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aged 95. One of her daughters m. Nathan Wait, of Malden, who was b. 1763, and d. 1840, in Medford; in which town one of his daughters now lives, the wife of Jonathan Perkins, Esq.  1GARDNER, Thomas, m. Mary Willis, June 21, 1704, and had--  1-2Elizabeth, b. Aug. 13, 1721.  1Gilchrist, James, was a shipmaster, out of Bostonad--  14-15Sarah, b. July 14, 1709.  16Robert, b. Nov. 29, 1711.  17Nathaniel, b. Aug. 2, 1713.  18Rebecca, b. Aug. 5, 1716.  19Jonathan, b. Oct. 8, 1717.   Perkins, Jonathan, was b. in Middleton, Mass., in 1791. His grandfather is believed to have emigrated from England to this town, which latter place was the birthplace of of whom Andrew m. Phebe Eliot, grand-daughter of the Rev. Andrew Peters, of Middleton; and had eleven children, nine of whom are now living. Of these,--   Jonathan Perkins m., in 1823,----, fourth daughter of Nathan Wait, Esq., by whom he had six children, four of whom are now alive.   Perry, Sanford B., b. Sept. 20,
orchard. Mr. Wait's shop was near Cradock bridge; he carried on business there for fifty years. Brooks' history accords him the honor of being the first to rescue a fugitive slave in the United States. He died in Medford, January 5, 1840. Jonathan Perkins, who married Nathan Wait's daughter, built, lived and died in the third house from the police station. It was the first dwelling built in Mr. Wait's orchard. John Sparrell, ship builder, surveyor of land, wood and lumber, and general businSparrell died March 29, 1876. Next south stands the house which in 1835 was the home of Benjamin Pratt, mason. These three estates, with gardens and orchards extending to Union street, were very pretty homes seventy years ago. Opposite Mr. Perkins' house and just south of the hotel is a large three-story double house, which was occupied by Captain Samuel Blanchard and James O. Curtis. The former was proprietor of coach and livery stable, constable, auctioneer and lieutenant colonel of
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 9., The Bradburys of Medford and their ancestry. (search)
ances, daughters of George W. Porter. Susan Emily, Henry, children of Henry Porter. Mary, Anne, daughters of Jonathan Porter. The last two were boarders while their parents were in Europe. Chastina, Ellen, Rebecca, daughters of Isaac Sprague, the ship builder. Three daughters of George Fuller, the ship builder. Harriet, daughter of Milton James. Mary, daughter of Gilbert Blanchard. Abbie, daughter of Jotham Stetson. Mary, daughter of Bela Cushing. Ann Eliza, daughter of Jonathan Perkins. Hepzibah, daughter of Dudley Hall. Susan, daughter of Henry Withington. Carrie, daughter of Oliver Blake, whose successor in the dry goods business here was the late Jonas Coburn. Janet, daughter of Andrew Blanchard. She was born in this house, Medford Historical Society's Building. and after marriage lived in the one now numbered twenty-eight Ashland street. Hannah Wyman, daughter of the stage driver, who lived in thewestern half of the dwelling, now number forty-three High s
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