose to investigate the subject will undoubtedly become at once satisfied of the advantages of the company and the location.
twelve months volunteers have re-enlisted almost to a man — There are but few who have not gone in for the war, and with these few the delay is a mere question of time. We, of the Naval Battery, were among the first companies to take position on this river, in May of last year, and we naturally reflect with some degree of pride that we are among the veterans of the Peninsula. The company is now being re-organized for the war by that accomplished officer and universal favorite, Lieut J. Hatley Norton, at present Adjutant of the Battery. In addition to old members, we are receiving volunteers from other twelve months companies, to augment our number to the maximum prescribed by law. Should the long-looked-for advance of the enemy be a combined attack by land and water, we may safely promise you that the river batteries will give a good account of themselves. Prudence forbids my writing more definitely as to the strength of our position at the present juncture. But we are c
At an election for company officers for the company formerly known as the "Peyton Artillery," now in camp on Fulton's Hill, near the city, the following officers were elected. Captain, J. Hatley Norton, First Lieutenant, Wm. E. Howell; Junior First Lieutenant, Geo. W. Fulmer; Second Lieutenant, Wm. T. Chalkley. This company has just arrived from the Peninsula, where they have been for the last twelve months, attached to the Naval Battery at Yorktown.