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Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 42: Red River expedition.--continued. (search)
n, O. B. Damon; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, W. H. Hathorne; Acting-Ensigns, Robert Wilkinson and J. M. Reid; Acting-Master's Mates, Frank Middleton, R. S. Critchell and J. M. Darrah; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, B. F. Clark; Acting-Second-Assistant, W. A. Collins; Acting-Third-Assistant, James Folger. Steamer Covington. Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, George P. Lord; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, Emile Gavarret; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, John T. Lee; Acting-Ensigns, Edw. Alford and John Powell; Acting-Master's Mates, W. H. English, C. W. Gross, J. W. Richards and Ignatius Dunn; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, J. A. Burns; Acting-Second Assistant, W. R. Hoder; Acting-Third-Assistants, J. T. English and Southwell Lyons. Steamer Queen City. Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, George W. Brown; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, Louis Westfall; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, C. S. Sims; Acting-Master, Michael Hickey; Acting-Ensigns, H. E. Alexander, James Roberts and F. M. Hathaway; Acting-Ma
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 55: operations of the Mississippi Squadron in the latter part of 1864 and in 1865. (search)
x, Eli Powell and R. Yocum. Brilliant Fourth-rate. Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, Chas. G. Perkins; Acting-Master, G. D. Little; Acting-Ensign, N. F. Vaughan; Acting-Master's Mate, C. D. Griggs; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, Milton James; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, B. Page; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, W. E. Willey; Acting-Second-Assistant, Jas. Cutler; Acting-Third-Assistant, C. W. Egster and R. M. Myers. Ozark--Fourth-rate. Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, Geo. W. Brown; Acting-Master, John Powell; Acting-Ensigns, Jos. Moyer, C. M. Bragg and C. M. Fuller; Acting-Master's Mates, N. T. Brown, G. A. Ege and D. C. Fralick; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, F. T. Gillette; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistants, J. H. Everhart and A. J. Sypher; Acting-Second-Assistants, J. L. Parsons and G. M. Baker; Acting-Third-Assistants, C. Beal and South well Lyon; Acting Gunner, J. F. Riblett; Acting-Carpenter, H. J. Ervin. Peosta--Fourth rate. Acting-Volunteer Lieutenant, J. E. Smith; Acting-M
ve the fugitive to, with a gun. She proved to be the Jabez Snow, of Buckport, Maine, last from Cardiff, with a cargo of coal, for Montevideo. On the back of the bill of lading was the following certificate: We certify that the cargo of coals per Jabez Snow, for which this is the bill of lading, is the bonafide property of Messrs. Wilson, Helt, Lane & Co., and that the same are British subjects, and merchants, and also that the coals are for their own use. This certificate was signed by John Powell & Sons, but unfortunately for the owners of the coals was not sworn to, and was therefore of no more validity as evidence, than the bill of lading itself. Having gotten on board from the prize, a quantity of provisions, and cordage, of both of which we were in need, we consigned her to the flames. We found on board this ship, from the sober State of Maine, a woman who passed under the sobriquet of chamber-maid. These shameless Yankee skippers make a common practice of converting their
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. (search)
M. Waters, Private J. R. Rich, W. Rich. Co. I. Private W. J. Carroll, W. J. Crosen, W. G. Armstrong, Private T. Failes, J. M. Dickerson, J. Y. Woodward. Co. K. Private J. Johnson, S. Scott, Private H. Brown. [52] Twenty-fourth Georgia Regiment Q.-M. Sergeant D. C. Oliver. Co. A. Private R. O. Simmons, W. C. Westbrooks, J. H. Barnes, Private W. J. Morgan, L. H. Gober. Co. B. Corporal W. J. Teasley, Private G. McGarrity, P. M. Wallace, L. C. Payne, Private J. Powell, G. Jordan, J. Brown, W. F. Brown. Co. C. Corporal J. A. Pitchford, Private T. J. Bowen, D. G. Tate, E. C. Jackson, Private W. Alexander, W. J. Chambers. Co. D. Private R. F. Wheeler. Co. E. Corporal J. R. Love, Private H. H. Singleton, Private W. L. Dickson, J. Hunter, A. Jones, W. D. Langston, Private J. R. Singleton, J. H. Williams, E. Ellyson. Co. F. Corporal J. Bradford, Private H. J. Robinson, G. H. Davis, Private D. B. Stanford, J. H. Kemp,
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), General Semmes' Georgia Brigade. (search)
mpson, W. H. Grimes. Co. I. Corporal R. G. Calhoun, Corporal J. F. Hill. Co. K. Sergeant J. J. Walraven, Private H. C. Lawrence, Private R. A. Patterson. [85] Sixty-First Georgia Regiment. Field and Staff. Ord. Sergeant H. R. Mims, Hos. Steward Benjamin Goodger, Co. A. Sergeant J. McDuffie, R. H. Henderson, Private Wm. Branch, J. Branch, Private H. L. Paulk, Wm. Vickers, M. Hansel. Co. B. Mus'n S. W. W. Hogan, Private Wm. Higgs, J. H. Odum, Private John Powell, J. T. Sharpe. Co. C. Sergeant M. M. Reddick, Private C. R. Browning, E. W. Burton, W. Lewis, Private J. T. Morn, William Smith, G. J. Weldor. Co. D. Corporal Wm. Holleway, Private Thomas Borit, Lemuel Davis, Jackson Collier, Private R. Franklin, Ivey Summerlin, M. Warren, Thomas Watters. Co. E. Sergeant D. N. McRea, Private J. Browning, G. M. Burkhalter, P. H. Clarke, J. L. Clarke, J. McSwain, Private H. McSwain, L. C. Mash, R. T. Vaughn,
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 27. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.23 (search)
ia regiment has written its name high on the scroll of honor—but at what a cost! They went into battle with two hundred and eighty-four men. Thirty-nine of them lay dead on the field and eighty-four are wounded; many of these men are shot in several places. Old F Company of Richmond has Captain Morgan killed; he was shot through the body by a piece of shell. He was a splendid soldier and the best posted on military matters of any man I knew during the war. Henry Anderson, Joe Nunnally, John Powell, Wm. Pollard, were killed, and Roswell Lindsay, after bayoneting a Yankee, was killed also; Bob Gilliam was shot through the leg, Clarence Redd through both wrists, Ned Tompkins in arm and body, Porter Wren through arm, Harrison Watkins through body, Clarence E. Taylor through hip. The other regiments lose as badly as we do, and nearly half of Jackson's loss in the battle is in the Second brigade. Amongst the killed is Brigadier-General Charles S. Winder, of the Stonewall brigade, who
The attachment case of C. H. Langley vs. E. W. Usher was dismissed. Mrs. Susan E. Wilkinson qualified as administratrix of her deccased husband, Southy S. Wilkinson, who lost his life on the 18th of July, in the battle of Bull Run. The following gentlemen qualified as administrators: Henry Linkhauser, of Catharine Beck, deceased; John Thompson, of H. W. Quarles, deceased; W. E. Burton, of R. M. Burton, deceased; T. J. Evans, of C. B. Hill, deceased. A grand jury — to wit, John Powell, foreman; John Freeland, Alfred T. Harris, Geo. D. Shell, S. P. Mitchell, Thomas Boudar, T. R. Price, Fleming Griffin, James Kersey, W. F. Butler, G. B. Watson, Mark Downey, T. M. Jones, C. F. Wortham, C. H. Powell, A. H. Rutherford, F. B. Hart, Peyton Johnston, William Palmer, Frederick Robertson, Corbin Warwick and W. H. Haxall — having been duly sworn, retired to their room, and after wards brought in indictments against the following persons for the offences named: Charles Murphy, for
Damage at Blountsville. --The Bristol Advocate, of Friday, gives the following as the amount of damage done at Blountsville, Tenn., by the late raiders: It is a sad task for us to state that the larger and better portion of the town of Blountsville was reduced to allies. W. W James, John Powell, John Fain, Sr., Dr. N. G. Dulaney, E P Cawood, Rev. N C Baldwin, Mrs. Martha Rhea, F L Bumgardner, and Maj J G Eans, are among those whose houses and effects were consumed. The court-house, with the offices of the clerks of the county and jail, were also consumed. The loss is immense, not less than half a million of dollars.