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Robert Gordon. February 25 the trustees visited District No. 5, which contains twenty-eight scholars, under the care of Nathaniel Green, and also that under Jacob Pierce, No. 4, which has fifty-eight scholars. April 12 they visited the school in Milk Row, No. 3, containing sixty-nine scholars, under Moses Hall. April 19 they 15, the trustees met at Captain Daniel Reed's (end of the town) to visit No. 5, under Nathaniel Green (number of scholars, twenty-eight), also No. 4, under Jacob Pierce. Milk Row (No. 3) was visited Wednesday, April 12, at 2 o'clock. Present, Messrs. Wyman, Miller, and Thompson, of the trustees. This school, under P. T. Grayell as propriety of behavior. Among the bills approved April 21 were those of A. Andrews, two quarters, $403.39; P. T. Gray, $82.85; Martha Ireland, $58.50; Jacob Pierce, $123.75; Philemon R. Russell, $80.54. Abraham Andrews, having resigned, was dismissed with encomiums. At the examination, April 27, of Messrs. Dodge and A
ps, Betty, 83, 84. Phipps, Elijah, 82, 83. Phipps, Frances, 15, 88. Phipps, Joseph, 14, 21, 63, 64, 82, 83, 88, 90, 96, 98, 99, 100. Phipps, Samll., 83. Phipps, Samuel, 77-89. Phipps, Solomon, 14, 78, 79, 82, 84, Phipps, William S., 90. Pierce, 79, 87. Pierce Academy, 1. Pierce, Jacob, 68, 70. Pierce, Jerathmeel, 85, 87. Pike, Major, 57. Pike, Mr., 45. Pine Street, Somerville, 7. Plains of Moab, 44. Plymouth Plantation, 77. Polly's Swamp, 7, 11. Ponchartrain, Lake, 5Pierce, Jacob, 68, 70. Pierce, Jerathmeel, 85, 87. Pike, Major, 57. Pike, Mr., 45. Pine Street, Somerville, 7. Plains of Moab, 44. Plymouth Plantation, 77. Polly's Swamp, 7, 11. Ponchartrain, Lake, 50. Pool, Lot, 90. Porter,——49. Port Hudson, 53, 54. Port Royal (Hilton Head), 34. Pound Lot, 99. Powder House, 7, 16, 98. Powers, Thomas, 85, 87. Prentiss, I., 73, 92. Prospect Hill, 6, 7, 8, 15. Prospect Hill Schoolhouse, 47. Prospect Street, Somerville, 7, 47. Providence, R. I., 1. Putnam, Aaron, 42, 63, 66. Putnam, Aaron, Esq., 40, 42, 65. Putnam, Henry, 15, 21. Putnam, Israel, 15. Radnor, Wales, 86. Rand, Hannah, 85. Rand, John, 84. Rand, Jonathan, 84. Rand, M
of thirty-four scholars, a number which did not vary materially from that time to the very end of its existence, although in 1814 we read of a membership of fifty-eight, at which time we have the first recorded name of a teacher there, that of Jacob Pierce, or Master Pierce, as he was called. The next winter we find him teaching this same school, when he received $123.75 for his services. The two brothers, Philemon R., Jr., and Levi Russell, were pupils of Master Pierce, a very good teacher, bss Mary B. Gardner in 1837. Miss Clara D. Whittemore for 1838, 1839, and 1840, and Miss Elizabeth A. Caverno for 1841. Miss Gardner was the daughter of Miles Gardner, who resided just over the Alewife Brook on the Arlington side. She married a Mr. Pierce, and was last known to be living at an advanced age in Dedham, where she had a daughter who was a teacher in the public schools there. Arlington Vital Records: Mary Gardner and Oliver Pierce, intention, December 25, 1842; Miles T. Gardner,
Oliver Tufts House, 82. Opelousas, La., 66. Oxford Street, 59. Paige, Rev. Lucius R., 47. Park Street, 71. Paul Revere's Ride and the March to Concord, 61. Pemberton's Factory, 32. Perkins, Joseph P., 24. Perkins, Rebecca M., 24. Perkins, Sarah P., 24. Perry, James, 48. Perry, John, 48. Perry, Jason Bigelow, 48. Perry, Colonel J. P., 48. Perry, Lydia, 48. Perry, Sarah, 43. Perry, William A., 50. Pierce, —, 16. Pierce, Almira L., 17. Pierce, Augusta L., 18. Pierce, Jacob, 42. Pierce, Oliver, 47. Pitt, William, 53. Pleasant Street, Boston, 9. Pollution of the Water Supply, 61. Pope School, 20. Port Hudson, 62, 65, 67. Port Hudson, The Siege of, 64. Portland, Me., 46. Powder House Boulevard, 60. Prescott, Edwin R., 44. Prescott, Mary M., 44. Prescott School, 22. Prospect Hill, 6, 26, 48, 49, 59. Prospect Hill School, 9, 46, 56. Prospect Hill Tower, 62. Prospect Street, 8, 16. Professors' Row, 34. Proposed Charles River Dam a
s. The first entry Town Records, Volume II., pages 58, 66. in the Town Records as to the prevvalence of smallpox in Medford is dated 1721. The warrant for a town meeting called all freeholders to assemble for a consideration of the preventing of the spread of smallpox. The occasion for issuing this warrant seems to have been that some member of the family of Samuel Polley had the smallpox. In the meeting it was voted that the road be turned and absolutely closed from the house of Jacob Pierce to that of Samuel Polley, so long as it was needed, and a sufficient guard be kept at the Polley house. At this same meeting it was also voted that the town should furnish a house to receive any persons who were taken with the smallpox and to keep them there until they recovered. Thus the early Medford settlers had solved the best way of attacking the disease, that of absolute isolation. In 1752 Town Records, Volume III., page 80. another epidemic made its appearance. Although th
The Daily Dispatch: October 29, 1861., [Electronic resource], Vice President Stephens and the hospitals. (search)
F. Milburn, do; Flavins Haynes, leg shot off; John Shaffer, seriously. Company B. None killed. Wounded — Albert F. Triplet slightly wounded in arm. Company C. Killed — Edward Maher, Christopher Lambert. Wounded — Lunden Carter, seriously; Warren Loper, do.; Charles Simonds, do. Company D. Killed — none. Wounded — Hudley Hutchinson, mortally, (since died.) Company E. Killed — none. Wounded--Capt. Maudley Hampton, Lieut. Joseph A. Taverner, slightly; Jacob Pierce, do.; Samuel Winbrook, slightly, in arm; Benjamin Taverner, slightly; Charles Jones, do.; John T. Hawes, do.; Hugh Kirkpatrick, do. Company F, Capt. Grayson. Killed — Serg't Clinton Hatcher, Corporal Donohue, Private Costello,(head shot off by bomb,) Private Furr. Wounded — C. Furr, (since died,) Lieut. Pettit, shot in the thigh, badly; Lieut. Gray, slightly, in hip. Company G, Capt. Jas. Thrift. Killed — James Ballinger. Wounded--Privates Templer, Henry O'B