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wis, prisoner; William B. Palmer, missing. Company K.--Captain John C. Keene, killed; privates, Albert Frost, killed; William Burgess, killed; First Lieutenant Henry Penniman, leg, severely; Sergeant Edward K. Thomas, eye, severely; Corporal A. G. H. Wood, leg and arm, severely; privates, Charles Smart, hand, severely; Henry Stearns, ankle, severely; Samuel G. Chandler, leg, severely; William Raymond, both legs, severely; William Heald, arm, severely; Henry Turner, shoulder, severely; George Perkins, knee, severely; James Ricker, prisoner; Elias Wood, prisoner: Hiram Cochran, prisoner; R. S. Key, prisoner; William Wilson, missing; George A. Butler, missing. Making a total of one hundred and thirteen, namely, one field-officer wounded; one noncommissioned staff killed; one line-officer killed; one line-officer wounded; sixteen enlisted men killed; fifty-six enlisted, men wounded; seventeen enlisted men taken prisoners; and twenty enlisted men missing. The prisoners having all b
uard, severely; John Sherlock, ship's cook, severely; John Jenkins, ordinary seaman, severely ; James O'Haniel, seaman, severely; Samuel Cooper, ordinary seaman, slightly; David Henderson, ordinary seaman, slightly; A. C. Gifford, ordinary seaman, slightly; John Stuart, ordinary seaman, slightly; Samuel Randolph, ordinary seaman, slightly; P. McKay, landsman, slightly; Edward Bowman, landsman, slightly; Edward Lee, first-class boy, slightly; Henry Stambach, sergeant of marines, slightly; George Perkins, marine, slightly; Michael O'Brien, marine, slightly; Frederick Daoz, marine, slightly; Francis Pepper, marine, slightly; John Brogan, marine, slightly; John C. Harris, lieutenant of marines, slightly; Shultz Gerard, Acting Master, slightly; John C. Hadley, Third Assistant Engineer, slightly; Wilson Goodrich, boatswain, slightly; Joseph B. Cox, carpenter, slightly; Alfred Reynolds, Master's Mate, slightly; George Dolliver, slightly. Total, thirty-three. On the Richmond — John Gordon,
say this gallant officer was rash on this occasion, and threw away his loved and valued life; perhaps so, but it was a rashness which will endear his heroic name forever. The following are the names of the others who suffered on this occasion on board the Calhoun and Kinsman: Charles Daverich,(seaman,) Wm. Neilson, (landsman,) both killed; W. D. Brown, (acting Chief-Engineer,) slightly wounded; H. D. Foster, (Ensign,) badly wounded in the right cheek; John Lewis, Quartermaster, and Geo. Perkins, acting Quartermaster, both wounded while in the wheel-house; Wm. Adams, Coxswain; James Williams, Captain of the Guard, and Geo. Riley, landsman, were also wounded, but not severely; Acting Master A. S. Wiggin, of the Kinsman, badly wounded from the rifle-pits, and the only casualty on the Kinsman. The fate of this brave officer is a sad one. When the rifle-pits opened their murderous fire on our men, they were commanded to lay down behind the bulwarks. Lieut. Wiggin, from some fatal
of these negroes had been living secreted from their masters in the woods for upward of five months, and sustained life only with what scanty food they received from friendly negroes. Our troops travelled fifty-two miles in ten hours on this, the fourth day. The regiment reached camp at eleven o'clock P. M., after being exposed to a most pitiless, cold, drenching rain-storm, the horses sinking hoof-deep at every step. The rebel troops opposed to ours in this raid were Rheinhart's cavalry, Perkins's cavalry, Nethercoate's Partisan Rangers, Oglesby's cavalry, and Ned Wade's cavalry. These troops wear no uniforms. They wear common homespun of various hues, and seem to eschew attempts to appear like soldiers. The return home was ordered to-day, and the regiment marched from Young's Cross-Roads to Newbern, twenty-one miles, bringing with them the prizes. They entered Newbern with flags flying and trumpets sounding, and, although somewhat bespattered with mud, yet every man bore a c