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ss Minerva Meredith. Miss Sarah Hensworth, being a friend of Miss Duke, shared the anguish of her misfortune and participated in the assault upon Miss Minerva's peace. With that courageous placidity with which an individual avoids a row when he is conscious that he will have to encounter two to one, Miss Minerva bore their barbed shafts without a seeming murmur, but noted, for future reference, the conduct of her adversaries. Chagrined at her admirable nonchalance, they reinforced themselves with the addition of a couple of boys, Andrew Perdue and Johnny Camp, whose capabilities, for leasing had grown historic in the Valley, and then making a combined effort, they threw the hitherto impregnable Minerva from her equilibrium, and in despair she appealed to the Mayor for vengeance.--The good character of Miss Meredith being attested to by sundry police officers, his royal rotundity required each of the offenders to give security in the sum of $100 to keep the peace for twelve months.
ith flourishing a cheese knife in the street, to the consternation of sundry men and women, was ordered twenty,--Jesse, a slave of Thomas J. Starke, was charged with having no pass, trying to bite the watchman, and then to have the impudence to have in his possession such a sum of money as thirty nine dollars. For all these offences he was handed over to his master for punishment.--John A. Belvin was fined five dollars for creating a nuisance. --Francis, Betty, and Laura Robinson, free girls of color, were committed for further examination, on a charge of using obscene language in public — Daniel Keyes was dismissed from the charge of stealing $20 from — Maddux, preferred on Tuesday.--Thomas Turpin and Andrew Perdue, charged with stealing newspapers from Ben. H. Doyle, were dismissed with an admonition--Major Wilcox, charged with huckstering, was subjected to the loss of his purchases, by confiscation.--Adolphe Meyer was dismissed from the charge of stealing hay from Shaddock Cosb
Young pick. --Andrew Perdue, a lad, was before the Mayor yesterday and held to ball on charge of attempting to pick William Halloway's pocket.
Mayor's Court. --The criminal docket, yesterday, was filled with the names of ten or a dozen little boys, who had been arrested for burglary and stealing. We append the following summary: William Grace, Andrew Perdue, Frank Larmon, George Carter, William Toomey and Charles Timberlake, alias Bell, were charged with breaking into the provision stall of Joseph M. Willis, on the night of Wednesday, and stealing therefrom a large lot of bacon. The evidence was clear against the accused, who were remanded for examination before the Hustings Court. Joseph Lombard, Joseph Lipscomb, and James Hicks, were remanded for indictment by the Grand Jury of the Hustings Court, in May next, on the charge of receiving bacon, stolen from Joseph M. Willis, they well knowing it to have been stolen. Daniel Cavenaugh was required to give security in the sum of three hundred dollars to keep the peace and be of good behavior, he being charged with using insulting and abusive language towa