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Acknowledgement. Messrs. Editors: Please acknowledge through your paper the following contributions for the sick and wounded soldiers: D. Lee Powell, Richmond, Virginia.$50.00 W. N. Fillinghart, executor of L. W. Fillinghart, Fayetteville, N. C.4.50 W. J. Moore, Confederate States Surgeon, Norfolk, Va.20.00 Amount collected by Mrs. Mary S. Newton, of Westmoreland, Va.24.00 J. Mayo Watkins, Goochland5.00 Proceeds of concert tendered by Messrs. J. Harrison & Co., Theatre, and Wells & Warwick Minstrels, at Metropolitan Hall.610.00 Proceeds of lecture tendered by Hon. L. W. Spratt, at Rev. Dr. Duncan's Church — our proportion28.75 R. F. Archer, of Mississippi--received for one case cigars100.00 From the ladies of the Relief Association, of Charleston, S. C., through Richard Caldwell, Esq.100.00 Also, nine large boxes, baskets, &c., containing everything useful to the hospital. From Mrs. Dr. Wilburn, Mrs. William C. Eggleston, Misses Towns, Mrs. Mary Cocke and
ret to announce the death of Prof. Robt. J. Morrison, of typhoid fever. Prof. Morrison died at Yorktown, where he was filling with signal efficiency the post of Captain of Ordnance. It is impossible in the brief limits of a notice like this to do justice to this remarkable man. His services in the college and the camp have been alike beyond all praise. He may be said to have been one of the first in placing female education in the South upon a collegiate basis. In connection with D. Lee Powell, Esq., he founded the "Southern Female Institute," which was incorporated by the Legislature, and established in Fredericksburg, whence it was removed to Richmond, where its career has been one of national usefulness and fame — In 1858, he was appointed Professor of History in William and Mary College, and was afterwards appointed to another chair in that Institution, both of which he filled with eminent credit and success. Such scholars as Professor Rogers, Wm. C. Rives, and others, ha
The Daily Dispatch: November 28, 1861., [Electronic resource], Statement of a Confederate prisoner — a Correction. (search)
Military. --At a meeting of the officers of the Nineteenth Regiment, commanded by Colonel Thomas J. Evans, on the 26th, the following field officers were elected: D. Lee Powell Lieutenant Colonel; Stephen E. Morgan and J. F. C. Potts, Majors. These officers were elected to fill vacancies occasioned by the resignations of the gentleman who formerly held them, and who are now in commission of the Confederate States and in the field.
t came off. Difficulty at Boonville, Mo.--Collison between Capt. Powell of the regular army and the home guard. From the Missouri Deone hundred and seventy-five Home Guards, under Major Eppstein. Captain Powell, of the regular army, is quartermaster. Some dispute having arise between Captain Powell and Major Eppstein in reference to some contraband property, the former caused the latter to be put under arrest. esisting the authority of the quartermaster, was waited upon by Captain Powell, with a file of ten soldiers of the Illinois companies. A dispute arose, when Powell assaulted Captain Keiser with sword and revolver, cutting his head severely, but the shots from the pistol falling to take effected Capt. Powell at the same moment ordered his men to fire, but Keiser's men, who had collected around him, did fire at Capt. PowellCapt. Powell. One shot passed through his whiskers, another through one of his coat sleeves, and still another carrying away the handle of a pistol which
For hire --A No. 1 Cook and a Housemaid. The Cook has three children and will consequently be hired at a low price to a good home. Apply to D. Lee Powell ja 6--2t*Corner Main and 17th sts
For Hire, a very good Cook and most excellent servant. She has two children, and may be had for the board of herself and children and her own clothes. Also, a Boy about thirteen years old, who has been accustomed to the house. D. Lee Powell, corner First and Franklin streets. mh 31--2t