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Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), New Hampshire. (search)
9 John Langdonassumes office1810 William Plumerassumes office1812 John Taylor Gilman assumes office1813 William Plumerassumes office1816 Samuel Bellassumes office1819 Levi Woodburyassumes office1823 David L. Morrillassumes office1824 Benjamin Pierceassumes office1827 John Bellassumes office1828 Benjamin Pierceassumes office1829 Matthew Harveyassumes office1830 Joseph M. HarperactingFeb., 1831 Samuel Dinsmoorassumes officeJune, 1831 William Badgerassumes office1834 Isaac HillassumBenjamin Pierceassumes office1829 Matthew Harveyassumes office1830 Joseph M. HarperactingFeb., 1831 Samuel Dinsmoorassumes officeJune, 1831 William Badgerassumes office1834 Isaac Hillassumes office1836 John Pageassumes office1839 Henry Hubbardassumes office1842 John H. Steeleassumes office1844 Anthony Colbyassumes office1846 Jared W. Williamsassumes office1847 Samuel Dinsmoorassumes office1849 Noah Martin assumes office1852 Nathaniel B. Baker.assumes office1854 Ralph Metcalfassumes office1855 William Haileassumes office1857 Ichabod Goodwinassumes office1859 Nathaniel S. Berryassumes office1861 Joseph A. Gilmoreassumes office1863 Frederick Smythassumes office1865 W
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), New Hampshire, (search)
to the British King......June 27, 1816 Trustees and overseers of Dartmouth College, summoned by the governor to meet at Hanover, Aug. 26, 1816, refuse to act under the law of June 27, or to report to the governor as requested......Aug. 28, 1816 President John Wheelock, of Dartmouth College, dies......April 4, 1817 President James Monroe, on his tour of the Northern States, visits Portsmouth, Dover, Concord, and Hanover......1817 State-house at Concord erected......1817 Gen. Benjamin Pierce appointed sheriff of Hillsborough county by Governor Plumer, liberates three aged men confined for debt in Amherst jail, by paying their debts......Nov. 20, 1818 Toleration law making all religious sects on equal grounds and dependent on voluntary contributions......1819 Control of Dartmouth College, after two years more of litigation, awarded by the Supreme Court of the United States to the trustees......1819 Law of June 29, 1821, imposing an annual tax of one-half of 1 per
Frank Preston Stearns, Cambridge Sketches, The close of the War (search)
abstracted from the Chapel and sent to Yale; the communion wine was stolen; a paper bombshell was exploded behind a curtain in the Greek recitation-room; and Professor Pierce discovered one morning that all his black-boards had been painted white. All the copies of Cooke's Chemical Physics suddenly disappeared one afternoon, and death his family received letters upon letters from persons of whom they had never heard, but who wished to express their gratitude for his generosity. Prof. Benjamin Pierce, the mathematician, was rather an awe-inspiring figure as he strolled through the college grounds, recognizing few and speaking to none — apparently oblivif something remarkable was taking place. The president had said in one of his addresses to the Freshmen that it would require a whole generation to utilize Professor Pierce's discoveries in algebra; and I believe, at last accounts, they have not been utilized yet. He would often be seen in the horse-cars making figures on scraps
Frank Preston Stearns, Cambridge Sketches, Doctor Holmes. (search)
at a horse's hinder leg. First great angle above the hoof,-- That is the gambrel; hence gambrel roof. Now, any one who looks carefully at the picture of the old Holmes house, in Morse's biography of the Doctor, will perceive that this was not the style of roof which the house had,--at least, in its later years. Doctor Holmes graduated at Harvard in 1829 at the age of twenty. His class has been a celebrated one in Boston, and there were certainly some good men in it,--especially Benjamin Pierce and James Freeman Clarke,--but I think it was Doctor Holmes's class-poems that gave it its chief celebrity, which, after all, means that it was a good deal talked about. In one of these he said: No wonder the tutor can't sleep in his bed With two twenty-niners over his head. He was said to have composed twenty-nine poems for his class, and then declared that he had reached the proper limit,--that it would not be prudent to go beyond the magical number. It was not a dissipated
Frank Preston Stearns, Cambridge Sketches, Elizur Wright (search)
been exposed by Elizur Wright. In 1850, when he became Commissioner, Mr. Wright sent to their agents for a statement of their financial standing, and not receiving a reply requested them to leave the State. Finding that the matter could not be evaded, they at length forwarded two reports signed by two actuaries, both Fellows of the Royal Society, which were not of a satisfactory character, so that Mr. Wright insisted on his previous order. The agents then applied for support to Prof. Benjamin Pierce, the distinguished mathematician of Harvard University, and one of the most aggressively pro-slavery men about Boston. He probably looked upon Elizur Wright as a vulgar fanatic, and supposing that a Fellow of the Royal Society must necessarily be an honorable man, came forward in support of Messrs. Neisen and Woolhouse without sufficiently investigating the question at issue; and the result was a controversy between Elizur Wright and himself in which he was finally beaten off the f
William Schouler, A history of Massachusetts in the Civil War: Volume 2, Chapter 10: Middlesex County. (search)
s follows: In 1861, $488.27; in 1862, $2,151.60; in 1863, $2,828.00; in 1864, $2,907.50; in 1865, $2,150.00. Total amount, $10,525.37. The ladies of Westford all through the war were active in their efforts and liberal in their contributions for the soldiers in the ranks, and for the sick and wounded in the hospitals. Weston Incorporated Jan. 1, 1712. Population in 1860, 1,243; in 1865, 1,231. Valuation in 1860, $1,016,605; in 1865, $1,103,274. The selectmen in 1861 were Benjamin Pierce, Jr., Alonzo S. Fiske, Increase Leadbetter, Jr.; in 1862, Alonzo S. Fiske, Increase Leadbetter, Jr., Simeon W. Brown; in 1863, 1864, and 1865, Alonzo S. Fiske, Increase Leadbetter, Jr., Horace Hewes. The town-clerk during the years 1861, 1862, and 1863 was Nathan Hagar; during 1864 and 1865, George W. Cutting. The town-treasurer during all of these years was Horace Hewes. 1861. No legal town-meeting to consider matters in regard to the war appears to have been held during this year
n then were shoemakers and blacksmiths, descendants of Abraham Perkins, of Hampton. Joanna Phillips was the widow of Captain Henry Phillips, merchant, a son of Colonel John and Katharine (Anderson) Phillips, the provincial treasurer and judge. She was a daughter of Hon. Joseph and Sarah (Davison) Lynde. She was twice widowed, having first been the wife of Samuel Everton, captain of the ship, Augustus Galley, 148 tons. Hannah, daughter of Jerathmeel Bowers, of Chelmsford, married Benjamin Pierce, and (2) Captain William Wilson, of Concord. She had a son, Jerathmeel Pierce, who must be the person referred to, for certainly two mortals could not both bear that name in peace in the same community. John Smith was perhaps the cordwainer who married Anna, daughter of John Whittemore and Sarah (Hall), who became wife to Joseph Frost, as before stated. Dorcas Soley was a daughter of John and Dorcas (Coffin) Soley, or the widow herself, who was daughter of Nathaniel and Damaris (
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 6., Strangers in Medford, (continued from vol. 4, no. 2). (search)
1777 Davis, AbelJan. 30, 1791 Davis, ElizabethWoburn Precinct, Burlington. Nov. 15, 1755In service to Timothy Hall. Davis, ElizabethJan. 30, 1791 Davis LucyCharlestown, May 21, 1759Sept. 5, 1759In service to Zebulon May. In service to Benj. Pierce. Delahunt, ElizabethBoston,Oct. 12, 1770Housekeeper for Col. Royal Dexter, TimothyJan. 30, 1791 Dickson, Jonathan  Martha (wife)  Benjamin Surname not given. (nurse child)Cambridge,May 26, 1772In house of Richard Crease. Dike, Jonath1765Sept. 1, 1756In service to Hezekiah Blanchard. Farley, MaryBillerica,Aug. 12, 1765Feb. 24, 1766In family of Aaron Blanchard. Farrington, Daniel Age 15.Jan. 30, 1791 Fillebrown, JamesCambridge,Mar. 10 1766May 16, 1767Apprentice to Nath'l Pierce. 2, 1767 Over the Hill to the poorhouse. By Helen T. Wild. THE poor ye have always with you is amply exemplified in town records from the earliest times. The meeting-house, the minister, and the town charges furnish the bulk of subject
ence was asking payment of his debts in his sickness. Ratcliffe, Morton, and Sir Christopher Gardiner circulated stories, in refutation of which Capt. Thomas Wiggin, in 1632, writes Secretary Coke of his having just returned from New England, and speaks of them as scandalous characters, and their information false. Morton published his New Canaan in 1637. Cradock writes to Governor Winthrop of a Mooreton he met on the Exchange in London, whom he would not talk with until he called Captain Pierce of the Mayflower as a witness to the conversation. November 7, 1632, Cradock was fined £ 4 for his men being absent from training diverse times. March 4, 1633-4, the Ware att Misticke is granted to John Winthrop Esq psent Gouvr & to Mr Matthewe Cradocke of London mercht. to enjoy to them & their heires forever. Of this locality William Wood, in his New England's Prospect, published in London in 1634, says of Misticke: there be not many houses as yet. At the head of this river a
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 9., Proceedings of the 275th Anniversary of the settlement of Medford. (search)
       Samuel        Jonathan        Elizabeth Thompson, BenjaminWoburn, May 26, 1757Age 5. In family of Joshua Simonds. Thompson, PhoebeMalden, Apr. 13, 1764From Mr. Jonas Green's in Malden to house of Simon Tufts. Thompson, PhoebeStoneham, July 22, 1765May 6, 1766In family of Dr. Simon Tufts. Thompson, RichardWilmington, Sept. 6, 1764Apprentice in family of Nathl. Peirce. Thompson, SamuelWoburn, Feb., 1771Apprentice to Ebenezer Hall, Jr. Thrift, HannahMar. Ct., 1758Servant of Benj. Pierce. See Hannah Priest. Tibido, JohnTenant of Col. Royall, 1762. Tottingham, DavidJan. 30, 1791 Townsend, DavidLynn, May 17, 1757Mar. 22, 1758Taken in by Capt. Willis.        Mary (wife)        Mary (daughter) Townsend, JethroAug. 31, 1797 Tucker, AbigailPepperell, Dec. 11, 1765Sept. 1, 1766Servant of Saml. Angier. Tufts, HannahBostonApr. 6, 1759 Dec. Ct., 1759Daughter of James and Phoebe Tufts. Tufts, JonathanDeceased before May 3, 1756. Tenant of Co
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