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Hall4 Ebenezer Hall5 John Wade6 Samuel Hall7 Watts Turner8 William Tufts, 3d9 William Tufts10 Simon Bradshaw11 Samuel Angier12 Francis Burns13 Zachary Pool14 Jonathan Patten15 E. Hall16 Nathan Tufts17 Samuel Tufts, 2d18 Benjamin Teal19 Timothy Tufts20 Henry Fowle21 James Tufts22 Richard Hall23 Isaac Hall24 Thomas Seccombe25 Benjamin Hall26 Minister's Pew27 Isaac Royal28 Timothy Newhall29 Peter Jones30 Nathan Tufts, jun.31 Timothy Hall32 Hezekiah Blanchard33 Thomas Patten34 Joseph Thompson35 Henry Putnam36 Seth Blodget37 Willis Hall38 Jacob Hall39 John Leathe40 Samuel Jenks41 Andrew Hall42 Isaac Warren43 Isaac Greenleaf44 Samuel Kidder45 Simon Tufts46 Ebenezer Blanchard47 Edward Brooks48 It is specially recorded, that, at the raising of this meeting-house, which took place July 26 and 27, 1769, there was no one hurt. That such an exemption was remarkable, at that period, may be explained by the fact, that probably our fathers did not p
, aged 48; and had--  1-2John, b. Jan. 1, 1713.  3Aaron, b. Apr. 16, 1717.  4Thomas, b. Feb. 20, 1719.   William Patten d. Sept. 7, 1741, aged 69; b. 1672.  5William Patten m. Anna Seccomb, Nov. 17, 1727, and had--  5-6George, b. Sept. 4, 1729; d. aged 3 mos.  7Lucy, b. Dec. 24, 1730.  8Anne, b. Mar. 4, 1732.  9George, b. Nov. 9, 1733; d. Feb. 24, 1740.  10Jonathan, b. July 7, 1738; d. July 28, 1790.  11Rebecca, b. Apr. 11, 1742; d. same year.  12Abigail, b. June 2, 1744.  13Thomas Patten m. Mary Tufts, Jan. 10, 1745, who d. Aug. 28, 1764; and, 2d, Mary Binford, Jan. 8, 1765. He d. Nov. 26, 1786. Children:--  13-14Mary, b. July 10, 1747.  15John Patten m. Priscilla----, and had--  15-16Mary, d. Dec. 29, 1752.   Lucy Patten m. Samuel Hall, Nov. 27, 1751.   Jonathan Patten m. S. Bradshaw, Apr. 14, 1762.   Mary Patten m. Henry Fowle, Jan. 8, 1766.   Mrs. Mary Patten d. Mar. 15, 1773.  1Peirce, Nathaniel, m. Lydia----, and had--  1-2Hannah, b.
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 3., Medford in the War of the Revolution. (search)
at that time. One hundred were tax-payers between 1775 and 1783. In August, 1774, Medford began to be anxious about her supply of powder, stored with that of the surrounding towns in the Powder House on Quarry Hill, near Medford line. Thomas Patten was sent to remove the town's supply on August 27. His services cost five shillings. Three days after, General Gage sent the troops out from Boston and carried all the ammunition that remained to Castle William. This act of Gage caused gr of Punch at ye Sale 40s. Room, paper, Ink &c., 4s. 8d. August 5.To Punch and Wine 12s. Room, Candles, pipes 7s. 4d. Benjamin Hall was the chairman of the Committee of Correspondence in 1775. The other members were Ebenezer Brooks, Jr., Thomas Patten, Stephen Hall, 3d, or Tertius, as he was familiarly called, James Wyman, Deacon Isaac Warren, and Deacon Samuel Kidder. Benjamin Hall lived in what was later called the Dr. Swan House, and his place of business was the distillery and adjacen
1 Freeman, RichardJan. 20, 1740Negro in house of John Hammon. Freeman, RichardChelsea, October, 1761Aug. 30, 1762 French family, ACharlestown, May, 1751Tenants in house of John Willis. Frost, RufusAug. 31, 1797 Frost, MaryCambridge, May 16, 1772Daughter of Abraham Frost. In family of Moses Tufts. Fuller, BenjaminLynn, May 7, 1764In house of Wm. Hall. Fury, SimonMarblehead, October, 1770In family of Ebenezer Hall, Jr. Gallop, SusannaBoston, Jan. 27, 1766Nov. 8, 1766In family of Thos. Patten. Gardner, JohnBoston, Jan. 13, 1763In family of Samuel Stocker. Gardner, Jonathan wife and childMaiden, Oct. 24, 1768Oct. 8, 1770Boarder in house of Timothy Newhall. Gary, SusannahStoneham, July 25, 1769In house of Jos. Thompson. Gates, Edmund TrowbridgeJan. 30, 1791 Gill, ElizabethMaiden, Oct. 18, 1769Oct. 8, 1770Young woman in family of Aaron Hall. Gill, PrudenceMaiden, Aug. 21, 1773In service to Stephen Hall. Gleason, JacobJan. 30, 1791 Gleason, WilliamAug. 31, 1797 Goddin, Jo
ertain Estates situate in the County of Middlesex aforesaid confiscated as aforesaid to the Use of the Government. And there being a due & legal Confiscation of the Estate of Joseph Thompson Merchant situate in Medford in the County aforesaid; then follows the description of the land as in an ordinary deed. In this way 6 acres of salt marsh bordering on Medford river were sold at public vendue to Ebenezer Hall, Jr., for £ 70; a dwelling house and yard bounded south on the great road to Thomas Patten for £ 295; 1 1/2 rods of land (part of the dower estate of his mother) with 3-16 of the dwelling house 1/4 of an acre of mowing land, 20 rods of plow land to Samuel Kidder for £ 24-15; a pew in the meeting-house to Susanna Brooks, widow, for £ 10; 8 acres of land bounded south on the great road and west on Proprietor's Way, and situated near the Hay Market to Jonathan Foster for £ 252-10; and about 10 poles of land with a joiner's shop thereon bounded north on the road to Malden to Ebene
y 24, 1739, in the house now standing at the corner of High street and Bradlee road. His father died when he was eleven years of age, and he continued to live there with his mother, who took the estate as part of her dower. The estate is described as bounded southerly by the country road, westerly on Henry Fowle's land, easterly on land of Thomas Seacomb and Joseph Thompson. Thompson was a royalist at the time of the revolution and his estate was confiscated by the state and sold to Thomas Patten. The dower estate is also described in a later deed from Benjamin Hall, who acquired the property, to Ebenezer Hall, his brother, who bought of him the estate lately owned by Mrs. Thomas S. Harlow. In this deed the five foot passageway between the houses, as it now exists, is described. Isaac was employed by his brother, Benjamin Hall, a distiller, until January 27, 1775, when he was taken into partnership, and we find a record of the purchase of a distillery from Jno. Dexter by the