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on the same stream was that which Thomas Cutter and others, co-heirs of Gershom Cutter, to the same Stephen Cutter, quitclaimed their interest in 1778; described as a certain gristmill in Cambridge, with all and singular the dam, blooms, mill-pond, &c. Stephen Cutter, miller, sold the above property and other lands to Ichabod Fessenden, miller, in 1795, specifying a house, barn and gristmill, dams, flooms, &c. (Midd. Registry, CXXV. 27, 28). This property was sold by Ichabod Fessenden to John Perry and Stephen Locke, millers, in 1809, with all buildings, the gristmill and privileges, dams, flooms, mill-ponds, &c. (Midd. Reg. CLXXXII. 256, &c.). The privilege is now the property of Charles Schwamb. Gershom Cutter, who died in 1807, probably erected a mill on the privilege next east of this, and nearly opposite the old upper schoolhouse, for turning and grinding edgetools, where his son Aaron Cutter had a mill previous to 1817. The privilege is now the property of Theodore Schwam
es of the members were,— Artemas Kennedy, Ephraim Cutter, Benjamin Harrington, James Hill, Daniel Locke, Jason Kennedy, John Perry, Isaac Locke, Timothy Swan, Amos Locke, William Hill, Jr., David Hill, Joseph Adams, Amos Hill, William Wyeth, Amos Dav. On Dec. 5, 1804, Artemas Kennedy was chosen president, Isaac Locke secretary, A. Kennedy chorister, Daniel Locke and John Perry bass assistants, Isaac Locke tenor assistant, Jason Kennedy treble assistant, James Hill treasurer. Ebenezer Rumfordociety, on June 7, 1805, were Artemas Kennedy president, David Hill secretary, A. Kennedy chorister, Walter Russell and John Perry bass assistants, Isaac Locke tenor assistant, Jason Kennedy treble assistant, Ichabod Fessenden treasurer. At the meet806, were Artemas Kennedy, president; Isaac Locke, secretary; Artemas Kennedy, chorister; Isaac Locke, tenor assistant, John Perry, first bass assistant; Walter Russell, second bass assistant; Amos Davis, treble assistant; Ichabod Fessenden, treasure
Hill, Joel Frost, Benjamin Cutter, George Swan, Abijah Cutter, Amos Hill, Benjamin Harrington, John Perry, W. B. King, Nathan Locke, Thomas Hill, Samuel Ames, William Mann, Jonas Adams, Philip B. Fess25th inst., for the purpose of admitting new members, and admitted as members Messrs. King and John Perry. Dec. 18, 1810, the Society chose a committee for the purpose of selecting tunes, viz.: Walter Russell, Isaac Locke, James Hill, Amos Locke, John Perry, George Swan, Benjamin Harrington, Jonas Locke, Thomas Fillebrown. Jan. 31, 1814, voted that the treasurer purchase one dozen of singingAmos Locke, 1810, 1814; Ebenezer Hall, Jr., 1816. Secretaries.—Isaac Locke, 1807, 1808, 1809; John Perry, 1810, 1814; Walter Russell, 1816. Treasurers.—James Hill, 1807, 1816; Amos Locke, 1808, 1809 following citizens were members of the school committee of West Cambridge before this period: John Perry, 1822; Timothy Wellington, 1822; Charles Wellington, 1822, 1824, 1825; Miles Gardner, 1822, 18
865-67. George Hill, 1867 (declined). Assessors. George Prentiss, 1808-11, 1816. Benjamin Locke, 1808-19. Samuel Butterfield, 1808-11, 1814, 1815. Daniel Adams, 1812, 1813. Isaac Locke, 1812-16, 1820-25, 1835-38. John Adams, 1816. James Hill, 1817-19. William Locke, Jr., 1817-19, 2d, 1820, 1821, Jr., 1822, 2d, 1823-25, Esq., 1842, 1843, 1846. Joshua Avery, 1820-22, 1838. Miles Gardner, 1823-25, 1827, 1828. Jonathan Frost, 2d, 1826-28 (excused 1828). John Perry, 1826-31. Walter Russell, 1826. Ephraim Tufts, 1828 (excused). Amos Hill, 1828 (excused). George Stearns, 1828-34. Reuben Johnson, 1829-34. Kimball Farmer, 1832-34. David Dodge, 1835-41. Benjamin Hill, 1835-37. Mansur W. Marsh, 1839-41, 1843. Charles Muzzey, 1839-41. Daniel Cady, 1843. Abbot Allen, 1844. Thomas P. Peirce, 1844, 1845, 1848. Silas Frost, 1844, 1845. William Dickson, 1845, 1846, 1850-60 (resigned). Isaiah Jenkins, 1846. Daniel Cl
b. 7 Aug. 1754; dau., b. same date; child, b. 5 Apr. 1756. 2. Paul, had s. John Howard, d. 18 Feb. 1836, a. 2 mos.; John Perry, d. 31 Aug. 1838, a. 7 mos. Maria P., wife of Paul, d. 8 Apr. 1838, a. 22. See Perry (par. 9). 3. Eliphalet, of DanvPerry (par. 9). 3. Eliphalet, of Danvers, and Mary Cox of Woburn, m. 13 Feb. 1802. David surveyed here in 1836. (Wyman's Charlestown, 299.) Dorr, Mary, d. 1 Sept. 1825, a. 75 (g. s.). Douglass, George, and Anna Perry, m. 2 Sept. 1773. Downing, Polly, of Lexington, and Samuel Bu. 1800; (Jonathan ), b. (12 Feb.) 1780—See Wyman's Chs., 623; Stephen, who m. Sarah Davidson, 6 Feb. 1809; Mary, who m. John Perry, 29 Jan. 1809; Abel, who m. Elizabeth Whittemore of Chas. 21 Mar. 1815; Ira, who d. 18 Oct. 1801, a. 8 yrs. Joseph th Emerson, 17 Nov. 1836. Perry, Mercy, widow, adm. Pct. ch. at organization, 9 Sept. 1739, d. 23 June, 1748, a. 78. John Perry, had land at Cambridge Rocks, 1706-7.—Proprietors' Records. 2. Ebenezer, had Abijah, b. (14), bap. 3 Oct. 1742. 3<