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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 1. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Address of Congress to the people of the Confederate States: joint resolution in relation to the war. (search)
kins, Israel Welsh, William G. Swan, F. B. Sexton, T. L. Burnett, George G. Vest, Wm. Porcher Miles, E. Barksdale, Charles F. Collier, P. W. Gray, W. W. Clarke, William W. Boyce, John R. Chambliss, John J. McRae, John Perkins, Jr., Robert Johnson, James Farrow, W. D. Simpson, Lucius J. Gartrell, M. D. Graham, John B. Baldwin, E. M. Bruce, Thomas B. Hanly, W. P. Chilton, O. R. Kenan, C. M. Conrad, H. W. Bruce, David Clopton, W. B. Machen, D. C. DeJarnette, H. C. Chambers, Thomas Menees, S. A. Miller, James M. Baker, Robert W. Barnwell, A. G. Brown, Henry C. Burnett, Allen T. Caperton, John B. Clark, Clement C. Clay, William T. Dortch, Landon C. Haynes, Gustavus A. Henry, Benjamin H. Hill, R. M. T. Hunter, Robert Jemison, Jr.; Herschel V. Johnson, of Georgia; Robert W. Johnson, of Arkansas; Waldo P. Johnson, of Missouri; Augustus E. Maxwell, Charles B. Mitchel, W. S. Oldham, James L. Orr, James Phelan, Edwin G. Reade, T. J. Semmes, William E. Simms, Edward Sparrow, and Louis T. Wigfall.
Benson J. Lossing, Pictorial Field Book of the Civil War. Volume 2., Chapter 17: Pope's campaign in Virginia. (search)
Run] already memorable by the gallant achievement of our troops. the following are the names of the members of the so-called Confederate Congress at this time:-- Senate. Alabama--*Clement C. Clay, *William L. Yancey. Arkansas--*Robert W. Johnson, Charles B. Mitchell. Florida--James M. Baker, *Augustus E. Maxwell. Georgia--Benjamin H. Hill, *Robert Toombs. Kentucky--*Henry C. Burnett, *William E. Simms. Louisiana--Thomas J. Semmes, Edward Sparrow. Mississippi--*Albert G. Brown, James Phelan. Missouri--*John B. Clark, R. S. T. Peyton. North Carolina--George Davis, William T. Dortch. South Carolina--*Robert W. Barnwell, *James L. Orr. Tennessee--Langdon C. Haynes, Gustavus A. Henry. Texas--William S. Oldham, *Louis T. Wigfall. Virginia--*R. M. T. Hunter, *Wm. Ballard Preston. House of Representatives. Alabama--Thomas J. Foster, *William E. Smith, John P. Ralls, *J. L. M. Curry, *Francis S. Lyon, Wm. P. Chilton, *David Clopton, *James S. Pugh, *Edward L. Dargan. Arkansas
otes cast, was duly declared elected Clerk of the House of Representatives. Mr. Russell, of Virginia, moved that the House proceed to the election of a Doorkeeper, and the choice fell upon Mr. R. H. Wynn, of Alabama. Confederate Congress. The following is a list of the members of the first Congress of the permanent government of the confederate States. Those marked with an asterisk (*) are members of the provisional Congress. Senate. Alabama.Mississippi. C. C. Clay, Jr.James Phelan. William L. Yancey,A. G. Brown, Arkansas.Missouri. Robert W. Johnson,*J. B. Clarke, C. B. Mitchell.R. L. E. Payton. Florida.North-Carolina. James M. Baker,George Davis,* A. E. Maxwell.William T. Dortch. Georgia.South-Carolina. Robert Toombs,*R. W. Barnwell,* B. H. Hill.*James L. Orr.* Kentucky.Tennessee. H. C. Burnett,G. A. Henry, William E. Sims.L. C. Haynes. Louisiana.Texas. Edward Sparrow,Lewis T. Wigfall, T. J. Sommers.W. S. Oldham.* Virginia. R. M. T. Hunter, Willi
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 6. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Annual meeting of Southern Historical Society, October 28th and 29th, 1878. (search)
te the truth of Confederate history. After a number of conferences, the Southern Historical Society was formally organized on the 1st of May, 1869, by the following gentlemen: Generals Braxton Bragg, R. Taylor, Dabney H. Maury, C. M. Wilcox, J. S. Marmaduke, S. B. Buckner, G. T. Beauregard, R. L. Gibson and Harry T. Hays, M. W. Cluskey, G. W. Gordon, B. M. Harrod, F. H. Farrar, A. L. Stuart, H. N. Ogden, B. J. Sage, F. H. Wigfall, Major George O. Norton, Frederick N. Ogden, John B. Sale, James Phelan, William H. Saunders, Rev. J. N. Gallaher, Charles L. C. Dupuy, B. A. Pope, M. D., Joseph Jones, M. D., B. F. Jonas, Edward Ivy, A. W. Basworth, S. E. Chaille, M. D., S. M. Bemiss, M. D., Frank Hawthorne, M. D., James Strawbridge, Rev. B. M. Palmer, D. D., Honorable Thomas J. Semmes, E. M. Hudson, Charles Chapohn, Honorable C. M. Conrad, J. F. Caldwell, H. Chapata and John J. O'Brien. Rev. Dr. B. M. Palmer was elected president, and Joseph Jones, M. D., secretary, and vice-presidents were
A Roster of General Officers , Heads of Departments, Senators, Representatives , Military Organizations, &c., &c., in Confederate Service during the War between the States. (ed. Charles C. Jones, Jr. Late Lieut. Colonel of Artillery, C. S. A.), Light Artillery of the army of Tennessee, General Joseph E. Johnston, June 10th, 1864. (search)
Light Artillery of the army of Tennessee, General Joseph E. Johnston, June 10th, 1864. Army Corps.Battalion.Battalion Commander.Battery.Commander of Battery.  Lieut. Gen. W. J. HardeeHoxton'sMajor HoxtonTurner'sCapt. W. B. TurnerCommanded by Colonel M. Smith.    Phelan's2d Lieut. N. Venable    Perry'sCapt. T. J. Perry  Hotchkiss'Major HotchkissSwett's1st Lieut. H. Shannon    Key's1st Lieut. J. G. Marshall    Goldthwaite'sCapt. R. W. Goldthwaite  Martin'sMajor MartinBledsoe'sCapt. H. M. Bledsoe    Ferguson'sCapt. R. T. Beauregard    Howell's1st Lieut. W. G. Robson  Cobb'sMajor CobbSlocum'sCapt. C. H. Slocum    Mebane'sCapt. J. W. Mebane    Gracey'sCapt. F. P. Gracey Lieut. Gen. Jno. B. HoodCourtney'sMajor CourtneyDouglass'Capt. J. P. Douglass     Garrety'sLieut. Phillip Bond     Dent'sCapt. J. H. Dent   Eldridge'sMajor EldridgeFenner'sCapt. C. E. Fenner     Oliver'sCapt. McD. Oliver     Stanford'sLieut. J. S. McCall 
ess. Hon.Augustus E. MaxwellFloridaFirst and Second Congress. Hon.Benjamin H. HillGeorgiaFirst and Second Congress. Hon.John W. LewisGeorgiaFirst Congress. Hon.Herschel V. JohnsonGeorgiaSecond Congress. Hon.Henry C. BurnettKentuckyFirst and Second Congress. Hon.William E. SimmsKentuckyFirst and Second Congress. Hon.Thomas J. SemmesLouisianaFirst and Second Congress. Hon.Edward SparrowLouisianaFirst and Second Congress. Hon.Albert G. BrownMississippiFirst and Second Congress. Hon.James PhelanMississippiFirst Congress. Hon.J. W. C. WatsonMississippiSecond Congress. Hon.John B. ClarkMissouriFirst Congress. Hon.R. L. Y. PeytonMissouriFirst Congress. Hon.Waldo P. JohnsonMissouriSecond Congress. Hon.L. M. LouisMissouriSecond Congress. Hon.William T. DortchNorth CarolinaFirst and Second Congress. Hon.George DavisNorth CarolinaFirst Congress; afterwards Attorney Gen. Hon.William A. GrahamNorth CarolinaSecond Congress. Hon.E. G. ReadeNorth CarolinaSecond Congress. Hon.Robert
Francis Jackson Garrison, William Lloyd Garrison, 1805-1879; the story of his life told by his children: volume 4, Chapter 2: the hour and the man.—1862. (search)
ancipation would bring to the South, and rejoicing in the certain future prosperity of that section, anticipated the verdict which the New South, amazed by her marvellous growth and development under freedom, has already pronounced. The New South rejoices in the Union and its wide domain, and, most of all, it is proud that the blot of slavery has been removed from its escutcheon. It says, in all heartiness and sincerity, God be praised for this crowning glory of a wonderful century (James Phelan of Tennessee, in a speech prior to his election as member of Congress from the Memphis district, November, 1886). Bitter to my taste as were the results of the civil war, day after day has reconciled me to them, and convinced me of the wisdom of cheerful submission to the will of Him who brought them about. The union of these States has been preserved and declared indissoluble. A great and disturbing constitutional question has been finally and forever settled, and slavery has been f
of the Marshall manufacturing company of that city from 1886 until his death, February 5, 1891. Brigadier-General Isham W. Garrott was a native of the old North State, born in 1816. He was educated at the university of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), studied law and was admitted to the bar. His parents were not wealthy and he had to make his own way in the world. He removed to Alabama and located at Greenville; but the next year he settled in Marion county and became law partner of Hon. James Phelan, afterward Confederate senator from Mississippi. He also took much interest in public affairs, and removing to Perry county represented it in the legislature from 1845 to 1849. He was afterward an associate of Judge Brooks in law practice. He was a democrat of the State rights school, and was a Breckinridge elector in 1860. When Alabama seceded he was sent by Governor Moore, as a commissioner, to North Carolina for the purpose of asking the cooperation of the legislature in the sec
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 18. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The Southern Historical Society: its origin and history. (search)
mmittee was increased to seven. The following members, whose names appear under the caption of the Founders of Southern Historical Society, New Orleans, April 21, 1869, then enrolled themselves, by subscribing their names: Braxton Bragg, R. L. Gibson, R. Taylor, A. L. Stuart, Dabney H. Maury, H. N. Ogden, M. W. Cluskey, B. T. Sage, C. M. Wilcox, F. H. Wigfall, G. W. Gordon, George Norton, B. M. Harrod, Fred. N. Ogden, J. S. Marmaduke, John B. Sale, F. H. Farrar, James Phelan, S. B. Buckner, William H. Saunders, James Strawbridge, B. M. Palmer, Thomas J. Semmes, Harry T. Hays, E. M. Hudson, J. N. Gallaher, Charles L. C. Dupuy, B. A. Pope, M. D., Joseph Jones, M. D., B. F. Jones, Edward Joy, A. W. Bosworth, Charles Chapotin, C. M. Conrad, J. F. Caldwell, G. T. Beauregard, H. Chapotin, S. E. Chaille, M. D., Subscribed but decidedly stricken across the signature.T. H. Richardson, M. D., S. M. Bemiss, M. D., Frank Hawt
The Daily Dispatch: November 20, 1861., [Electronic resource], Movements of the enemy on our Southern coast--Pinckney Island in their possession. (search)
Hon. A. G. Brown and Mr. James Phelan have been elected Confederate States Senators from Mississippi.
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