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the world unto this day, the sum of £ 16. 16s. 10d. Errors excepted. At the March meeting the officers of the town were chosen ; and much stir was there through the village on that day. The result of one of them is thus recorded:-- At a town-meeting legally convened at Medford, March 6th, 1710, Lieut. Stephen Willis chosen Moderator; Peter Seccomb chosen Constable; Ebenezer Brooks, John Hall, and Samuel Wade, Selectmen; John Whitmore, jun., and Thomas Dill, Surveyors of highways; Benjamin Peirce and Isaac Farwell, Viewers of fences; Ichabod Peirce and John Albree, Wood-corders; Nath. Peirce, Hog constable. At said meeting, Lieut. Thomas Willis was chosen Tything-man and Sealer of weights and measures. At said meeting, the Selectmen were chosen Assessors for this year. 1711: Voted that the town's law-book be kept this year at the house of the Treasurer, for the use of the town. The town voted to prosecute those persons who had unlawfully voted aforetime. May 7, 1705: S
Sergeants; John Tufts, Gersham Teel, and Jonathan Greenleaf, Corporals; Timothy Hall, Drummer; William Farning, Fifer. Privates as follows: David Vinton, John Bucknam, Isaac Watson, Jonathan Lawrence, Jonathan Davis, Abel Richardson, James Tufts, jun., Samuel Tufts, 3d, Andrew Floyd, Benjamin Floyd, Andrew Blanchard, Samuel Tufts, John Francis, jun., Paul Dexter, John Smith, Abel Butterfield, Josiah Cutter, John Kemp, Eleazer Putnam, James Bucknam, jun., Aaron Crowell, Jonathan Tufts, Benjamin Peirce, Thomas Wakefield, Jonathan Teel, Aaron Blanchard, Richard Cole, William Binford, Thomas Bradshaw, Daniel Tufts, Peter Tufts, jun., Ebenezer Tufts, Isaac Cooch, Daniel Conery, Richard Paine, William Polly, Peter Conery, David Hadley, Jacob Bedin, Joseph Clefton, Samuel Hadley, jun., Moses Hadley, John Callender, John Clarke, Andrew Bradshaw, Thomas Savels, Francis Hall, and Benjamin Savils. Here are fifty-nine Medford men in actual service; and the State paid them for their services
omas Swan018 John Tufts024 Mr. Joseph Prout0010 Francis Whitmore040 Benjamin Marble026 James Wright026 William Merroe026 Thomas Miler026 Mathew Miler025 William Walden026 Thomas Clark026 Peter Seccomb026 Eben. Brooks his man020 Benjamin Peirce020 Samuel Stone020 William Paten020 Mr. Jonathan Dunster018 Mr. John Hall1110 The warrant issued to the constable empowered that functionary to distrain the goods or chattels of any person or persons who refuse to pay; and in case t016 Joseph Blancher0100053070 Nathaniel Wilson0100094011 Samuel Wade01000192069 John Tufts0000156000 Stephen Willis, jun.0100170090 John Willis01400150080 Thomas Dill01000111039 Nathaniel Hall100046000 Thomas Willis, jun.0100060060 Benjamin Peirce0100054010 Nathaniel Peirce0100060027 William Willis0100011064 Jonathan Hall0100080057 Stephen Hall10001620120 Pacifall Hall01000150069 Samuel Polly100030016 Jonathan Blanchard000030000 Richard Belsher000039000 Peter Seecomb200015908
ten m. Priscilla----, and had--  15-16Mary, d. Dec. 29, 1752.   Lucy Patten m. Samuel Hall, Nov. 27, 1751.   Jonathan Patten m. S. Bradshaw, Apr. 14, 1762.   Mary Patten m. Henry Fowle, Jan. 8, 1766.   Mrs. Mary Patten d. Mar. 15, 1773.  1Peirce, Nathaniel, m. Lydia----, and had--  1-2Hannah, b. Apr. 27, 1702.  3Francis, b. Sept. 24, 1704.  4Lydia, b. Feb. 24, 1707.  5Abigail, b. Feb. 5, 1710.  6Benoni, b. Feb. 24, 1712.  7Mary, b. Mar. 2, 1714.  8Benjamin Peirce m. Sarah Hall, DeBenjamin Peirce m. Sarah Hall, Dec. 2, 1702, and had--  8-9Benjamin, b. Apr. 7, 1707.  10Sarah, b. Mar. 11, 1710.  11Eleanor, b. Feb. 13, 1712.  12Thomas, b. Aug. 11, 1714.  13Susanna, b. Jan. 29, 1717.   His widow d. Mar., 1764, aged 85.  14ICHABOD Peirce m. Sarah----, and had--  14-15Sarah, b. July 14, 1709.  16Robert, b. Nov. 29, 1711.  17Nathaniel, b. Aug. 2, 1713.  18Rebecca, b. Aug. 5, 1716.  19Jonathan, b. Oct. 8, 1717.   Perkins, Jonathan, was b. in Middleton, Mass., in 1791. His
Michelson, 42. Middlesex Canal, 295. Mills, 392. Moore, 36. Mystic Church, 273. Mystic River, 6. Name, 1. Newell, 36, 44. Norton, 74. Nowell, 3, 7, 9, 14, 37, 43. Noyes, 36, 97, 121. Nutting, 531. Oakes, 36. Oldham family, 531. Oldham, 89, 100. Oliver, 538, 570. One Hundred Laws, 101. Osgood, 236, 240, 531. Oysters, 387. Palmer, 37. Parker, 51, 52, 531. Patch family, 532. Paterson, 533. Patten family, 533. Pauperism, 441. Peirce family, 533. Pemberton, 36. Pepperrell, 538. Perkins, 534. Perry, 534. Physicians, 302. Pierpont, 262, 312. Polly, 151, 534. Ponds, 5. Population, 451. Post Office, 421. Porter family, 534. Porter, 36, 49, 51, 52, 211, 309. Pounds, 449. Prices Current, 400. Pritchard, 36. Productions, 12. Putnam, 151, 306. Public Buildings, 325. Pynchon, 4. Quincy, 4, 73. Railroads, 57. Raleigh, Sir, Walter, 17. Raymond family, 535. Real Est