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The Atlanta (Georgia) Campaign: May 1 - September 8, 1864., Part I: General Report. (ed. Maj. George B. Davis, Mr. Leslie J. Perry, Mr. Joseph W. Kirkley), chapter 164 (search)
t Minnesota Veteran Volunteers, Col. James George; Eighty-seventh Regiment Indiana Volunteers, Col. N. Gleason; Seventy-fifth Regiment Indiana Volunteers, Lieut. Col. W. O'Brien; One hundred and first Regiment Indiana Volunteers, Lieut. Col. Thomas Doan; One hundred and fifth Regiment Ohio Volunteers, Lieut. Col. George T. Perkins rear of our division. We were severely shelled during the engagement with the Twentieth Corps on our left, and had several casualties in the brigade. Lieut. Col. William O'Brien, Seventy-fifth Indiana, received a wound in the hand which resulted in the amputation of two fingers. July 21, moved forward, driving the enemy's skirm so signally distinguished. Where all have done so well it would seem unjust to discriminate. I cannot, however, fail to commend the faithful conduct of Lieut. Col. W. O'Brien, commanding Seventy-fifth Indiana Volunteers; Lieut. Col. Thomas Doan, One hundred and first Indiana Volunteers; Lieut. Col. J. W. Bishop, Second Minnesot
The Atlanta (Georgia) Campaign: May 1 - September 8, 1864., Part I: General Report. (ed. Maj. George B. Davis, Mr. Leslie J. Perry, Mr. Joseph W. Kirkley), chapter 165 (search)
to make the following report of this regiment and its doings during the time mentioned in circular : As this regiment has been engaged in no special or detached service, and has at all times acted under the immediate observation of the brigade commander, and only in concert with the brigade, I deem it unnecessary here to mention such facts as must be equally within your knowledge, and are not relative to this regiment alone. The casualties in this regiment during the time are-Lieut. Col. William O'Brien, severely wounded in hand; enlisted men killed, 6; enlisted men wounded, 19. Very respectfully, &c., C. J. McCOLE, Major, Commanding Regiment. Capt. S. Fortner, A. A. A. G., 2d Brig., 3d Div., 14th Army Corps. Hdqrs. Seventy-Fifth regiment Indiana Vols., Near Atlanta, Ga., September 9, 1864. I have the honor to submit the following report of the operations of this regiment since last report; also a statement of the strength of regiment May 7, 1864, and casualties since
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 3., The opposing forces at Chickamauga, Ga. September 19th-20th; 1863. (search)
ivision, Maj.-Gen. Joseph J. Reynolds. Staff loss: w, 1; m, 1 == 2. First Brigade,, Col. John T. Wilder: 92d Ill., Col. Smith D. Atkins; 98th Ill., Col. John J. Funkhouser (w), Lieut.-Col. Edward Kitchell; 128th Ill., Col. James Monroe; 17th Ind., Maj. William T. Jones; 72d Ind., Col. Abram O. Miller. Brigade loss: k, 13; w, 94; m, 18==125. Second Brigade, Col. Edward A. King (k), Col. Milton S. Robinson: 68th Ind., Capt. Harvey J. Espy (w); 75th Ind., Col. Milton S. Robinson, Lieut.-Col. William O'Brien; 101st Ind., Lieut.-Col. Thomas Doan; 105th Ohio, Maj. George T. Perkins (w). Brigade loss: k, 50; w, 363; m, 71 == 484. Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. John B. Turchin: 18th Ky., Lieut.-Col. H. Kavanaugh Milward (w), Capt. John B. Heltemes; 11th Ohio, Col. Philander P. Lane; 36th Ohio, Col. William G. Jones (k), Lieut.-Col. Hiram F. Duvall; 92d Ohio, Col. Benjamin D. Fearing (w), Lieut.-Col. Douglas Putman, Jr. (w). Brigade loss: k, 30; w, 227; m, 86 == 343. Artillery: 18th Ind. (First
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 4., The opposing forces in the Atlanta campaign. May 3d-September 8th, 1864. (search)
ely. Capt. August Mauff; 82d Ind., Col. Morton C. Hunter; 23d Mo., Joined July 10th. Col. William P. Robinson; 11th Ohio, Relieved for muster-out June 9th, June 28th, and June 10th, respectively. Lieut.-Col. Ogden Street; 17th Ohio, Col. Durbin Ward; 31st Ohio, Col. M. B. Walker, Lieut.-Col. Frederick W. Lister; 89th Ohio, Maj. John H. Jolly, Col. Caleb H. Carlton; 92d Ohio, Col. Benjamin D. Fearing. Second Brigade, Col. Ferdinand Van Derveer, Col. Newell Gleason: 75th Ind., Lieut.-Col. William O'Brien, Maj. Cyrus J. McCole; 87th Ind., Col. N. Gleason, Lieut--Col. Edwin P. Hammond; 101st Ind., Lieut.-Col. Thomas Doan; 2d Minn., Col. James George, Lieut.-Col. Judson W. Bishop; 9th Ohio, Relieved for muster-out May 22d and August 3d, respectively. Col. Gustave Kammerling; 35th Ohio, Relieved for muster-out May 22d and August 3d, respectively. Maj. Joseph L. Budd; 105th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. George T. Perkins. Third Brigade, Col. George P. Este: 10th Ind., Part of time detache
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 4., The opposing forces in the campaign of the Carolinas. (search)
. Third division, Brig.-Gen. Absalom Baird. First Brigade, Col. Morton C. Hunter: 82d Ind., Lieut.-Col. John M. Matheny; 23d Mo. (4 co's), Maj. John H. Jolly; 11th Ohio (detachment), Capt. Francis H. Loring; 17th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Benjamin H. Showers; 31st Ohio, Capt. Michael Stone, Capt. Eli Wilkin; 89th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. William H. Glenn; 92d Ohio, Lieut.-Col. John C. Morrow. Second Brigade, Lieut.-Col. Thomas Doan, Brig.-Gen. Newell Gleason: 75th Ind., Maj. Cyrus J. McCole, Lieut.-Col. William O'Brien; 87th Ind., Maj. Richard C. Sabin, Lieut.-Col. Edwin P. Hammond; 101st Ind., Maj. George W. Steele, Lieut.-Col. Thomas Doan; 2d Minn., Lieut.-Col. Judson W. Bishop; 105th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. George T. Perkins. Third Brigade, Col. George P. Este, Lieut.-Col. Hubbard K. Milward, Brig.-Gen. George S. Greene: 74th Ind., Lieut.-Col. Thomas Morgan; 18th Ky., Lieut.-Col. Hubbard K. Milward, Maj. John J. Hall, Lieut.-Col. H. K. Milward; 14th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Albert Moore; 38th Ohio, Capt.
Rebellion Record: a Diary of American Events: Documents and Narratives, Volume 3. (ed. Frank Moore), Doc. 34. attack on Santa Rosa Island. October 9, 1861. (search)
y are Peter Dyson, an intelligent black man, about thirty-five years of age, who, with his wife, a yellow woman, escaped from a Mrs. Hanson, a boarding-house keeper in Pensacola; they got to Fort Pickens in a skiff about two and a half months ago. Dyson is a first-rate mason and bricklayer, and has worked on the Government forts at Pensacola for the last twenty years. The third is a young colored married woman, about twenty-five years old, who was owned by Cole Crosby, and hired out to a Mrs. Wm. O'Brien, at Pensacola. She left with two men in a sloop, and while beating up for Fort Pickens was fallen in with by the Colorado, and taken on board, and to the fort; her name is Olive Kelly, and she has been at the fort about a month. From the three we glean the folowing: Between three and four A. M. firing was heard about two miles from the fort, beyond Wilson's camp; and it appeared subsequently, by information got from the prisoners, that a deserter, who had been paid off from Picken
ok the road toward Pohick Church; le should have followed the old Fairfax road as far as the Pohick. By taking the road toward Pohick Church, his scouts came in sight of our troops in advance of the church, and mistook them for the enemy drilling. Our skirmishers saw them, and reported the rebel cavalry and infantry on that road. Gen. Heintzelman advanced a force to meet them, but after sending forward no one could be discovered, and the troops were withdrawn. Of the Lincoln Cavalry Sergeant O'Brien is killed; Bugler Benton mortally wounded, since dead; Private Miller wounded, missing; Private Mitchell wounded slightly; Capt. Todd, missing; Private Johnson, missing; and seven horses missing. This loss was sustained by the negligence of the officers of this cavalry in permitting their men to straggle in the presence of the enemy, and to plunder. The rebels evidently occupy several points on the railroad in force, have a cavalry force at or near Elsey's and Sangster's crossroads, a
James McBride, pilot, killed by scalding. William H. Ford, pilot, killed by scalding. John Matthews, quartermaster, badly scalded. A. D. Waterman, captain of forecastle, missing. Henry Gemper, fireman, missing. Samuel Bayer, fireman, scalded badly. John Santz, fireman, missing. James Coffey, seaman, killed by scalding. N. McCarty, seaman, scalded. H. Hagan, seaman, scalded. Dana Wilson, seaman, killed by scalding. Ben. Harrington, seaman, scalded badly. Wm. O'Brien, seaman, scalded badly. Thos. Mullen, seaman, scalded slightly. W. H. Maxey, seaman, scalded badly. T. Sullivan, seaman, scalded badly. Jas. Bedard, seaman, missing. J. P. Beers, seaman, killed by scalding. John O. Hara, seaman, scalded. John Castello, seaman, scalded. J. J. Phillips, seaman, scalded. B. Lonla, seaman, scalded. H. Reynolds, seaman, missing. James Argus, seaman, scalded. Thomas Mullett, seaman, badly scalded. In addition to the above,
rst Lieutenant, Calvin W. Link; Second Lieutenant, George W. Hitchcock. Company B, Captain, Wm. A. Olmsted; First Lieutenant, T. C. Haddock; Second Lieutenant, Lee Churchill. Company C, Captain, Geo. H. Otis; First Lieutenant, Lee Perkins; Second Lieutenant, W. H. Pitt. Company D, Captain, Michael Cassidy; First Lieutenant, John Maguire; Second Lieutenant, John McCaffrey. Company E, Captain, Geo. W. Wilson; First Lieutenant, John H. Quackenbush; Second Lieutenant, C. Wilson. Company F, Captain, S. W. Park; First Lieutenant, James Cross; Second Lieutenant, Wm. H. Harrison. Company G, Captain, W. B. Tibbits; First Lieutenant, James Savage; Second Lieutenant, Wm. Sullivan. Company H, Captain, J. G. McNutt; First Lieutenant, Wm. O'Brien; Second Lieutenant, W. H. McFeeters. Company I, Captain,--McConihe; First Lieutenant, Jos. Lafuira; Second Lieutenant, George Taft. Company K, Captain, John Arts; First Lieutenant, Henry Jansen; Second Lieutenant, Auguste Kalbe.--N. Y. Herald, May 20.
g the Fair Grounds, our troops came slowly towards town. They were met on the east side of the creek by Judge Miller of the District Court, and other prominent citizens, bearing a flag of truce, in order to assure our troops of friendly feelings sustained by three-fourths of the inhabitants, and if possible prevent the shedding of innocent blood. They were met cordially by Gen. Lyon and Col. Blair, who promised, if no resistance was made to their entrance, that no harm need be feared. Major O'Brien soon joined the party from the city, and formally surrendered it to the Federal forces. The troops then advanced, headed by the Major and Gen. Lyon, and were met at tho principal corner of the street by a party bearing and waving that beautiful emblem under which our armies gather and march forth conquering and to conquer. The flag party cheered the troops, who lustily returned the compliment. American flags are now quite thick on the street, and secessionists are nowhere. As usual
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