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William Schouler, A history of Massachusetts in the Civil War: Volume 2, Chapter 10: Middlesex County. (search)
ven the unfortunate inmates of the McLean Insane Asylum, under the direction of Mrs. Tyler, wife of Doctor Tyler, furnished articles sufficient to fill four large boxes, which were forwarded to the front. South Reading. Name changed to Wakefield, June 30, 1868.—Incorporated Feb. 25, 1812. Population in 1860, 3,207; in 1865, 3,245. Valuation in 1860, $1,861,319; in 1865, $1,778,786. The selectmen in 1861 were Edward Mansfield, Thomas Green, John Purington; in 1862, D. B. Wheelock, Henry Oliver, Thomas B. Walker; in 1863, D. B. Wheelock, J. Sullivan Eaton, Horatio Dolliver; in 1864, D. B. Wheelock, Horatio Dolliver, Thomas B. Walker; in 1865, D. B. Wheelock, Edward Mansfield, Thomas B. Walker. The town-clerk in 1861 was Charles H. Shepard; in 1862, 1863, and 1864, Jacob C. Hartshorn; in 1865, Chester W. Eaton. The town-treasurer during all these years was James F. Emerson. 1861. The first legal town-meeting to consider matters relating to the war was held April 29th, at w
r. Elias, of Dunstable, N. H., and Mrs. Joanna Shaw, of Lexington, m. 10 Feb. 1806. McINTIRE, child of———, d. 1825, a. 2 yrs. (Charles Mackintire, an original member of Baptist Church, 1817.) McLENNAN, Isabella, m. William T. Robinson, 6 June, 1836. Mead, Benjamin, of Medford, m. Susanna Collins, of Camb., 26 Feb. 1781. Clarissa and Nathaniel Harrington, of Lexington, m. 30 Nov. 1815. Samuel O., of Boston, m. Mary Maria Dix Wellington, of W. Camb., 27 June, 1822; Samuel O., had Henry Oliver, bap. here 18 Nov. 1838. Israel, d. 29 Dec. 1835, a. 84. John P. Duncklee [see Wyman's Chas., 311] erected a stone, 1797, here in memory of his sister Sarah Mead, who d. 1 June, 1794, a. 37. Meek, Lydia, of Salem, m. John Wilson, of Camb., 31 Mar. 1793. Merriam, Julia Ann, of Lexington, m. Rev. Caleb Stetson, of Medford, 22 Aug. 1827. Miles, Elizabeth, of Concord, m. Jonathan Robbins, 7 July, 1774. Mary, of Camb., m. William Todd, Jr., late Boston, 7 Apr. 1776. miller, James<
Edmonds. Capt. W. J. Sergeant's company, (D)--Missing--Capt. W. J. Sergeant, Private Richard S. Watkins. Capt Wm. Haymes's company, (E)--Wounded — Jas. E. Barnes, Wm. Davis, Thomas M. Hobson. Captain W. F. Harrison's company, (F)--Wounded — Edward S. Clark. Missing — Jas. S. Johnston, Wilson Bowler, Henry C. Young. Capt. Coleman's company, (G)--Killed — Henry L. Francisco. Wounded — Wm. A. Garrett, Martin Sharp, John P. Waddy. Missing — John L. Burruss, Henry Duke, Henry Oliver, Richard F. Talley, David A. Trice. Cpt. R. A. Tompkins's company (H.)--Wounded--Lieut. E. C. Crump. Missing — Simon Haup. Cpt J. P. Fitzgerald's company, (I.)--Missing--1st Sg't N. E. Venable, privates Frank Hambleton, Jas. M. Hambleton. Capt. S. T. Walton's company, (K.)--Killed — John O. Pettus, P. G. Eubank. Wounded--Capt S. T. Walton, Serg't J. H. Pettus, private J. C. Hankins. Missing--Corporal P. A. Booth, privates C. B. Andurm, N. B. Cooch, Wm. Cassad.,