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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 24. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.53 (search)
killed at Boonesboroa. 42. Joseph Lemon. 43. William Lewis, wounded at Gaines' Mill. 44. Jacob Loony, killed at Petersburg. 45. John McFalls. 46. G. McGeorge, killed at Boonesboroa. 47. A. J. Mastin. 48. —— Meadow. 49. Jackson Mosely. 50. Jordan Murdock, wounded at Gaines' Mill. 51. —— Murray, recruit. 52. Elias Murray. 53. Joseph Murray, killed at Gaines' Mill. 54. Joseph Muse, wounded at Sharpsburg. 55. John Nichols, killed at Gettysburg. 56. —— Nunnally, recruit. 57. John Owens. 58. James Owens, recruit. 59. John Pagan, killed at Gaines' Mill. 60. Joseph Pagan. 61. Robert Phillips, killed at Gaines' Mill. 62. —— Price, wounded at Gaines' Mill. 63. Albert Ramsey, wounded at Gaines' Mill. 64. William Richardson, wounded at Gaines' Mill. 65. Dr. Rives, detached as surgeon. 66. Francis Rhoades. 67. Aaron Rhoades. 68. Michael Ruddell, wounded at Gettysburg; died. 69. Richard Ruddell, died in hospi
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 35. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Hanover Grays. (search)
. Home, Robert R. (died in prison). Home, Ralph R. Hott, William (wounded). Hughes, P. H. (wounded; dead). Johnson, P. L. Jones, Washington (killed). Jones, William Wingfield (wounded and dead) Kelley, James S. (dead). Kent, George W. (wounded). Lipscomb, Henry (wounded). Lorgan, Benjamin (dead). Mantlo, William (twice wounded). Mantlo, Cornelius (wounded). Mills, John T. (detailed; dead). Mosby, John S. (dead). Norment, William E. (dead). Nunnally, L. M. (dead). Otey, Thomas (wounded). Otey, William (wounded and dead). Pate, John W. (transferred and dead). Pate, William B. (dead). Richardson, Bowling (dead). Richardson, John (wounded). Richardson, Henry (dead). Richardson, Peter (dead). Short, William Neander. Smith, William H. (wounded and dead). Smith, William C. (killed near Ashland, Va.). Southard, John (wounded and dead). Snyder, Stephen (discharged; dead). Taliaferro, William (discharge
idge Artillery Va Regiment. John M Evans, Co E, 42d Va Regiment. Tucker Randolph, Co F, 21st Va Regiment. Wm B Colston, Co E, 2d Va Regiment. Corporals. Samuel Ewart, Co D, 42d Va. Regiment. M M. Teal, Co K, 42d Va. Regiment. William A Aven, Co G, 37th Va. Regiment. James Wright, Co F, 4th Va. Regiment. Jno A Younger, Co H, 21st Va. Regiment. Peter W Dalton, Co H, 42d Va. Regiment. John Hill, Co H, 2d Va. Regiment. Privates. J N Nunnally, Comp'y F, 21st Va. regiment. Isaac Thomasson, Comp'y H, 37th Va. regiment. Ro S Hutchins, Comp'y D, 21st Va. regiment. Wm R Buchanan, Comp'y F, 37th Va. regiment. Geo Kelly, Comp'y F, 37th Va. regiment. John Glen, Comp'y F, 37th Va. regiment. A B Edmondson, Comp'y F, 37th Va. regiment. Thos Bryan, Comp'y B, 43d Va. regiment. Arthur Reid, Comp'y H, 37th Va. regiment. L C F Dickerson, Comp'y C, 37th Va. regiment. D G Snodgrass, Comp'y B, 37th
McGee j. w. Mclatire Jno. McGrath Jno. MchPherson J. McGane j. T. McFarland Jas. McClelland j. McLarty j. m. McNash mr. McCall h.V. McMickle h. V. Nuholas J. M. Niel B. F. Nerris T. M. Nash W. Y. Newman Jno. Nasbelt Jas. Neale Jas. T. Norrell w. h. Nelson Jno. h. New Jas. c. Nobles Jno. A. Nicholas Jno. P. Newstead w. Norris w. E. Nichols w. h. h. Noel Dr. w. F. Nowlen Dr. w. Newman Jas. R. Nelson Jno L. Neely leatch New g. w. Nunnally g. w. Nicola g. h. Nichols A. J. Nevall A. L. Nelson cpt. Am. Naton mr. Nesbet Dr. AM2 Nalle A. G. Oriser Jas. Oliver w. A. Owens & Willis 2 OlKeefe wm. Ovesby Jas. T. O'Mell J. A. Owens Jno. Oliver Jno. m. Owen Alex. Otlenheimer-- Olive A. Owens A. Orrick N. c. Oliver M. E. Osborne S. T. Offett J. B. O'Connor Mn. O'Keefe-- Pace Salas. Parker Jas. A. Pichell col. Jt. Peebles Jas. A. Pledger Jas. Payne Jas. Pledge & Co. J. W
A locomotive in the Canal. --About 12 o'clock yesterday, the engine "Washington," while proceeding up the steep grade on Eighth street to Broad, became unmanageable after getting a short distance beyond Main street, and came dashing back towards the canal at a speed. The draw to the bridge being up, the locomotive struck against it and broke it in two; but the resistance caused by the collision somewhat impeded its speed, and only fore-wheels of the engine ran off the the water, the rest remaining on the track. At time of the occurrence, Engineer Nunnally Train master Curry and two negroes were on board, but they sprang to the ground as soon as it was found impossible to stop the engine. Messrs. Nunnally and Curry were considerably bruised in consequence of jumping from the car.
t Sheridan has gained a succession of victories in the Valley, whereas the assertion and the facts were directly to the contrary From Petersburg There was a trial of artillery yesterday, on the part of the enemy in front of Petersburg, but we did not learn the result. Casualties. The following is a list of the casualties in the Purcell battery, Peggram's battalion, in the engagement of October 1st and 2d: Killed--Privates Pence and Cash. Wounded--Corporal Snapp; privates Nunnally, in face, Bailey, in side; Sacra, in leg; Conway, slight; Scott, Slightly in the breast. Colonel Pegram was struck by a Minie ball, but received no injury. Georgia. News from Hood is still cheering, although the New York herald of the 10th states that Sherman has, doubtless, gotten Hood just in the position in which he wants him. From Forrest Morgan, the Yankee hunter, in a fit of jubilation, telegraphed that he had cornered Forrest, and was sure of capturing him