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and had--  22-25Elizabeth, m. William Moreton, 1814.  26Charles H.  27Mary Anne, m. Rev. William Moreton, 1832.  28Henry, m. Sophia Brevort.  29Anne.  30Harriot, m. Rev. David Drummond, 1829.  31Louise, m. Archdeacon Parry.  32 William P., m.1st, Elizabeth----, 1836. 2d, Ellen Porter.  33Thomas P., m. Mary Drummond.  34Frances, d., unm., 1848. 17-23Mary H. Mcintosh Pepperrell m. William Congreve, July, 1799, and d. s. p., Feb. 4, 1839. 17-24HARRIOT Pepperrell m., 1802, Sir Charles Palmer, who d. Apr. 27, 1827. His widow d. Jan. 2, 1842. Children:--  24-35Louisa C.  36Mary Anne.  37Caroline H.  38George J., m. Emily Elizabeth Holford, Feb., 1836.  39Charles A., m. Julia Simpson, Feb. 27, 1838.  40William Henry, b. 1815; d. Sept. 2, 1823.   note.--In printing these English branches, I have copied from the Life of Sir William Pepperrell, by Usher Parsons, Esq.   Robert Royall, perhaps a brother of Isaac (No. 5), was living with wife Mercy, in Dorche
W. T. Staples & Co., Brown & McClelland, Andrew Pizzini, Jos. Brummel & Co., Ragland & Bro., Benj. Davis, E. Wortham & Co., Peyton & Archer, Mead & Baker, Apperson & Dupuy, John Howard, Mitchell & Tyler, O F. Breses, Wm. A. Wyatt, Geo. W. Royster, M. T. Starke, Darracott, & Co., W. H. Haxall, John Dooley, Jas. S. Kent, J. R. Anderson & Co., Fisher & Shepherd. P. T. Moore & Co., Jas. Woodhouse & Co, B. F. Harris, Johnson & Pugh, Geo. S, Palmer, Bacon & Baskerville, Edward Novell, Wm. L. Maule, H. K. Ellyson, Chiles & Chenery, Christian & Lathrop, P. K. White, Jno. C. Page, Jr., Stebbins, Pullen & Co., S. McGruder's Sons, Marcus Harris & Bro., Watkins & Ficklen, George L. Bidgood, W. L. Waring, Goddin & Apperson, Kent, Paine & Co., Solomon A. Myers, Ginter, Alvey & Arents, Bridgford & Co., Johnson, Truheart & Vaughan, I. N. Cocke, Read & Jefer, A. Morris, Tardy & Williams, Waggone
The Daily Dispatch: January 26, 1861., [Electronic resource], Citizens' State-rights ticket.-- Peachy R. Grattan, P. H. Aylett, Geo. W. Randolph. (search)
Port of Richmond, Jan. 25, 1861.high water this day (Saturday) at 4 o'clock. Arrived, Schr. George V. Scott, Parker, Baltimore, coal, Va. Towing Co. Schr. Clara Belle, Mitchell, Baltimore, mdze., W. D. Colquitt & Co. Sailed. Steamship Jamestown, Skinner, New York, mdze, and passengers, Ludlam & Watson. Schr. Marshall, Chichester, New York, mdze., D. & W. Currie. Schr. Lynchburg, Harris, Rio, flour, Warwick & Barksdale. Schr. Wm. Severe, Brooks, Baltimore, mdze., W. D. Colquitt & Co. Cleared, Ship Pepperill, Waldo Hill, Bremen, 924 hhds. tobacco and stems, Chas. Palmer.
The Daily Dispatch: January 26, 1861., [Electronic resource], Citizens' State-rights ticket.-- Peachy R. Grattan, P. H. Aylett, Geo. W. Randolph. (search)
To Messrs. Palmer, Putney, Davenport, Richardson, Gardner, and others.-- Gentlemen: Your letter inviting me to become a candidate for the Convention, to be held next month, has been read by me with feelings of great personal gratification.--The number of persons by whom it is subscribed is a pleasing evidence of the kind feelings which the people of Richmond have for me. Besides the persons who are subscribers to your letter, a great many have solicited me to be a candidate for the Convention, and I cordially make my acknowledgments for such a manifestation of confidence. The position which you propose to assign me is one of the gravest and most fearful responsibility; and as you think I may be of service in the deliberations of the State, you are welcome to use my name as a candidate for the Convention. It is proper, however, that I should communicate to you my position, as I do not wish any one to vote for me or against me under a false impression. Letters and spee
City Point, January 25th, 1861. Arrived British Ship Morning Star, Campbell, master, from Liverpool, with a full cargo of sall, dry goods, hard ward and iron, &c., to Chas. T. Wortham &Co., Skinker & Co., Edwin Wortham & Co., and Chas. Palmer.
Mr. Botts' Affection for the South--his Election Injurious to Richmond. Mr. Botts, in his speech on Saturday night, indulged in a repetition of the sentiments of his letter of acceptance, of the nomination of Messrs. Chas. Palmer and others. He was against the South out and out. He was the apologist of the North and the disparager of the South--its resources and power. There was no cause, according to him, for the excitement in the country. The New York Herald had done it all. Here, we have a gentleman who has been a member of Congress, an aspirant for the Presidency, an actor on the political stage for twenty-five years, declaring that there is no cause for the present excitement. Mr.Jefferson said that the abolition cry, in 1820, upon the Missouri question, was like a fire bell in the night, and filled him with alarm for his country. Mr. Clay, in 1850, declared that if the abolition crusade continued, it would dissolve the Union. Numbers of the greatest men of the co
The Daily Dispatch: February 4, 1861., [Electronic resource], The Convention of States at Washington. (search)
this State that any amendment to the Federal Constitution is required to secure the people of the slaveholding States adequate guarantees for security of their rights, nor an approval of the basis of the settlement of our difficulties, proposed by the State of Virginia, but is an expression of our willingness to unite with the State of Virginia in an earnest effort to adjust the present unhappy controversy in the spirit in which the Constitution was originally formed, and consistent with its principles. The third resolves that the appropriate and constitutional method of considering and acting upon the grievances complained of by our sister States, would be by the call of a Convention for the amendment of the Constitution in the manner contemplated by the 5th article of that instrument. The resolutions were adopted by a vote of 13 to 10--a strict party vote. Gustavus Koerner has declined the appointment of Commissioner, and Judge Palmer has been appointed in his stead.
Arrived, Schr. Jno. H. Travers, Frank, Baltimore, mdze., W. D. Colquitt & Co. Schr. Hope, Frank, Baltimore, mdze., W. D. Colquitt & Co. Schr. M. L. Johnson, Burrows, Norfolk, mdze., W. D. Colquitt & Co. Schr. Whig, Passwater, James River, billets, Cole & Co. Schr. New York, Carnival, James River, lumber. Schr. Burdett Hart, Hardy, New York, guano, Bacon & Baskerville. Sailed, Steamship Jamestown, Skinner. N. York, mdze. and passengers, Ludlam & Watson. Schr. Jno. Francis, Frost, down the river, light. Cleared, British ship Avon, Geo. Maunts, master, for Liverpool, with 214 hhds, tobacco, 978 bales cotton, 2,406 bbls. flour, by Chas. Palmer. Baltimore, Feb. 7.--Cleared, schr. Ashland, Petersburg, Va. New York, Feb. 6.--Cleared, schr. Alice, Norfolk. Boston, Feb. 6.--Arrived, schr. W. M. Petit, Richmond.
Feb. 18, 1861. Arrived, Steamer Geo. Peabody, Pritchard, Baltimore. Steamship Yorktown, Parrish, New York. Sailed, Steamer Geo. Peabody, Pritchard, Richmond. Steamship Yorktown, Parrish, Richmond. Schr. Margaret, Hanson. Petersburg. Schr. Bergen, Cole, New York. City Point, Feb. 19.--Arrived below, ship Petrea, Sturgess, from Liverpool, with salt, hardware, dry goods, iron, &c., to Van-Lew, Taylor & Co., Dunn & Spencer, Clarkson, Anderson & Co., Chas. Palmer, and to order. Charleston, Feb. 16.--Cleared, schr Sea Witch, Norfolk. Baltimore, Feb. 18.--Cleared, schr. Golden Rule, Petersburg. Liverpool, Jan. 29.--Entered out ships Onward, Alexandria, Va; Senator, Hampton Roads. Feb. 2.--Cleared, ship Sir John Franklin, Hampton Roads. New York, Feb. 18.--Cleared, schr. Yorktown, Alexandria. Arrived, schr. Geo. Glover, Norfolk. Mobile, Feb. 11.--Arrived, schr. Ann S. Cannon. Richmond. Providence, Feb. 18.--Arrived, schr
City Point, Dec. 5.arrived, Below, British ship Avou, 35 days from Liverpool, with 9,000 sacks salt, consigned to Charles Palmer.
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