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H. Paxtor. Rockingham — J. H. Wariman, George H. Chrisman, Samuel Cretes. Russell — Ed. J. Culbertson, E. D. Kernan, Wm. B. Aston. Scott — E. K. Herron, Isa Fugate, Robt. Spear. Shenandoah — S. C Williams, Chas. Welsh, Mark Bird. Smyth — Fayette McMullen, James H. Gilmore, A. Rosenbaum. Southampton — Thos. H. Urguhart, W. B. Shands, J. J. Kindred. Spotsylvania — L. A. Boggs, C. C. Wellford, Jas. B. Soner. Stafford — H. E. Conway, D. G. Hedgmas, Powhatan Moncure. Surry — John Wilson, William Dillard, J. S. Clarke. Sussex — John B. Freeman, Josse Hargrove, W. D. Taylor. Taylor — E. J. Armstrong, Abraham Smith, B. F. Martan. Tazewell — Harvey George, John L. Dougherty, J. M. Estill. Tucker — Abraham Parsons, Wm. Harper, Wm. Ewing. Tyler — T. J. Stealy, William H. Russell, John McKay. Upshut — Benjamin Bassell, S. Bennett, Washington Summers. Warren--Dr. H. Dersey, John E. Jackson, Giles Cook. Warwick — W. G. Young,
of vital importance to yourself. And in case of your failure to comply with the above order you must suffer the penalty. By order of Brig. Gen. R. H. Milroy. Horack Kellogg, Captain, Post Commandant. On repairing to the headquarters of this insolent Ohio Abolitionist, the following document was handed to Mr. Parsons, by Kellogg, with the remark, "you see the old man (Milroy) is in earnest:" St. George, Tucker Co., Va., November 28, 1862. Mr. Job Parsons, (son of Abraham Parsons.) Sir — In consequence of certain robberies which have been perpetrated upon Union citizens of Tucker county, Va., by bands of guerrillas, you are hereby assessed to the amount of fourteen dollars and twenty five cents ($14.25) to make good their losses; and upon your failure to comply with the above assessment by paying the money over to me by the first day of December, 1862, the following order will be executed, viz: "If they fail to pay at the end of the time you have name
The tyranny in Western Virginia--domestic traitors. A letter to a gentleman of this city, from Mr. J. D. Parsons, of Tucker county, who has been an especial object of the persecutions of the Yankee General Milroy, states that the Yankee General is assessing heavily the citizens of that section who are friendly to the South, after he has stripped them of all means of paying the assessment. "W. R. Parsons is assessed at $707; N. & G. M. Parsons, $450; Abraham Parsons, $340; James E. Parsons, $170; and others in accordance with their principles. They robbed W. R. Parsons of all his property previous to the assessment, and had him in prison at the time." Since the time when Pharaoh required the Israelites to make bricks without straw, we have never heard the parallel of the tyranny which deprives men of their property and then levies heavy assessment upon them. But pre-eminent above all other tyrants since the days of the Egyptian despot, as Milroy has shown himself by these