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Rev. James K. Ewer , Company 3, Third Mass. Cav., Roster of the Third Massachusetts Cavalry Regiment in the war for the Union, Company H. (search)
28, 1865. Charles Monroe. Died Aug. 2, 1863, New Orleans, La. Absalom Morrill, St. John, N. S., 22, s; farmer. Oct. 1, 1862. Disch. disa. Feb. 20, 1863. James Noonan, Charlestown, 21, m; hostler. Sept. 24, 1862. Wounded Sept. 19, 1864. Prisoner of war, October 19, 1864. Disch. May 20, 1865. Unof. Christian Oberlander, Boston, 39, in; cook. Sept. 22, 1862. Deserted Nov. 19, 1862, Jamaica L. I. James Palmer, Blackstone, 24; laborer. Disch. disa. Feb. 20, 1863. James Pearson, Boston, 27. m; tailor. Sept. 24, 1862. Disch. disa. March 13, 1863. Unof. William Pethie, Worcester, 21, s; hostler. Sept. 25, 1862. Disch. May 20, 1865. Unof. Samuel W. Prescott, Lowell, 40, n; laborer. Oct. 18, 1862. Disch. disa. Feb. 20, 1863. Patrick Riley, Boston, 35, m; laborer. Sept 9, 1862. Disch. disa. Jan. 18 1864. Unof. Solomon Shumway, Belchertown, 31, m; clerk. Jan. 5, 1864. Disch. June 9, 1865. Bernard Smith, Boston, 41, s; printer. Oct. 15, 18
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), General Semmes' Georgia Brigade. (search)
te Thos. B. Digman, Granville B. Moore. I certify, on honor, that of the above roll, but twenty-two armsbearing men were present on the 9th of April, 1865. [1 off.; 49 men.] W. P. Cooper, Maj. Commanding Regiment. Forty-ninth Virginia Infantry. Field and Staff. 2d Lt. M. R. Fristoe, Brigade Ordnance Officer. Co. A. Private Wm. Godfrey, A. L. Laise, Rosieur Larkin, Private Robt. A. Rennoe, Lawrence Weaks. Co. B. Private Thos. E. Clutts, Geo. Fairfax, Private James Pearson, Samuel P. Simpson. Co. C. 4th Sergeant Geo. Grayson, Private B. F. Fletcher, R. W. Herndon, J. P. Manuel, Private P. H. Marsteller, Lycurgus Payne, Jacob Uhlfelder, J. C. Waller. Co. D. 1st Sergeant Jas. O. Harris, 2d Sergeant J. W. Brown, Private G. M. Shiflett. Co. E. Private Wm. Brady, R. Compton, Private A. Carus, Wm. Ford. Co. G. 2d Sergeant J. Corder, Private E. F. Cary, R. F. Bywaters, S. F. Baker, J. E. Deavers, Private J. Settle, R
Proceedings in the Courts. Mayor's Court. Nov. 5th. --Jas. Pearson, charged with assaulting and beating Arthur B. Sadler, at Rocketts, on Tuesday night, was committed in default of surety for his good behavior. Defendant said he belonged to Drury's Bluff Sadler, a nurse at one of the hospitals, was brought up for being drunk on the occasion, and unable to take care of himself. His case was continued until to-day. --Pearson made the assault, as he said, because he thought he recognizePearson made the assault, as he said, because he thought he recognized in Sadler one of four men who had met him, torn off his shirt, and taken four dollars from him. Maria Robinson and William Robinson, husband, and wife, were arraigned, the first for getting drunk and falling about in Clay street, breaking the glass of a carriage in that street, and beating children she chanced to meet, with a stick; Wm. Robinson, while also drunk, had fought with his wife and disturbed the peace of the neighborhood in which he lived, near the corner of the Second Vegetab
States bakery, was ordered 25 lashes for his dishonesty. Austin, slave of George S. Case, charged with stealing a lot of wood and bottle of brandy from his master, got 20 lashes. Willie Grace was brought up on the rather serious charge of "stealing" a horse, the property of Wm. J. Marshall. The case was dismissed, it being proved that Grace had only rode the horse from the York River Depot up town, and that after getting there he had placed the animal at Ruskell's stable. James Pearson was committed for indictment for misdemeanor by the Hustings Court Grand Jury, for an assault committed by him on Arthur Sadler, Tuesday night, at Rocketts. Warren Dubois was examined on a charge preferred by A. O. Brummell that he had taken and sold forty-two boxes of tobacco belonging to him without authority. By the testimony of Mr. Brummell, it appeared that they had been partners, but had dissolved, and the transaction complained of occurred after that. Other witnesses testif
Peter Lawson and Wm. Lawson, for tumultuously making an affray by beating Emanuel Raymond, in the 3d Market, all the parties being butchers; George Saunderson, for obstructing and resisting Jas R. Crafton and Wm. E. Orange; Watchmen, in the discharge of their duty as such; Frederick Thomas, keeping a disorderly and ill governed house in Henrico county, within a mile of the corporation line; Wm. O'Brien, for attempting to commit the crime of burglary by entering Wm. H. Stewart's house; James Pearson, assaulting and beating Arthur B. Sadler; Wm. M. Miller, violently assaulting and beating Macduff Liggon; Aaron Jones, for resisting and obstructing B. M. Morris, a police of Richmond; Thomas Grogan, keeping a disorderly tippling house in Hughes's Row, 17th st; James E. Ellett, buying 50 pounds of butter, intending to sell the same at an unreasonable profit; George Rich, stealing divers spools of cotton from the C. S., valued at $15; John Hopkins, stealing divers paper writings for the p
The Daily Dispatch: December 1, 1862., [Electronic resource], Latest from Norfolk city. Norfolk and Princess Anne counties. (search)
--The following prisoners were received at Castle Thunder on Saturday from Staunton, viz: Henry Rapur, a Yankee, charged with rape; Jacob and George Thrasher, disloyalty; Bernett; Martin and Frank Hartman, Yankee spies; D. B. Wade, company F. 25th Virginia, for deserting to the enemy and taking the oath of allegiance to the United States; David Ballance, 70th North Carolina, for having forged papers in his possession. On the same day, Patrick Foster, of the Alexandria Artillery, was brought to the prison to be fed on bread and water. James Walsh, of the Dean Light Artillery; H. A. Prince, company D. 5th Louisiana regiment; Josse Bades, company D, 18th Virginia battalion; John Glenn, 1st Va. Battalion; and Dan'l O'Conner, were arrested and put in the same place for deserting from their respective commands. Wm. Johnston alias Charles Moon, a member of Rodgers's cavalry, was put in for desertion, and James Pearson of the same company, was looked up for his pass to Johnson Moon.
The Daily Dispatch: December 15, 1862., [Electronic resource], Fighting in Eastern North Carolina--Successful attack on the enemy — their advance from Newbern. (search)
Prison Items. --The following parties were lodged in Castle Thunder on Saturday: James Broderick, an escaped prisoner; Nicholas Martin, for disloyalty; John Bradley, Rodger's cavalry, desertion and stealing a horse; Miles Murray, do, for desertion; Chas Johnson, Hampton artillery, Holbrook Taylor, Co G, 25th Va bat'n, and Jacob Kell, Richmond Sharpshooters, for desertion; Corry West, Andrew Hogg, Washington Hogg, and John Smith, for execution of sentence of Court Martial; Henry Mitchell, Alexandria artillery, for desertion; John Williams, sent from Drewry's Bluff by Col. Page, for punishment; James Pearson, of the steamer James town, sent by the Hustings Court; Jas McMichael, 15th La., for desertion; eighteen men were received from Camp Holmes, N. C., to be returned to their regiments.