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Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 3., Confederate forces: Lieut.-General John C. Pemberton. (search)
A. E. Reynolds: 1st Confederate Battalion, Maj. G. H. Forney; 6th Miss., Col. Robert Lowry; 15th Miss., Col. M. Farrell; 20th Miss., Col. D. R. Russell; 23d Miss., Col. J. M. Wells; 26th Miss., Col. A. E. Reynolds, Maj. T. F. Parker; Miss. Battery, Capt. J. J. Cowan; Miss. Battery, Capt. Jacob Culbertson. Brigade loss: Champion's Hill, k, 5; w, 10; m, 42 = 57. Second Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Winfield S. Featherston: 3d Miss., Col. T. A. Mellon; 22d Miss., Lieut.-Col. H. J. Reid; 31st Miss., Col. J. A. Orr; 33d Miss., Col. D. W. Hurst; 1st Miss. Battalion Sharpshooters, Maj. W. A. Rayburn. Brigade loss: Champion's Hill, w, 2; m, 1=3. Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Abram Buford: 27th Ala., Col. James Jackson; 35th Ala., Col. Edward Goodwin; 54th Ala., Col. Alpheus Baker (w); 55th Ala., Col. John Snodgrass; 9th Ark., Col. Isaac L. Dunlop; 3d Ky. (4 co's), Maj. J. H. Bowman; 7th Ky., Col. Edward Crossland; 12th La., Col. T. M. Scott; Pointe Coupee (La.) Artillery, Capt. Alcide Bouanchaud. Brigad
ily by a road running 1 1/2 miles east of this place. On that road there is a good road bridge, which can be easily destroyed. Shall I cut down the railroad bridges and obstruct the country roads? I have the honor to be, very respectfully, J. A. Orr, Colonel, Commanding. headquarters independent Brigade, Twenty Mile Creek, Miss.,--------, 1862--6.30 o'clock. General G. T. Beauregard, Baldwyn, Miss.: General: I have the honor to report that a scout sent out by me to-day reports that heg made, nor that his informant saw them, nor the number of the enemy. I suppose it would be proper to make this report to General Bragg; but I am not informed where he has established his quarters. I have the honor to be, very respectfully, J. A. Orr, Colonel, Commanding. Office of the Mississippi Central Railroad co., Holly Springs, Miss., May 31, 1862. Maj. Gen. Braxton Bragg: dear sir: The great importance of preserving the engines, cars, and materials of this road for the future us
piRegimentInfantryCol. W. F. BrantleyDec. 13, 1862.Promoted Brigadier-General. Col. E. C. Walthall Promoted Major-General. 30thMississippiRegimentInfantryCol. James J. ScalesJune 6, 1863.  Col. G. F. Neill   31stMississippiRegimentInfantryCol. J. A. OrrApril 9, 1862.Member of Confederate Congress. 32dMississippiRegimentInfantryCol. M. P. LowryApril 3, 1862.Promoted Brigadier-General. 33dMississippiRegimentInfantryCol. HardcastleApril 19, 1862.  Col. E. W. Hurst   34thMississippiRegimentISouth Carolina VolunteersInfantryCol. Peter C. Gaillard   29thSouth CarolinaReg. 1st RegularsInfantryCol. R. H. Anderson Promoted Lieutenant-General. Col. John Dunnovant Promoted Brigadier-General. Col. Wm. Butler   30thSouth CarolinaRegimentOrr's 1st RiflesCol. J. L. Orr   Col. J. W. Marshall   Col. J. M. Perrin   Col. F. E. Harrison   Col. G. W. D. Miller   31stSouth CarolinaRegimentOrr's 2d RiflesCol. J. V. Moore   Col. R. E. Bowen   32dSouth CarolinaHampton
ifteen wounded, and but two deaths were reported from the town. Probably 300 guns were used against the defenses, but of the comparatively small number on the Confederate side not one was dismounted, and but two temporarily disabled. The troops gathered by General Van Dorn for the defense of Vicksburg included the brigades of General Helm, General Bowen, General Preston, Colonel Statham and General Smith. The Mississippi organizations in these commands were the Thirty-first infantry, Colonel Orr, with Helm; the Sixth infantry, Colonel Lowry, and Second Confederate battalion, James C. Malone, with Bowen; the Fifteenth infantry, Lieutenant-Colonel Farrell, and the Twenty-second infantry, Captain Hughes, with Statham; the Sixth battalion, Lieutenant-Colonel Balfour; the Third infantry, Colonel Mellon; Company I, Thirty-ninth infantry, Captain Randel; First regiment Mississippi light artillery, Colonel Withers; Twenty-eighth Mississippi cavalry, Colonel Starke, with Smith. These o
ky; Sixth Mississippi, Col. Robert Lowry; Twentieth Mississippi, Col. D. R. Russell; Twenty-third Mississippi, Col. J. M. Wells; Twenty-sixth Mississippi, Col. A. E. Reynolds, Maj. T. F. Parker; Capt. Jacob Culbertson's Mississippi battery; Capt. J. J. Cowan's Mississippi battery; Captain McLendon's Mississippi battery. Featherston's brigade, Brig.-Gen. W. S. Featherston —Third Mississippi, Col. T. H. Mellon; Twenty-second Mississippi, Lieut.-Col. H. J. Reid; Thirty-first Mississippi, Col. J. A. Orr; Thirty-third Mississippi, Col. D. W. Hurst; First Mississippi battalion sharpshooters, Maj. W. A. Rayburn; First Mississippi light artillery, battery C. First military district, headquarters Columbus. Brig.-Gen. Daniel Ruggles commanding. Third Mississippi battalion State troops, Maj. W. A. Hewlett; Fifth Mississippi regiment State troops, Col. H. C. Robinson; Mississippi State cavalry, companies of Capt. D. C. Gillelyn, Capt. J. E. Johnson, Capt. W. C. Martin; Mississippi Sta
T. R. R. Cobb, Athens, Georgia. A. H. Keenan, Milledgeville, Georgia. A. H. Stephens, Crawfordsville, Georgia. Louisiana. J. Perkins, Jr., Ashwood, Madison Parish, La. A. de Clouet, St. Martinsville, La. C. H. Conrad, New Orleans, La. D. F. Kenner, New River, Ascension Parish, La. E. Sparrow, Providence, Carroll Parish, La. H. Marshal, Blackjack, De Soto Parish, La. Mississippi. W. P. Harris, Jackson, Mississippi. W. Brooke, Vicksburg, Mississippi. J. A. Orr,--, Mississippi. A. M. Clayton, Holly Springs, Mississippi. W. S. Barry, Columbus, Mississippi. J. T. Harrison, Columbus, Mississippi. J. A. P. Campbell, Kosciusko, Mississippi. South Carolina. R. B. Rhett, Sr., Charleston, South Carolina. R. W. Barnwell, Beaufort, South Carolina. L. M. Keitt, Orangeburg C. H. South Carolina. J. Chesnut, Jr., Camden, South Carolina. C. G. Memminger, Charleston, South Carolina. W. P. Miles, Charleston, South Carolina. T. J. Wi
Mississippi elections. --Gen. Chas. Clark has been elected Governor by a large majority. In the 1st district J. A. Orr has been elected to Congress, and in the 2d.--Holden. These two districts were represented in the last Congress by J. W. Clapp and R. Davis. In the 3d and 4th districts Israel Welsh and H. C. Chalmers have been re-elected. In the 5th district it is reported that Col. A. P. Hill has defeated Hon. O. R. Singleton. E. Barksdale is re-elected in the 6th district. In the 7th district the returns indicate the election of J. T. Lampkin over Gen. McRae.
h, M. C. Geo. N. Lester, M. C. H. P. Bell, M. C. Governor Brown. J. S. Whitaker. Joshua Hill. Judge Linton Stephens. Judge A. R. Wright. V. A. Gaskill. H. B. Waugh. Lewis Tumlin. Warren Arkin, M. C. Alabama. R. W. Walker, Senator. Robt. Jamison, Senator. Thos. J. Foster, M. C. W. R. Smith, M. C. David Claston, M. C. Governor Watts. Jeremiah Clemens. Ex-Senator Fitzpatrick. Representative Parsons. Mississippi. J. W. C. Watson, Senator. J. A. Orr, M. C. W. D. Holder, M. C. Ex-Gov. Mathews. O. R. Smighton, M. C. Failure of negotiations. Ex-Senator C. C. Clay returned lately from his mission to England, with intelligence that his efforts were a complete failure. England would have nothing to do with the Confederacy. The peace Conference. On Monday, February 6, after the Peace Commissioners had returned from Fortress Monroe, Senator Johnson, of Georgia, visited Mr. Jefferson Davis, and held a conversation wit