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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. (search)
, J. M. Bratham, J. M. Cape, Joseph Creech, Private P. Frohberg, J. C. Holley, C. H. Garvin, J. W. Jenney, J. L. Lott, B. F. Lynes, J. E. McMellan, J. W. Mysick, E. Mysick, G. W. Platts, M. Smith, W. O. Thompson. Co. D. Private S. Arant, B. Bush, E. A. Caskey, J. J. Corbet, J. M. Crenshaw, C. Fail, J. T. Fail, R. M. Kirk, J. R. Lemasters, Private J. P. McAtur, D. A. Mclnnes, R. D. Perry, J. C. Secreat, E. Shute, J. E. Smith, A. Small, E. Surate, Drummer William Patrick. Co. E. 1st Sergeant A. P. Manvill, 3d Sergeant S. W. Johnson, 4th Sergeant F. M. Mixson, Private W. J. Bryan, W. M. Brunson, J. C. Colding, J. J. Cameron, J. W. Canady, James Dimond, J. B. Goodwin, Private W. F. Green, John J. Green, James J. Green, J. W. Hales, J. W. Hair, M. Hair, S. M. Key, W. F. Kitchen, W. H. McLain, D. F. Pender. Co. F. 2d Sergeant J. P. Shockley, 1st Corporal S. R. Crain, 2d Corporal M. R. Barton, Private A. Brown,
When the Rockbridge Rifles were about to start from Lexington, an old man near seventy volunteered, and would go. I have no doubt he will do good service. In the ranks was seen a countryman without uniform; some one commented on it. "Yes," said he, "but I have a rifle!" Such is the spirit of our mountaineers. They are indomitable. Near twelve hundred men have left these two counties already in volunteer companies, and many more will soon be ready. On Friday, a Troop under command of Capt. Wm. Patrick, left Waynesboro' for Harper's Ferry. They were a fine looking set of men, and splendidly mounted. A number of their horses were valued at over $200 each. The ladies of Waynesboro' and vicinity have exerted themselves nobly in behalf of the volunteers; not a family in the neighborhood but has sent some member. Last Sunday I heard a regular revolutionary sermon from the Rev. Wm. Richardson, Pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Waynesboro'. It was very appropriate, and affected many
More arrests — Origin of the Hatteras expedition. New York, Aug. 29. --Wm. Patrick, a Wall street broker, was sent to Fort Lafayette today. Ellis B. Schnabel was also sent to Fort Lafayette by a Connecticut Marshal, charged with preaching secession, advocating peace, and other treasonable doctrines. David Wilmot, author of the Wilmot Proviso, is reported to be dying from a cancer in the stomach. The Commercial to-day says that the Captain of a Maine vessel, captured by a privateer in Mayo, had escaped, and brought valuable information regarding the fortifications at Hatteras Inlet. The same paper says: "Doubtless are this he has guided a naval expedition there, which will operate in the reduction of the batteries."
The Daily Dispatch: October 29, 1861., [Electronic resource], Diplomatic correspondence between Secretary Seward and Lord Lyons. (search)
much concerned to find that two British subjects, Mr. Patrick and Mr. Rahming, had been subjected to arbitrary d learnt from a telegraphic dispatch from me that Mr. Patrick had been released, they could not but regard the uch concerned to find that two British subjects. Mr. Patrick and Mr. Rahming, have been brought under arbitraristers have been advised by you of the release of Mr. Patrick. yet they cannot but regard the matter as requirs intercepted, was addressed to the firm of Smith & Patrick, brokers, long established and doing business in thfrom Mobile, addressed through the house of Smith & Patrick, in New York. On receiving this information Wm. PaWm. Patrick was arrested and committed into military custody at Fort Lafayette by an order of the Secretary of War of the Secretary of State by friends on the part of Mr. Patrick to the effect that not withstanding his associatiesulted in the establishment of their truth. Mr. William Patrick was thereupon promptly released from custody
n as the "Polish Brigade." Perhaps some may hold up their hands with horror at the mention of this fact, but wait until you hear me through. The following is the present organization of the battalion: Lt. Col. O. M, Bradford. Maj. Edmund Pendleton. Adjutant A. Marks. Surgeon, Dr. Cromwell, of Ga. First Company--Capt. A. Brady, Lieuts. Merrick, McClelland, and Marks. Second Company--Capt. R. A. Wilkinson, Lieuts. Egan, Penrose, and Jemison. Third Company--Capt. Wm. Patrick, Lts. Bowman, Pardoe, and Cram. Fourth Company--Captain Levi T. Jennings; Lieutenants Power, Stockwood, and Cady. Fifth Company--Captain S. D. McChesney; Lieutenants Haynes, Murray, and Shaw. Sixth Company--Captain W. H. Murphy; Lieutenants Jones and--. Seventh Company--Captain William C. Michie; Lieutenants Brigham, Bowman, and Andrews. Eighth Company--Captain Jos. F. Withurup; Lieutenants Doubiller, Miller, and --. The companies are all full and the men