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The regiment was promptly formed in line of battle to the right of the road, and then advanced about two hundred yards, when we were ordered to encamp for the night. On the twenty-sixth, we marched toward Sandersville. After proceeding about two miles, the regiment was sent to the right about half a mile, to dislodge some guerrillas, which we did, and we also destroyed a gin and about one hundred bales of cotton, after which we rejoined the column and marched to Sandersville, and thence to Powers's on the Macon and Savannah Railroad, where we encamped for the night, having marched about twelve miles. On the twenty-seventh, we marched to Davisboro, a distance of about twenty miles, having to make a detour to avoid a swamp. On the twenty-eighth, we marched along the railroad to Spiers's, tearing up the track to within three miles of that place. I am unable to state how much the regiment tore up during the day, but should say, that of eleven regiments engaged in the destruction of sev
icers and privates. Strength, rank and file, one hundred and fifty. The following list embraces the names of those killed, wounded, and missing, namely: Killed.--Company B--Lieutenant James A. Lemon; privates Joseph Sweet and William Chittum. Company E--Private Chapman Johnson. Company F--Privates James M. Carter, Andrew M. Martin, and William D. McClury. Company G--Private Thomas C. Walton. Wounded.--Privates Patrick Loague, John P. Chittum, A. F. Smith, James Mordispaugh, and William Powers. Company C--Lieutenant Joseph Haynes; orderly sergeants 1). B. McDonald and Thomas R. Porter; privates Gillie Gillespie and John Baker. Company D--Captain F. C. Wilson; privates Robert Lamb, D. Lotis, and F. H. Brown. Company E--Orderly Sergeant Charles A. Nossinger; privates Henry Sandford and George W. Harper. Company F--Corporal John Robinson; privates William Ackerdy and William Pursley. Company G--Privates James S. Campbell and J. A. Cummings. Company H--Corporal William P. Drumhell
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), General Semmes' Georgia Brigade. (search)
e number of men there were present, actually armed and in line of battle, 6 officers and 60 enlisted men, on the morning of the ninth (9th) instant, the day of the surrender of this army. [125] S. H. Crump, Capt. Commanding Battalion. Eighteenth Georgia Battalion. Jno. N. Pacetty, Sergeant Co. C. R. W. Miller, Hospital Steward. W. F. Symons, Private Co. C. H. F. Bennett, Private Co. A. M. W. Lewis, Private Co. A. John Smith, Private Co. A. Thos. Mensing, Private Co. B. Wm. Powers, Private Co. D, 50th Ga. Regiment. Colored musicians enlisted for the War. Joe Parkman, Co. A. Henry Williams, Co. B. Geo. Waddell, Co. A. Louis Gardeen, Co. C. Colored Cooks enlisted. James Polk, Co. B. Scipio Africanus, Co. B. William Read, Co. C. John Lery, Co. A. [16] Geo. W. Stiles, Commanding 18th Ga. Battalion. Ninth Georgia Battalion. Co. E. 1st Sergeant Horace L. Crawford, Private Jas. E. Kilby, Private Jas. Williams, A. M. Combee.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
s, Corporal J. Beasley, Private J. Aydelott, W. A. Cooper, Private A. Fanchew, T. F. Hall, T. W. Hodges, R. Smith, A. Stewart, C. W. Wicker. Co. C. Private J. M. Banks, S. K. Cox, R. Bradley, Private G. W. Eason, J. W. Lupton, W. Powers. Co. D. Private B. March, J. H. Davis, W. C. Coston, Private A. D. B. Godwin, T. Onley, Geo. Parker. Co. E. 1st Sergeant J. M. Wilkins, Sergeant W. L. S. Wilkins, A. Ives, Corporal J. Charlton, L. Charlton, Mus'n L. R. Edmund 1st Sergeant Geo. E. Coghill, Private Marcellus Sax, 3d Sergeant G. N. Hancock, E. N. Lynham, 4th Sergeant W. J. Traylor, James Maley, Drummer Wm. Ashburn, B. S. Oliver, Private Wm. M. Agee, Thomas H. Peters, Burwell Butler, Wm. Powers, Private Frank Cosgrove, Jere. Daily, J. A. Garnett, J. B. Harrison, Tim. Hurly, J. H. Johnson, Jno. Kennedy, John Sullivan, Private Jno. Roberts, William Roberts, Dan'l Shea, P. R. Vest, Wm. Welsh, Bird Roop, F. M.
Acquitted. --Thomas, slave of Mrs. Waring, has been acquitted by the Mayor of the charge of stealing a watch from William, slave of Geo. E Sadler. The municipal functionary alluded to has also acquitted Joanna Castillo of the charge of stealing $16 from Frank Wingo. Wm. Powers has also been acquitted by the Mayor of intoxication.
Assaults. --William Kartang, a man of brute propensities, who gave a public exhibition of his courage on 17th street, Tuesday afternoon, by kicking and beating his wife in an inhuman manner, was arrested for the offence, and the Mayor yesterday required double security for his future good behavior and his appearance before the Grand Jury, which he was unable to furnish. The cases of Honora and Nora Enwright and Patrick McQuade, charged with mutual recrimination and assault, were dismissed on payment of costs. Wm. Powers, charged with assaulting George W. Walters and stealing his hat, was held to bail for his appearance before the Mayor this morning.
Gallant conduct. During the fight on the Williamsburg road on Wednesday, and while the 1st Louisiana regiment was in its position of greatest peril, under the fire of the enemy in ambuscade, the color- bearer sunk to the ground from exhaustion, when Sergeant William Powers seized the flag and bore it in the thickest of the fight. The act of bravery is highly complimented by the regiment, and it is thought had a good effect in the noble rallying of the regiment under the murderous fire they sustained.