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Supreme Court of Appeals. --In the case of Charles Smith, convicted of forgery in two cases, and sentenced to five years imprisonment, on which an appeal was taken, the Court has affirmed the judgment of the Hustings Court of the city of Richmond. Duval vs. Powell. Decree from the Circuit Court of Goochland county affirmed. Todd's Executor's vs. Campbell's Administrator. Decree from the Circuit Court of King and Queen county reversed and bill dismissed. Stewart vs. Baugh. Decree from the Circuit Court of Surry county reversed and bill dismissed. Thomas's Administrator vs. Johnson's Administrator, and Lyons vs. Johnson's Administrator. Decree from the Circuit Court of Richmond city affirmed. Gurley vs. Little's Executor. Decree from the Circuit Court of Southampton county affirmed.
The Queen Sisters. --The performances of these promising children, at the Theatre, on Monday night, gave unlimited satisfaction to a thronged audience. They evince wonderful versatility of dramatic talent, sing well, and dance gracefully. Through their exertions in the South heretofore a considerable sum of money has been contributed to the volunteers. The pleasing play of "Faint Heart never won Fair Lady" was well played the same night by the stock company; Miss Wren, Mrs. Jennie Powell, Mr. Ogden and others sustaining their parts admirably.
ings of the Manager were not allowed to develop themselves as fully as his generous wishes would have desired. The writer learns, however, that at some future day this patriotic gentleman, John H. Hewitt, Esq., (and who has not heard of Hewitt, the popular composer, play writer, and poet?) designs giving another benefit for the same purpose. Two hundred and fifty dollars were, nevertheless, raised on the occasions above referred to, the proprietress of the house giving $50, and Miss Ella Wren, Miss Jennie Powell, Miss M Johnson, Mr. E. R. Dalton, and Mr. R. Ogden generously throwing in their salaries. It must be gratifying to all who can feel for the suffering ones of Hampton that the Corps Dramatique. of Richmond, are not behind any in sympathy or in material aid to the peculiarly afflicted refugees from that once beautiful but now desolated town. The sum ($250) referred to awaits an order from any properly appointed receiver to be immediately appropriated. Notitia.
The Varieties. --This little place of entertainment continues nightly thronged with quiet and attentive audiences. The attractions have been varied, and the performances highly creditable to the corps dramatique. We are glad to perceive that the manager has excluded from the building all improper persons. This arrangement will meet the hearty approval of the public. The stage direction, during the absence of Mr. Dalton, has been in the hands of Mr. R. Ogden. The-night, Mrs. Jennie Powell takes a benefit, when Schiller's tragedy of the "Robbers" will be enacted.
Varieties. --The engagement of Mr. Walter Keevel is proving very successful. The house is crowded every night with an enthusiastic audience. The play of "The Stranger" has seldom, if ever, been better rendered in Richmond than it was on Wednesday night. We take pleasure in saying that Miss M. Johnson, Mrs. Jennie Powell, Miss Jessie Clarke, and Mrs. De Barr, have succeeded admirably in their endeavors to please the public. In giving utterance to the above we are not to be understood as asserting that some styles of acting indulged in by the performers at the Varieties could not be improved, with decided advantage to the public and the performers themselves. While Mr. Morton (an exceedingly clever actor) does very well all the time, it is not to be denied that Mr. Ogden, who is the light comedy and general utility man of the corps dramatique at the establishment, very often, in his great anxiety to excite the risibilities of his audience, sadly overdoes his part, by luggi
r votes for President and Vice-President of the United States. The place of meeting in each State was the capital thereof. All the electors voted for Lincoln for President and Johnson for Vice-President, except those chosen in New Jersey, Kentucky and Delaware, who cast their ballots for General McClellan and Pendleton. In the Yankee Senate, on Wednesday, a remonstrance from citizens of Louisiana against the admission of Cutler and Smith to the Senate from that State was presented. Mr. Powell offered a resolution calling for the report of the proceedings of the court-martial appointed to investigate the conduct of General Payne while in command at Paducah, Kentucky, which was laid on the table till the announcement of the standing committee. The Armstrong, going out of Wilmington, and the Susannah, near New Orleans (both blockade runners), have been captured. The United States Navy Department has received the treasure-box taken from the Florida upon her arrival in por