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in Ladd's Warehouse, south side of Basin.) 7½ o'clock P. M. Sycamore, (Disciples.)--Rev. Wm. J. Pettigrew. 11 o'clock A. M., and 7½ P. M. St. Peter's Cathedral (Catholic.)--Right Rev. John McGill, Bishop; Revs. John Teeling, J. Brady, and -- Andrews, Assistants. 6 and 11 o'clock A. M., and 3½ P. M. St. Patrick's Cathedral, (Catholic.)--Revs. Messrs. Teeling and Andrews officiate two Sundays in each month, (1st and 3d.) 11 o'clock A. M. St. Mary's, (German Catholic.)--Rev. Jos. Polk. 6 and 11 o'clock A. M., and 3½ o'clock P. M. Society of Friends, (Quakers.)--11 o'clock A. M. Universalist Church.--Rev. Alden Bosserman. 11 o'clock A. M., and 7½ P. M. Seamen's Bethel.--Rev. Francis J. Boggs. 11 A. M., and 7½ P. M. Kaal Kadosh Beth Shalome, (Jewish Portugnese.)--Rev. George Jacobs, Reader. 11 o'clock A. M., Saturday. Kaal Kadosh Beth Aheba, (Hebrew-German.)--Rev. M. J. Michaelbacher, Reader.--11 A. M., Saturday. Hebrew Congregation Hennes<
ying to the defence of liberty and right. In its ranks are gentlemen of wealth and character, who have left the luxuries and comforts of home to endure the hardships and privations of the tented field. The following is a list of its officers and privates: Captain, E. R. Dorsey; 1st Lieut. S. H. Stewart; 2d Lieut. R. C. Smith; 1st Sergeant, W. H. Rodgers; 2d do., William Smyth; 3d do., Sterling Murry; 4th do., J. G. Sterrett; 1st Corporal, J. Berryman; 2d do., M. J. Jonannes; 3d do., Jos. Polk; 4th do., Chas. Arnold. Privates: W. H. Murray, A. J. Inloes, C. J. Postley, J. C. Laughlin, Andrew Gies, D. L. Thomas, C. A. Scott, C. H. Sloan, L. Feast, Jas. McClelland, F. A. Thornton, S. Gazaway, H. Golder, W. Reinhardt, G. W. E. McCabe, F. A. White, A. F. West, J. Anderson, W. H. Norfolk, J. C. Selfman, P. P. Johnson, C. F. Wilson, D. D. White, R. Fitzgerald, F. McHoward, C. E. Inloes, S. W. Jones, J. E. Osborne, E. L. Howard, J. W. Johnson, D. R. Berry, F. Arnold, A. A. Williams, B
nd tan terrier that he claimed to own. Craven saw him, and said the dog belonged to Mr. Sampson, Freight Agent of the company. Eanes retorted with an opprobrious epithet, and this led to a dispute, in the progress of which Eanes drew a pistol and struck Craven, in doing which it exploded and fail out of his hand. Craven then gave him a thundering beating; his hands were tied behind him and he was put in the hands of Watchman Hicks for conveyance to the cage. At this juncture, Detective Joseph Polk, of Maj. Griswold's office, having been summoned to quell the muss, arrived, and not knowing the circumstances attending the case, arrested both Craven and Eanes, and with aid attempted to carry the parties to the Provost Marshal's office, corner of 9th and Broad streets. When near Burnett's shop, above the depot, somebody gave Craven a heavy blow on his face. The party proceeded on, and when near Duval's drugstore Craven was struck with a slungshot. The detective here declared his inab