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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 7. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Official diary of First corps, A. N. V., while commanded by Lt.-General R. H. Anderson, from June 1st to October 18, 1864. (search)
towards Petersburg to occupy the line abandoned by General Beauregard. We found a picket of the enemy on the turnpike near Chester, and the line occupied by the enemy. Reconnoitering, and an effort to get him out, we get the left, including Howlett's. June 17th During the day we possess ourselves of the line by an advance of Pickett and Field. On the night of this day there is heavy fighting at Petersburg, and urgent calls are made by General Beauregard for aid. Kershaw arrives near Perdue's. June 18th At 3 A. M. Kershaw moves for Petersburg, followed by Field. Pickett occupying the whole line. We arrive at Petersburg, and Kershaw relieves Bushrod Johnson's division — Field taking position on Kershaw's right. A feeble attack is made in the afternoon on Elliott's brigade of Johnson's division. June 19th Sharp skirmishing during the day, and a sort of advance on Kershaw's right and Field's left during the night. June 20th and 21st Affairs unchanged. June
e battle-field with a dreadful wound, said to his sister who sat by him, Sister, I am going home to heaven — I am so glad it is such a good home. B. F. Leitner was wounded while bearing the colors of the 2d South Carolina regiment: Though shot down, he did not suffer the flag to fall, but kept it upright, floating proudly in the battle-storm, until he transferred the sacred charge to another, saying, Bear it forward and never let it fall. He was afterwards removed to the house of Mr. Perdue, Manchester, where he was kindly cared for till he died. Just before his death, Capt. Leitner writes: I asked him what he would have me write to father and mother about his end. Write, said he, I die happy. My confidence in God and our Saviour is unshaken. I am going to heaven. I asked, Do you know that you are dying? Yes, was the answer, and I am glad of it; I want to join the army of Jesus Christ. A young soldier, soon after he was shot, said to a comrade: My wound is
The Daily Dispatch: December 16, 1861., [Electronic resource], A Biographical sketch of Marble Nash Taylor. (search)
Another bloody deed. --On Saturday afternoon two soldiers belonging to the 4th Louisiana Battalion were passing in company along Main street, between 23d and 24th, when, from some cause at present unknown, one of them thrust a knife into the other's breast, inflicting a severe wound. The injured man, whose name is John Dowdy, was conveyed to one of the hospitals in the vicinity; and information of the occurrence having been communicated to Capt. Gibbes, of the Government prisons, he caused the arrest of the soldier who committed the deed, and he was handed over to Officers Seal and Perdue, of the city police. He gave his name as Zach. Burnett. It was reported yesterday morning that Dowdy was dead, but on inquiry last evening we learned that he was in an improving condition. The case will probably undergo investigation to-day at the Mayor's Court.
Arrests by the Military Police. --On Saturday Messrs. McCoul and Thomas arrested at the Danville Depot, a man named J. H. Goodman, a citizen of Powhatan county, who is charged with leaving that place to escape the performance of military duty, and exhibiting in this city, for the same purpose, forged papers as a paroled prisoner from Rich Mountain. Officers Thomas and Perdue also arrested, on Saturday, on 17th street, a desperate character called Richard Pearce alias Dick Duff, whose exploits in the line of murder and ruffianism have given his name a bad pre-eminence amongst offenders against law and order. Both of the above parties were conveyed to Castle Godwin.
6th N C, leg. McKenney, D G, co D, 14th Tenn, knee, slight. McKenney, J M. co G, 6th N C, thigh. McKnight, J E, 6th S C, thigh. McNally, J, co G, 11th Miss, foot. McWilliams, Jno, co K, 9th Ala, hand. Nall, A P, Lieut, co A, 6th S C, leg and body. Newman, T J. co D, 2d Miss, thigh. Nicholson, J R, Lieut, co C, 23d N C, head. Nichols, A W, co H, 4th Texas, arm. Notten, S, co B, 14th Tenn, scalp. Null, D R, co C, 1st Texas. Oakes, John, co A, 8th Ala, back. Perdue, W T, co D, 14th Va, elbow. Pendier, Wm. co F, 6th N C, heel. Pritchard, J H, co D, 53rd Va, hand. Pair, P, co F, 24th Va, head. Peden, Joseph, co F, 6th S C V, arm, slight. Powell, Phillips, La, Zouaves, leg, flesh. Poe, Winterton, co A, 49th Va, finger. Pritchett, C B, co K, 28th Ga, shoulder, severely. Price, C R, co F, 24th Va, arm. Plumer, W S, co B, 4th N C, arm. Ponder, J T, co C, 14th Miss, shoulder. Peal, C, co H, 11th Miss, thigh. Pierce, J. co K,
Ten dollars reward. --Ranaway from my house, on Tuesday, the 10th day of August, a Negro Woman, named Harriet, belonging to Mr. Perdue, of Manchester. She is about thirty years old, very tall, and walks very straight; is of a bacon color. The above reward will be paid for her delivery to me or in jail. Mrs. Fanny Mathias. au 25--3t* 296 Broad street.
Prison Items. --The following parties were lodged in the military prison of the Eastern District yesterday; Seven members of the 42d Mississippi regiment, detected acting as bogus city guards; six deserters from company E, 6th Virginia regiment; Wm. McParr and Cornelius Johnson, deserters from Johnson's artillery company; twenty North Carolina soldiers, sent from Camp Holmes by Major Mallett to be returned to their regiments; Wm. H. Boice, for drunkenness and disorderly conduct; Samuel H. Martin, of company F, 58th Virginia regiment, for being absent without leave; and Wm. E. Disney, for presenting a forged passport and attempting to "ring in" others on it besides himself. The last named party was taken in custody by officer Perdue.
A man with many names. --Officer Perdue, one of the Provost detectives, yesterday arrested a man named George Cayson, alias Mike Leary, alias McKenny, alias Maloney, a member of company H, 47th Va., on the charge of substituting and deserting. A reward of $500 had been offered for his arrest. The levanting soldier was lodged in Castle Thunder, to be tried by Court Martial.
Burglary. --The front window of the tobacco store of Messrs. Smith and Krebbs, on Main street, near 14th, was relieved of one of its panes of glass by some thief on Tuesday night last, about 12 o'clock, and three boxes of tobacco were taken therefrom.--Just as the robber was in the act of removing the fourth box, however, he was discovered by officer Perdue, who immediately gave chase and run him for several squares, but did not succeed in overtaking him.--Owing to the sudden departure which the fellow was compelled to take, he was unable to carry off any of the booty which had been transferred by him from the store to the street.
ut their cases were mostly of little interest. George Moore and John Kelly, sailors, were charged with stealing a silver watch from Robert, slave of John Hunter. While Robert was with his back on Saturday night, near the corner of Mayo and Broad street, the accused passed by and asked him the time. He took out his watch to tell them, when Moore snatched it and ran up Broad streets. Mr. John A. Foster, who witnessed the robbery, followed the rogues and pointed them out to watchman Perdue, who arrested them in Dominick's tobacco store on Broad street, above 7th street. When arrested Moore had the stolen watch in his pocket. The accused were committed for trial. Warner, slave of Robert B. Trower, was charged with having a gold watch and pencil, supposed to be stolen. Warner said he had bought the watch from an unknown soldier, and had the receipt at home. It appearing that he was going at large, the Mayor committed him, and continued the case as to the watch until
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