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Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 3., The opposing forces at Chickamauga, Ga. September 19th-20th; 1863. (search)
, 1. First Brigade, Col. George P. Buell: 100th Ill., Col. Frederick A. Bartleson (w and c), Maj. Charles M. Hammond; 58th Ind., Lieut.-Col. James T. Embree; 13th Mich., Col. Joshua B. Culver (w), Maj. Willard G. Eaton; 26th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. William H. Young. Brigade loss: k, 79; w, 443; m, 129 == 651. Third Brigade, Col. Charles G. Harker: 3d Ky., Col. Henry C. Dunlap; 64th Ohio, Col. Alexander Mcllvain; 65th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Horatio N. Whitbeck (w), Maj. Samuel C. Brown (m w), Capt. Thomas Powell; 125th Ohio, Col. Emerson Opdycke. Brigade loss: k, 51; w, 283; n, 58 == 392. Artillery: 8th Ind. (First Brigade), Capt. George Estep (w); 6th Ohio (Third Brigade), Capt. Cullen Bradley. Artillery loss: k, 2; w, 17; m, 7 == 26. Second division, Maj.-Gen. John M. Palmer. Staff loss: k, 1; w, 2; m, 3 == 6. First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Charles Cruft: 31st Ind., Col. John T. Smith; 1st Ky. (5 co's), Lieut.-Col. Alva R. Hadlock; 2d Ky., Col. Thomas D. Sedgewick; 90th Ohio, Col. Charle
Rebellion Record: a Diary of American Events: Poetry and Incidents., Volume 4. (ed. Frank Moore), The Blacksmiths and the Merrimac. (search)
avenport, Jas. Watfield,Jas. Larkin, H. Tatem,Lewis Ewer, Wilson Guy,Jno. Davis, Miles Foreman,Jas. Watson, Sen., Hugh Minter,James Flemming, Jno. Green,Samuel Hodges, Thos. Bloxom,Alex. Davis, Jas. Mitchell,Thomas Guy, Joseph Rickets,Smith Guy, Thos. Franklin,Michael Conner, Jas. Patterson,Wm. Perry, Wm. Gray,Patrick Shanasy, Jno. Moody,Lawson Etheredge, Hillory Hopkins,Joshua Daily, E. Woodward,Jas Morand, H. Reynolds,Miles Foreman, Southey Rew,Jos. West, Julius Morien,Thos. Powell, Jos. Askew,Wm. Shephard, Anthony Butt,Jno. Curram, Thos. Bourke,Opie Jordan, Wm. Hosier,Wiley Howard. Finishers. Jno. B. Rooke,Charles Sturdivant, Elias Bridges,Jesse Kay, Anderson Gwinn,William Shipp, John Stoakes,William Pebworth, E. H. Brown,Lawrence Herbert, Harvey Barnes,T. I. Rooke, Lemuel Leary,Calder Sherwood, William Jones,George Collier, John Rhea,Henry Hopkins, William Leary,George Bear, John Wilder,Walter Thornton, Frederick Bowen,Edward Walker, Thomas Dunn.
Oliver Otis Howard, Autobiography of Oliver Otis Howard, major general , United States army : volume 1, Chapter 5: graduation from the United States Military Academy, 1854; brevet Second Lieutenant in Ordnance Department, 1855-56 (search)
ited States arsenals and armories of the country with a few powder stations, and at every one of these there was a house ready for a married officer, so that as soon as I could get the assent of my fiancee, we could be married and have immediate provision for a home. The Ordnance Department had many other advantages over the line of the army, but this one of a house, which in the army we called quarters, was just then to me of special interest. On the way to New York on board the old Thomas Powell, I met General Winfield Scott, accompanied by several of his staff and some young officers whom I knew. I had met him before and been presented, but this time his attention was called to me and he said some pleasant things welcoming me to the army. But when one of my classmates indicated that Howard would soon be married, the general shook his head and said, No, no, don't do that; a lieutenant must never get married. I was glad enough to have the conversation turned to some other topi
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. (search)
er, Private Thompson Davis, F. M. Durham, W. W. Jones, J. N. W. Smith. Elias Jones, T. J. Morgan, P. V. Wilson, C. W. Reid. Co. C. 2d Sergeant W. H. Doyle, 5th Sergeant G. W. Kelly, Private Wm. H. Anderson, Andrew Cobb, A. F. Cox, N. P. Cole, J. J. Doyle, J. J. Davis, Chesley Fisher, Jas. Harris, C. C. Hix, Samuel Jones, Wm. Keaton, J. C. Lee, Private Jonah Liles, Wilson Moss, P. L. Moore, J. B. Moore, A. McDonald, Elias Mason, T. J. Pitts, Thomas Powell, B. C. Rothell, N. B. Shed, J. B. Saunders, T. G. Walker, S. W. Patton, Elisha King. Co. D. Sergeant J. A. McLuskey, C. A. White, H. F. Suber, Corporal W. J. Smith, J. C. Cromer, D. H. Lee, Private Jordan Bailey, E. M. Bailey, J. H. Burns, T. J. Browning, A. P. Chastain, W. L. Dobbins, R. M. Graham, A. H. Graham, Private Jas. W. Graham, Daniel J. Hix, A. J. Hatcher, J. L. Hatcher, D. W. Lewis, J. R. Morris, T. H. Palmer, T. B. Palmer, Banister Stone,
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), General Semmes' Georgia Brigade. (search)
r Baply. Co. B. Sergeant J. G. Lunsford, Wiley Meadows, Corporal Munroe Vaughn, Private Wm. J. Allen, E. M. Dickey, J. W. Lyon, Rufus Mangum, Private D. C. Mangum, W. B. Moss, E. H. Tilley, S. W. Turentine, W. C. Veazey, W. F. Williams. Co. C. Sergeant Hiram Vickers, Corporal W. D. Hicks, Private W. H. Adams, W. D. Blalock, W. Browning, S. Hutchings, Private M. C. Herendon, J. W. Leigh, E. W. Morris, J. W. Roe, W. Warren. Co. D. Sergeant A. W. Houk, Thomas Powell, Jas. D. Berry, Corporal D. A. Hilderbrand, T. E. Seabolt, Private Cyrus Huffman, Thomas McNeely, Jones McGalliard, Solomon Nash, Ed. Powell, Private Jasper Baker, Henry Brown, B. T. Balick, Wm. Berry, Sidney Chester, Wm. Houk, Private Wm. Poteet, Wm. Twiggs, ——Sigman, Jas. Winkler, Leander Wilson. Co. E. Sergeant J. A. McGee, Private Jesse Blair, John Houston, A. McGee, W. McGee, R. Pitman, Private E. Stone, N. M. Robertson, J. M. Moody,
Comte de Paris, History of the Civil War in America. Vol. 4. (ed. Henry Coppee , LL.D.), Addenda by the Editor. (search)
r. Maj. Willard G. Eaton. 26th OhioLieut.-col. William H. Young. Second Brigade. at Chattanooga, and not engaged. Brig.-gen. George D. Wagner. 15th IndianaCol. Gustavus A. Wood. 40th IndianaCol. John W. Blake. 57th IndianaLieut.-col. George W. Lennard. 97th OhioLieut.-col. Milton Barnes. Third Brigade. Col. Charles G. Harker. 3d KentuckyCol. Henry C. Dunlap. 64th OhioCol. Alexander McIlvain. 65th OhioLieut.-col. Horatio N. Whitbeck. Maj. Samuel C. Brown. Capt. Thomas Powell. 125th OhioCol. Emerson Opdycke. Artillery. Indiana Light, 8th Battery (1st Brigade)Capt. George Estep. Indiana Light, 10th Battery At Chattanooga, and not engaged. (2d Brigade)Lieut. William A. Naylor. Ohio Light, 6th Battery (3d Brigade)Capt. Cullen Bradley. Second division. Maj.-gen. John M. Palmer. First Brigade. Brig.-gen. Charles Cruft. 31st IndianaCol. John T. Smith. 1st Kentucky Five companies detached as wagon-guard.Lieut.-col. Alva R. Hadloc<
pointment. French Archives, Angleterre, 503. Garnier to D'Aiguillon, 17 December, 1773, incloses the documents Gordon's Hist. of Pennsylvania, 481,482. Hazard's Register of Pennsylvania, II. 368. Within a few days not one remained. South Carolina, by her spirit and perseverance, gave now, as she had ever done, evidence that her patriotism would be the support of Union. The Province was at that time in a state of just excitement at the arbitrary act of its Council in imprisoning Thomas Powell, the Publisher of the South Carolina Gazette, for an alleged contempt. The Council was a body m which the distinguished men of that Province scorned to accept a seat; its members were chiefly the Crown officers; and they held their places at the King's pleasure. Their power to imprison on their mere warrant was denied; the prisoner was taken before Rawlins Lowndes and another magistrate on a writ of habeas corpus, and was released. Bull to Dartmouth, 18 Sept. 1773. Drayton's Memoir
500 dollars reward --Ran away from me, at Petersburg, on the 25th June, 1864, my man William. He is about 5 feet 7 or 8 inches high, yellow copper color rather sharp features, straight built, weighs about 140 pounds and about 20 years old. Said boy was raised in Richmond and formerly belonged to Colonel Poindexter. He was sold to Thomas Powell, of Montgomery, Alabama, last winter. He is supposed to be about the city or passing in the army as a free boy I will pay the above reward for his apprehension and delivery or confinement in prison. Colonel W C Oates. Law's brigade. au 5--6t