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ore, John Willis, Mr. John Whitmore, Mr. John Richardson, William Willis, Mr. Jonathan Hall, Mr. Peter Tufts, Deacon Thomas Hall, Mr. Benjamin Willis, Mr. Benjamin Porter, Mr. Thomas Oaks, Dr. Simon Tufts, Mr. John Albree, Mr. Joseph Tufts, Mr. William Patten, Mr. John Bradshaw, jun., and Mr. John Hall. We know not the exact position of any pew occupied by either of the twenty-five gentlemen, save one; and that is the pew, number one, which was the first on the east side of the broad aisle, new house. The price of these pews varied from twelve to eight pounds. 1729: Voted to petition the General Court for some relief under present differences and difficulties. The town appoints Captain Ebenezer Brooks, Mr. Peter Seccombe, Mr. William Patten, and Jonathan Tomson, as a committee to lay the case before the committee of the House of Representatives. A committee of four (Hodijah Savage, Thomas Berry, Joseph Wilder, and William Ward) met at Medford, when all things were explained c
as Tufts, Esq.0000184047 Mr. Peter Seccombe0900140094 Mr. John Willis0300168067 Lieutenant Stephen Hall0300140034 Deacon Thomas Hall0300122028 Deacon Thomas Willis0600115019 Mr. Francis Whitmore0300144033 Mr. John Whitmore0600168040 Mr. William Patten0300510010 Mr. Jonathan Hall0300940211 Dr. Simon Tufts0300123035 Mr. William Willis0300114017 Mr. Benjamin Willis0300143059 Mr. John Albree03009110110 Mr. John Hall030078043 Mr. Andrew Hall0300820311 Mr. Thomas Oakes0600188020 Josepphen Greenleaf060044028 Richard Waite030094010 Jacob Polly030024009 Samuel Turner030039000 Oliver Atwood030019004 Joseph Weber030000000 Ebenezer Francis030000000 John Fossit030020005 Enoch Greenleaf060000004 John Stimson030000000 William Patten, jun.030041000 Ebenezer Brooks, jun.0300911000 Stephen Hall, jun.030083000 Robert Cresson030000000 Daniel Paine030000000 Jonathan Hall, jun.030000005 Thomas Phillebrown030041000 Samuel Bradshaw030017000 Stephen Bradshaw030000000 William
r L., b. Jan. 13, 1852.   Paterson, James, son of Andrew and Elizabeth, b. Oct. 5, 1707.  1Patten, William, m. Abigail Willis, Jan. 3, 1701, who d. Feb. 19, 1725, aged 48; and had--  1-2John, b. Jan. 1, 1713.  3Aaron, b. Apr. 16, 1717.  4Thomas, b. Feb. 20, 1719.   William Patten d. Sept. 7, 1741, aged 69; b. 1672.  5William Patten m. Anna Seccomb, Nov. 17, 1727, and had--  5-6George, William Patten m. Anna Seccomb, Nov. 17, 1727, and had--  5-6George, b. Sept. 4, 1729; d. aged 3 mos.  7Lucy, b. Dec. 24, 1730.  8Anne, b. Mar. 4, 1732.  9George, b. Nov. 9, 1733; d. Feb. 24, 1740.  10Jonathan, b. July 7, 1738; d. July 28, 1790.  11Rebecca, b. Aprecca, Seccombd. Mar. 13, 1781, aged 77. She m. Thomas (No. 12), above.   Anna, Seccomb m. William Patten, Nov. 17, 1727.   Anne, Seccomb m. Nathaniel Lawrence, Nov. 13, 1725.   note.--Seccombe isr. 22, 1732, aged 81. He d. July 29, 1718. Children were--  3-9Abigail, b. Oct. 3, 1677; m. Wm. Patten, May 3, 1701.  10Thomas, b. Sept. 19, 1679; d. May 16, 1731.  11 John,
Melvin, 44. Methodist Society, 270. Michelson, 42. Middlesex Canal, 295. Mills, 392. Moore, 36. Mystic Church, 273. Mystic River, 6. Name, 1. Newell, 36, 44. Norton, 74. Nowell, 3, 7, 9, 14, 37, 43. Noyes, 36, 97, 121. Nutting, 531. Oakes, 36. Oldham family, 531. Oldham, 89, 100. Oliver, 538, 570. One Hundred Laws, 101. Osgood, 236, 240, 531. Oysters, 387. Palmer, 37. Parker, 51, 52, 531. Patch family, 532. Paterson, 533. Patten family, 533. Pauperism, 441. Peirce family, 533. Pemberton, 36. Pepperrell, 538. Perkins, 534. Perry, 534. Physicians, 302. Pierpont, 262, 312. Polly, 151, 534. Ponds, 5. Population, 451. Post Office, 421. Porter family, 534. Porter, 36, 49, 51, 52, 211, 309. Pounds, 449. Prices Current, 400. Pritchard, 36. Productions, 12. Putnam, 151, 306. Public Buildings, 325. Pynchon, 4. Quincy, 4, 73. Railroads, 57. Raleigh, Sir, Wal
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), Rhode Island, (search)
ew federal system......September, 1789 Act passed repealing the legal tender act of 1786, and promising to redeem the paper at the rate of 15 to 1......Oct. 12, 1789 After long and bitter opposition the convention assembled at Newport, adopts the federal Constitution and bill of rights by 34 to 32, 5 P. M. Saturday......May 29, 1790 Providence Bank, the oldest in the State, goes into operation......1791 First known copyright granted under the United States law is made to Rev. William Patten, of Newport, for a book entitled Christianity the true theology......May 9, 1795 Marine corps of artillery chartered at Providence......1801 College of Rhode Island changed to Brown University in honor of Nicholas Brown......1804 British occupy Block Island......1813 Commodore Oliver H. Perry leaves Newport to take command of the American squadron on Lake Erie......1813 Friends' school at Portsmouth established in 1784, but discontinued after four years, is revived and
Rebellion Record: a Diary of American Events: Documents and Narratives, Volume 1. (ed. Frank Moore), Doc. 71.--departure of the New York Seventh Regiment. (search)
Y. Times. Officers of the Seventh Regiment. The following is a list .of the officers of the Seventh Regiment: Colonel--Marshal Lefferts. Lieutenant-Colonel--William A. Pond. Major — Alexander Thaler. Adjutant — J. H. Libenau. Engineer — E. L. Viele. Surgeon — T. M. Cheeseman; Surgeon's Mate, J. C. Dalton, Jr. Chaplain--Rev. S. H. Weston. Quartermaster — L. W. Winchester. Assistant-Quartermaster--G. W. Brainard. Paymaster — Meredith Howland. Commissary — William Patten. Ordnance Officer — John A. Baker. Military Secretary--C. T. McClenachan; and the non-commissioned staff, eight officers. First Company--Captain, William P. Bensell; First Lieutenant, James H. Hewett; Second Lieutenant, James E. Harway, five sergeants, six corporals, and 90 privates. Second Company--Captain, E. W. Clark; First Lieutenant, N. L. Farnham; Second Lieutenant, Edward Bernard; five sergeants, six corporals, and 120 privates. Third Company--Captain, Jame
on. Joseph Isaac. Remained here. Richard Jackson. Remained here. John King. Names soon disappeared. John Moore. Remained here. Walter Nichols. Removed to Charlestown. Richard Parke. Remained here. William Patten. Remained here. Richard Rice. Removed to Concord. Nicholas Roberts. Names soon disappeared. John Santley. Names soon disappeared. Nathaniel Sparhawk. Remained here. Comfort Starr. Removed to Duxbury. en how many he shall deliver. Also to save him harmless from any damage he shall sustain by Wattertowne, provided it be not his own fault. He is to have his money within 14 days after he hath done fishing. March 13, 1635-6 Agreed with William Patten to keep 100 cattle on the other side the River for the space of seven months, to begin when the Town shall appoint him, and to have twenty pounds, the one half paid him in money when he hath keep half his time, and the other half in corn when
junior 50 66. Widd: Sill 40 67. Robert Parker 60 68. Willm. Manning 60 69. Richard Hassull 60 70. Nicho. Withe 90 71. Willm. Hamlet 60 72. Willm. Towne 70 73. Samll. Greene 80 74. Robert Browne 40 75. John Boutell 20 76. John Bridge 250 77. Tho. Beal 100 78. Richard Parke100 79. franc. Whitmore50 80. Jonas Clearke60 81. John Hasteings80 82. Henry Prentise 80 83. Elder Champnis 350 84. Nath. Sparhauke140 85. John Stedman300 86. Willm. Russell60 87. William Patten 90 88. Ben. Bower20 89. Tho. Briggam 180 90. John Russell80 91. Will. Bucke20 92. Richard Ecles70 93. Mrs. Sarah Simes50 94. Mr. Jacson400 95. Mr. Andrews150 96. Abra. Errington70 97. Widd: Cutter40 98. ffr. Moore, senr.50 99. Mr. Josseph Cooke300 100. Wm. Wilcocke90 101. Christopher Cane80 102. Rich. Dana20 103. Mr. Angier300 104. Vincet Druse15 105. Rogr. Bancroft100 106. John Cooper 140 107. Edw. Shepard80 108. Tho. Bridge50 109. Ranold Bush10 110. T
ridge, which occasioned the dispersion of the scholars to escape danger; but now, through the Divine goodness, that distemper having utterly ceased here; it is agreed and ordered by the President and Tutors, that the undergraduates forthwith repair to the College, to follow their studies and stated exercises. Benjamin Wadsworth, Pres. The distemper returned again before the end of the year, as appears by a paragraph in the News Letter, dated Oct. 8, 1730: We hear from Cambridge, that Mr. William Patten, Representative for the town of Billerica, being taken sick of the small-pox, while the General Assembly was sitting there, is since dead, and was interred on Monday last, the 5th instant. On Saturday, Oct. 3, the Court was adjourned to meet at Roxbury on the next Wednesday. Again, in 1752, the small-pox caused the cessation of study in College from April 22 until Sept. 2; and the corporation voted, May 4, that there be no public Commencement this year, and in October voted to have
l, £ 5; to Elder Frost, £ 4; to cousin John Woods, £ 10; to my loving brethren that were of my family meeting, viz., Roger Bancroft, John Hasting, Thomas Fox, William Patten, and Francis Whitmore, I give 20s. apiece; to my sister wid. Hall, 20s.; to her son William and daughter Susan, 10s. each; to my honest brother Richard Franci S. of George (1), by w. Hannah had Hannah, b. about 1672, m.——Seccomb, and is named in her father's will; Stephen, b. about 1674; Abigail, b. 3 Oct. 1677, m. William Patten of Camb. 3 Jan. 1700-1701; Thomas. b. 16 Nov. 1679, a Deacon of the Medf. Church, d. 16 May 1731; John, b. 6 Aug. 1681; Jonathan, b. 1 Ap. 1683; Lydia, b. 1. about 1658, and he m. Elizabeth dau. of Thomas Hammond of Newton, 17 Aug. 1659. His chil. were Amos, who administered the estate, prob. m. Sarah, dau. of William Patten, and d. here 9 Oct. 1679, a. 38, according to the Record; the same is given in his nuncupative will, in which he names brothers Thomas and Nathaniel Patten, D
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