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es, $75; fruit, $25105 Nathaniel Tracy — Fence10 John W. Hastings — House and fence25 Rev. John Pierpont--Buildings, $500; fruit-trees, $100600 Heirs of Jonathan Brooks — Buildings and fences, $677; fruit-trees, $500; ornamental trees, $200; fruit, vegetables, and hay, $80; carriages and hay-rack, $1751,632 Alfred Brooks — Buildings, $350; fruit-trees, $100450 Noah Johnson — Buildings, $445; hay and grain in barn, $40; ox-wagon and farming-tools, $42527 James Wyman — Fruit-trees30 Moses Pierce — House25 John V. Fletcher — House, $25; fruit-trees, $2045 Joseph Swan — Fruit-trees20 P. C. Hall-Fruit-trees, $920; ornamental trees, $50; fruit, $801,050 Jonathan Porter — Fruit-trees, $75; fruit, $35110 William Roach — Fruit-trees25 Dudley Hall — Fruit-trees25 Samuel Kidder — Buildings, $50 ; fruit-trees, $400; ornamental trees, $50500 Thatcher R. Raymond — Fruit-trees, $100; ornamental trees, $100; fences, $10210 John A. Page — Fruit-trees, $150; ornam
Edward L. Pierce, Memoir and letters of Charles Sumner: volume 4, Chapter 52: Tenure-of-office act.—equal suffrage in the District of Columbia, in new states, in territories, and in reconstructed states.—schools and homesteads for the Freedmen.—purchase of Alaska and of St. Thomas.—death of Sir Frederick Bruce.—Sumner on Fessenden and Edmunds.—the prophetic voices.—lecture tour in the West.—are we a nation?1866-1867. (search)
r's correspondence shows the conflicting opinions,—the purchase being approved by Professor Spencer Baird of the Smithsonian Institution, G. V. Fox, Commander John Rodgers, M. C. Meigs, Louis Agassiz, Agassiz wrote (April 6) of the immense natural resources of the country in fisheries, furs, and timber, and the space unoccupied by population opening before our race. Thaddeus Stevens, W. Beach Lawrence, and John M. Forbes, but disapproved by George S. Boutwell, B. R. Wood of Albany, and Moses Pierce of Norwich, Conn. With rare exceptions, generally those of officers of the navy and of the coast survey, incredulity as to the value of the territory prevailed in the eastern and middle sections of the country. To them it was an unknown land, as yet without a name, except that of Russian America. Sumner occupied in executive session, April 9, three hours in the explanation and defence of the treaty, speaking with a single sheet of notes before him; Works, vol. XI. pp. 181-349. and t
R. W McClelland, G. W. Prince, (dead) B. P. Sale, J. C. Silverthorns, J. W. Walton, J. W. Willeroy. Capt C. C. Otey's Company, Lieutenant J. T. Thomas com'g.--Killed: Privates R. H. Dooley, Jno Feazle, G. W. Freeman, Wm A. Jones, Jno Whorley. Wounded: Lieut J. T. Thomas, 4th Lieutenant G. L. Legburg, 3d Serg't Jno P. Wingfield; privates J. T. Arrington, C. R. Booth, J. Bowyer Thomas Bush, J. A. Eubank, J. E Foster, J W Fuquay, J W Lindsay, S. T Marshall, Thomas McClary, O. W Morris, Moses Pierce, T. A. Pendleton, George St Clair. J C Stiff, Jno Wade, Moses Waldien, Samuel Waldron, S Welch. Captain Alex Jordan's Company.--Killed; 4th Corp'l W. A Carnes; privates C. Hatcher, P C Jeter, W H White. Wounded; 3d Lieut John M White 1st Serg't A. L. Hambuick 21 Corp'l H. A. Black; privates A G Angel, R. C. Fuqua W. B. Freeman, E. M. Hodgers, W. H. Stiff, Jas Smith, R. P. Gray, J. F. Wheat. Capt John H. White's Company, Accomac Refugees.--Killed: 2d Lieut J. R. Hermanson; priv