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ey, seaman, aged thirty years, born in Ireland; Andrew Jackson, seaman, aged twenty-two, born in Ireland; George Valentine, seaman, aged twenty-five, born in Maryland; deserted from his company at the Charleston Arsenal and enlisted on the Beauregard voluntarily; Henry Maylan, seaman, aged twenty-two, born in Ireland; has been deck hand on the New York and Charleston steamers; Henry Pahlow, seaman, aged forty-two, Prussian ; Richard Robinson, seaman, aged forty-seven, native of England; William Perkins, seaman, aged forty-five, born in Ireland, was ten years in the Third regiment United States Artillery, Col. Yates; Richard C. Busey, seaman, aged forty-one, born in Baltimore ; was decoyed on board while drunk and forced to sign the ship's articles; he was a member of a company stationed on Sullivan's Island at the time of the bombardment of Sumter; he says but one man was killed at Moultrie by the bursting of a shell; John Sommer, aged twenty-seven, native of Germany, was paid twenty
llinois cavalry, was sent by Gen. Curtis with a detachment to the southward, to take possession of certain mills and ferries. One or two slight skirmishes took place, and the expedition proved successful, having, among other things, accomplished the destruction of the confederate saltpetre works below Talbott's Ferry. The force consisted of two battalions of the Illinois Third cavalry, under Majors Ruggles and Hubbard; Lieut. Heacock, with a detachment of fifty-five men from company F; Lieut. Perkins, with a detachment of forty-five men from company E, and Capt. Drummond, with a detail of fifty men from the Fourth Iowa cavalry; and the following details from Bowen's battalion: Lieut. Dickinson and Lieut. Curry, of company B, and Lieutenant Crabtree, of company A, with one mountain howitzer. The command moved over the Little North Fork of White River to Bratton's Store, directly east of Forsyth. The country, during the first day's march, was sparsely settled, not a house being see
Bassford, ordinary seaman, slightly. Total, seven. On the Cayuga — John Lawson and Frederick O. G. Frinke, landsmen, severely; Francis Neesall, ordinary seaman, John Humphrey, coal-heaver, James Smith, landsman, John Titus, officers' cook, all slightly. Total, six. On the Scioto — Francis Moser and J. Harrington, slightly. Total, two. On the Varuna — M. Reagan and F. Johnson, ordinary seamen, slightly; Wm. Joyce, landsman, slightly; J. Gordon, marine, severely; D. McLaughlin, Wm. Perkins, J. Logan, boy, slightly. Total, nine. Total killed,30 Total wounded,119 Several vessels have not yet made their official returns. I am, very respectfully, Your obedient servant, J. M. Foltz, Fleet-Surgeon. To Flag-Officer David G. Farragut, Commanding Western Gulf Blockading Squadron. Joseph S. Harris's report. South-West pass, Mississippi River, May 4, 1862. F. H. Gerdes, Esq., Ass't U. S. Coast Survey: sir: While engaged in the survey of the injuries recei<
sP. CurtisSeth RyderChatham203 363 BarkMaryP. Curtis'sP. CurtisZimsy Whelden 205 364 ShipBostonP. Curtis'sP. CurtisWilliam Perkins & Co.Boston663 1/2 365 ShipAbby PrattP. Curtis'sP. CurtisGeorge PrattBoston687 366 BarkCeresJ. O. Curtis'sJ. O. CuylorYarmouth75 399 ShipMarcellusT. Magoun'sHayden & CudworthHenry OxnardBoston691 400 ShipCromwellP. Curtis'sP. CurtisW. PerkinsBoston780 401 BarkCochituateP. Curtis'sP. CurtisE. BangsBoston353 402 ShipTownsendP. Curtis'sP. CurtisA. T. HallBoston01 473 ShipGolden EagleT. Magoun'sHayden & CudworthWilliam LincolnBoston1109 474 ShipChampionJ. Stetson'sJ. StetsonWilliam PerkinsBoston1061 475 ShipPhantomS. Lapham'sS. LaphamJ. E. LodgeBoston1300 476 ShipBeverlyP. Curtis'sP. CurtisWilliam PerkWilliam PerkinsBoston682 477 Stmr.Sir John HarveyJ. O. Curtis'sJ. O. CurtisClark, Jones, & Co.Boston700 478 ShipOnwardJ. O. Curtis'sJ. O. CurtisReed & WadeBoston872 479 ShipStar of the UnionJ. O. Curtis'sJ. O. CurtisReed & WadeBoston1079 480 ShipW
, 36. Mystic Church, 273. Mystic River, 6. Name, 1. Newell, 36, 44. Norton, 74. Nowell, 3, 7, 9, 14, 37, 43. Noyes, 36, 97, 121. Nutting, 531. Oakes, 36. Oldham family, 531. Oldham, 89, 100. Oliver, 538, 570. One Hundred Laws, 101. Osgood, 236, 240, 531. Oysters, 387. Palmer, 37. Parker, 51, 52, 531. Patch family, 532. Paterson, 533. Patten family, 533. Pauperism, 441. Peirce family, 533. Pemberton, 36. Pepperrell, 538. Perkins, 534. Perry, 534. Physicians, 302. Pierpont, 262, 312. Polly, 151, 534. Ponds, 5. Population, 451. Post Office, 421. Porter family, 534. Porter, 36, 49, 51, 52, 211, 309. Pounds, 449. Prices Current, 400. Pritchard, 36. Productions, 12. Putnam, 151, 306. Public Buildings, 325. Pynchon, 4. Quincy, 4, 73. Railroads, 57. Raleigh, Sir, Walter, 17. Raymond family, 535. Real Estate, Sales of, 44. Records, Town and Church, 28, 29. Re
William Schouler, A history of Massachusetts in the Civil War: Volume 2, Chapter 13: Plymouth County. (search)
. Perkins, Alexander Harvey; in 1863, Charles H. Perkins, George W. Sherman, S. Briggs; in 1864, Charles H. Perkins, John Sherman, George W. Sherman; in 1865, William Perkins, George W. Holmes, John Sherman. The town-clerk during all the years of the war was William Perkins. The town-treasurer in 1861 was John P. Ellis; in 1862William Perkins. The town-treasurer in 1861 was John P. Ellis; in 1862, 1863, 1864, and 1865, William Perkins. 1861. A town-meeting was held April 24th, at which it was voted to pledge the credit of the town to those men belonging to Plympton who had left as volunteers in Company H, Third Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Militia; This Company left the State in a transport from Boston with the TWilliam Perkins. 1861. A town-meeting was held April 24th, at which it was voted to pledge the credit of the town to those men belonging to Plympton who had left as volunteers in Company H, Third Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Militia; This Company left the State in a transport from Boston with the Third Regiment, April 17th, under Colonel Wardrop, and landed at Fortress Monroe, Va., April 20th. It served three months. and also to those who may hereafter either volunteer or be drafted to fight in defence of our Government, in a sum sufficient, taken in connection with the pay received from Government, to make the sum total o
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Harvard Memorial Biographies, 1857. (search)
rn in Dorchester, Massachusetts, on the 9th of July, 1836. His father was William Perkins, a merchant in Boston. His mother was Catherine Callender, daughter of Jod the department, made an expedition to Little Washington and Plymouth. Lieutenant Perkins's health had been a good deal impaired by chills and fever; and after thirris Island, at the northern extremity of which was Fort Wagner. Some of Lieutenant Perkins's letters written at this time, besides giving an excellent picture of whto charge and capture the advanced rifle-pits of the enemy. At this time Lieutenant Perkins, almost conquered by fever, had been prevailed upon to abstain from work eastwork in the very front and teeth of the concentrated fire of Fort Wagner. Perkins's men were avoiding this tremendous cannonade by sometimes dodging; and the woiately, and were buried at Mount Auburn on the 8th of September, 1863. Lieutenant Perkins, writes a brother officer, was especially distinguished for his und
., Aug. 26, 1863. Perkins, Lucien L. Captain, 3d Infantry, M. V. M., in service of the U. S., Apr. 23, 1861. Mustered out, July 22, 1861. First Lieutenant, Adjutant, 3d Infantry, M. V. M., in service of the U. S., Oct. 15, 1862. Mustered out, June 26, 1863. Perkins, Solon A. See Mass. Field Officers. Perkins, Stephen George. Second Lieutenant, 2d Mass. Infantry, July 8, 1861. First Lieutenant, July 11, 1862. Killed in action at Cedar Mountain, Va., Aug. 9, 1862. Perkins, William. Captain, 52d Infantry, M. V. M., in service of the U. S., Oct. 11, 1862. Mustered. out, Aug. 20, 1863. Perkins, William Edward. Private and Sergeant, 44th Infantry, M. V. M., in service of the U. S., Sept. 12, 1862. Second Lieutenant, 2d Mass. Infantry, Jan. 26, 1863. First Lieutenant, July 7, 1863. Captain, Mar. 17, 1865. Mustered out, July 14, 186.5. Died at Boston, Jan. 18, 1879. Perkins, William F. Second Lieutenant, 20th Mass. Infantry, Jan. 16, 1862. First Lieu
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, Index of names of persons. (search)
N., 332 Perkins, B. W., 437 Perkins, C. A. S, 332 Perkins, C. E., 332 Perkins, C. H., 332 Perkins, C. T., 332 Perkins, Ezra, 332 Perkins, F. B., 395 Perkins, F. W., 437, 476 Perkins, G. F., 332 Perkins, G. S., 114 Perkins, G. T., 387 Perkins, G. W., 332 Perkins, J. A., 332 Perkins, L. L., 332 Perkins, O. N., 476 Perkins, Rollin, 437, 493 Perkins, S. A., 224, 832, 548 Perkins, S. G., 332 Perkins, W. E., 2d Mass. Inf., 332 Perkins, W. E., 697 Perkins, W. F., 332 Perkins, William, 332 Perley, C. S., 114 Perley, G. A., 332 Perley, J. L., 1st Co. S. S., 332 Perley, J. L., 4th Mass. Cav., 332 Perry, A. H., 114 Perry, B. G., 116 Perry, C. H., 116 Perry, David, 332 Perry, E. S., 476 Perry, G. A., 332 Perry, G. B., 332 Perry, J. F., 116 Perry, J. G., 387 Perry, L. B., 382, 437 Perry, T. S., 697 Perry, W. C. G., 162 Persons, A. W., 476 Peters, E. D., 583 Peterson, T. L., 116 Pettee, Lemuel, 437, 548 Pettengill, W. S., 332 Pettes, Mary D., 600 Pe