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William Schouler, A history of Massachusetts in the Civil War: Volume 2, Chapter 15: Worcester County. (search)
ane, David N. Kilburn, Asa Whiting; in 1862, Luther E. Lane, Asa Whiting, Humphrey B. Heywood; in 1863, 1864, and 1865, Luther E. Lane, Humphrey B. Heywood, Frederick M. Marston. The town-clerk and town-treasurer during all these years was James Putnam. Mr. Putnam has been town-treasurer since 1847. 1861. The first legal town-meeting to consider matters relating to the war was held on the 4th of May, at which it was voted that N. F. Cunningham, Samuel H. Bailey, Thomas Billings, Lemuel Pitts, and Daniel Putnam be a committee to report a detailed plan for appropriating funds for raising a company of soldiers, procuring their outfit, paying them for their time in preparation for service, and extra pay while in service. May 8th, The committee above named reported a preamble and resolutions, of which we give a portion: Whereas several of the Southern States have rebelled, seized the fortresses, arsenals, and navy yards belonging to the nation, have stolen money, arms, and muniti
s (4), m. Harriet Russell, 29 Mar. 1819. George and w. Harriet o. c. 19 Nov. 1820. Harriet, adult, and Harriet Ann, dau. of George, were both bap. 19 Nov. 1820; had also Elmira, bap. 3 Nov. 1822, and Louisa, bap. 26 Sept. 1824. Harriet A. m. Lemuel Pitts, of Charlestown, 7 Mar. 1839. Elmira m. William W. Cotting, 22 Dec. 1840. 9. Thomas P., s. of Jonas (4), had George W., d. 25 June, 1837, a. 5 weeks. He m. Emeline and Harriet Locke (Locke Book, 286). 10. John A. P. s. of Jonas (4), m. Mfant, from Mrs. Piper's, d.—Jan. 1761. Thomas, s. of Nathaniel, b. 25, bap. 30 May, 1762; prob. the nurse child at Budge's—from Medford—d. 26 July, 1762, a. 3 mos. Benjamin Piper was a Pct. committeeman and assessor in 1781. See Wyman, 764. Pitts, Mary, m. Samuel Fillebrown, 9 Nov. 1775. Lemuel, of Charlestown, m. Harriet A. Peirce of W. Camb., 7 Mar. 1839. Plympton, Shubael, d. 19 June, 1836, a. 41. Poland, Benjamin, m. Almira Prentiss, 1 Sept. 1836. Polly, Ruth, of Medford, m.<