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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 30. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Appendix. (search)
hn R. Holt. Corporal, John Lovett. Corporal, W. P. Whitlow. Privates. Anderson, Thomas N. Butterworth, John M. Bradley, Winfree. Brown, Hillary. Burke, S. C. Bailey, Thomas D. Colvin, Howard H. Colvin, Robert O. Clark, C. B. Carey, John H. Day, Thomas E. Davis, T. D. Evans, T. F. Elder, Hiram P. Fortune, William. Grant, Bluford. Gregory, Edward S. Goins, James. Atkinson, John. Butterworth, William W. Brown, F. M. Burks, Paulus Powell. Bailey, Samuel D. Coffee, William H. Colvin, William O. Clark, C. C. Clark, R. C. Carey, James. Davis, Arthur P. Dunnivant, William. Equi, Joseph. Farriss, William. Foster, William E. Gaulding, T. Henry. Gregory, N. H. Gilbert, George W. Gilbert, William. Hart, Patrick S. Hurt, Samuel. Hendricks, James. Houston, Francis R. Hancock, W. T. Jenkins, J. Samuel. Kayton, J. Patrick. Lawhorne, James H. Lawhorne, Lucas P.
to Manassas.--Jos Mayo, W. G. Paine, James H. Conway, Blair Burwell, F. W. Roddy, F. W. Hancock, J. B. McCaw, R. R. Howison, L. S. Hall (of Wetzel), Samuel Woods (of Barbour), H. F. Haymond (of Marion), James Neeson (of Marion), R. E. Cowan (of Preston), D. J. Saunders, Thomas Boldeman, G. W. Thomas, V. Bargamin, John Knute (of Wheeling), H. K. Ellyson, D. J. Burr, Thomas U. Dudley, W. Fleischmanns, H. A. Dudley, Andrew Jenkins, M. Downey, W. W. Snead, Geo. W. Gretter, Thomas L. Johnson, Paulus Powell (of Amherst). This committee will proceed to Manassas in the early train this morning. Committee to Procure Accommodations.--B. W. Haxall, John D. Harvey, James Blair, A. S. Lee, H. Hancock, Thos. W. McCance, Thos. W. Doswell, W. J. Riddick, P. B. Price, Geo. Watt, Emanuel Straus, M. Downey, Edwin A. Smith, John Gibson. Geo. S. Lownes, Wm. H. Lyons, John H. Knowles, Samuel J. Rutherfoord, C. Crew, H. Spotts, Thos. Vaiden, (Manchester,) John Enders, John L. Tate, F. W. Redford. C. B
f the soldier's home. By the kindness of the members of the church, we use the chapel for daily morning prayer-meeting, and at eventide many followers of the lonely Jesus, without notice or design, meet together in his house to sing his praise and call on his name. Yesterday, besides the morning prayers, there were two regular services by ministers of the Baptist Church, and at night, after dress parade, an impromptu prayer-meeting. Good be praised for such a spirit among our men.Rev. Mr. Powell, rector of Emmanuel Church. Powhatan, and 2d Lieutenant of the Powhatan Artillery, acts as volunteer Chaplain, assisted by other brethren. Capt. Guy, our commandant, is justly popular, and beloved by all for his gentlemanly and urbane bearing towards all. Indeed, the officers generally seem to enjoy the love and confidence of their men. A word now especially for good old Powhatan. She has furnished us with the best of Captains. His untiring interest and energy in making his men comf
Election in Amherst. Lynchburg Va., Dec. 8. --Paulus Powell has received a majority of 19 in Amherst county for the Legislature, to supply the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Col. Davis.
D Montague, Willoughby Newton, R C Saunders, R F Taylor, S M Watson, John L Woolfolk, Geo T Wright--28. For John B. Floyd--James Barbour, W Baskerville, Jas Bayse, Thos B Bigger, John K Bootes, Samuel Carpenter, D B Clarke, J H Daniel, D C Dunn, Joshua Ewing, John T Fletcher, H George, John H Hopkins, Wm. Kyte, S Lynn, J E McDonald, W G T Nelson, R A Richardson, Chas J Shannon, Samuel W Thomas, Valentine Thrash, Thos H Wynne--22. For A. T. Coparton--Wm Eggleston, Wilson Lively, Paulus Powell, John M Rowan-- For B. F. Wysor--John G Cecil--1. The Senate was informed of the result of the vote, and the House took a recess for one hour to await the action of the Senate. Upon the reassembling of the House a message was received from the Senate asking the concurrence of that body in a postponement of the joint order until to- morrow morning at 10 o'clock. Mr. Prince submitted a motion, which was rejected, dissenting from the action of the Senate; and, at 5 o'clock,
John Carter and Sam Jones two rival negro cart men, were arraigned for indulging in a fight on Main street, opposite Gen. Winder's office. They were each ordered 39 lashes. John E. McCune was partially examined on the charge of causing Pat Kearney's death by carelessly shooting his musket at some ducks on the basin.--The case was continued. Hustings Court, Thursday, Jan. 15 --James K. Caskie, Recorder, presiding — Patrick McNemara and William Lee were arraigned for examination on the charge of having, on the night of December 25th, assaulted L Powell, a soldier, near the Old Market House and after knocking him down in an approved garroting style, robbed him of a comb worth $1. The witness testified that he saved his pocket book and contents by letting it fall on the ground unperceived when the desera does approached. After knocking him down they failed to find anything but the comb. When they departed he searched and recovered his funds. The prisoners were sent on.
e Smyth District. The result in the District composed of Henrico and Hanover is still in doubt. The 10th Va Cavalry gives J N Davis 26 majority, and his election over Dr Garnett is claimed. In the District composed of Jefferson and Berkeley, Edwin L Moore is believed to be elected. House of Delegates.--The following is a list of the members elect to the House of Delegates as far as received: Albemarle — B H Magruder and — Branch. Alexandria — Harrod Snowden. Amherst — Paulus Powell. Bedford — W M Burwell and Alex Jordan. Berkeley — Israel Robinson and Robert W Hunter. Campbell — F B Dean and Daniel Marr. Charles City, James City, and New Kent — W S Slater, (?) Chesterfield — Wm Ambers. Dinwiddie — H C Worsham. Greensville and Sussex — W T Lundy. Henrico — Joseph J English, (?) Henry — Samuel J Mullins, (50 majority.) King William--Harrison B Tomlin. Marion — A S Haymond and Stephen A Morgan. Monongalia — Evans
ting it. Dr. Peticolas, indeed, was more reticent in his testimony than on the first examination, notwithstanding the fact that the prosecuting attorney for Henrico county, Mr. John B. Young, read from legal authority to show that fear of implicating himself by answering certain questions as a witness need not prevent him from disclosing all that he knew about the duel, as nothing which he might say as a witness could be brought to bear against him in any future criminal prosecution. On this subject some discussion ensued between the prosecutor and Hon. Humphrey Marshall, counsel for Mr. Elmore; but the question was not pressed by Mr. Young, and Dr. Peticolas was therefore permitted to remain silent. In the absence of Hon. Paulus Powell, alleged to be an important witness in the case, the justices decided to continue the examination till next Saturday, at the same place, the county courthouse; and the parties entered into recognizance in the sum of $2,000 each for their appearance.
nnessee and Kentucky. He was marching on Pulaski, Giles county, Tennessee, and expected ultimately to seize Cumberland gap. His men were greatly in need of clothing, supplies of which they hope to obtain by plundering the towns through which they pass. A dispatch from Louisville, the 23d instant, says: After Gillem's recent defeat, Breckinridge advanced to Strawberry Plains and Blair's cross- roads, threatening Knoxville and Cumberland gap. On the 21st, Breckinridge advanced to Powell's bridge, six miles from Cumberland gap, and there was heavy skirmishing all day. Burbridge has moved out from Lexington with a strong force to protect the Kentucky border from anticipated invasion by Breckinridge's forces. From Richmond — Early at the capital. A dispatch from Washington, dated the 23d instant, says: There is information from City Point, dated yesterday morning, that but a short time will elapse before the Dutch Gap canal will be opened. All hopes of th
. R. Resolution Appointing Committees of Safety. adopted February 25, 1865. "Resolved, by the General Assembly, That the following appointments be, and are hereby, made to constitute the Committees of Safety for the respective counties of the Commonwealth, in accordance with the joint resolution of the General Assembly, adopted February 25, 1865; and they are earnestly invoked to organize forthwith for the faithful and zealous discharge of their patriotic duties: Amkerst.--Paulus Powell, John Dudley Davis and Jacob Warwick. Amelia.--E. C. Robinson, William Old, jr., and S. R. Seay. Appomattox.--James G. Patterson, Samuel J. Walker and James Calhoun. Alleghany.--Andrew Fudge and William H. McDANIEL. Barbour.--Albert G. Reger, L. D. Monel and Henry R. Sturin. Bath.--Stephen A. Porter, William H. McDonald and Osborn Hamilton. Bedford.--Edward C. Burkes, William L. Goggin and Thomas Campbell. Bland.--William M. Bishop, Gordon C. Thom and Franklin Grayson.