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Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, I. List of officers from Massachusetts in United States Navy, 1861 to 1865. (search)
, 1865.Resigned.Asst. Surgeon. Lancaster.Pacific. Navy Yard.Boston. Headricks, William, See enlistment, Aug. 8, 1861. Credit, New Bedford.N. Y.Mass.Mass.June 7, 1863.Actg. Master's Mate.Brandywine; Cohassett; Pink.North Atlantic.June 2, 1864.Dismissed.Actg. Ensign and Pilot. Apr. 29, 1864.Actg. Ensign and Pilot. Heath, Benjamin, Jr.,Mass.Mass.Mass.Feb. 8, 1864.Actg. Master's Mate.Delaware.North Atlantic.Dec. 1, 1865.Hon. discharged.Actg. Master's Mate. Heath, Lucius E., Credit, Prescott.Mass.Mass.Mass.May 27, 1863.Actg. Master's Mate.Jasmine.West Gulf.May 17, 1865.Resigned.Mate. Heath, Marcellus C.,Me.Mass.-Nov. 22, 1862.Actg. 3d Asst. Engr.Daffodil; Lodona.South Atlantic.Jan. 21, 1868.Hon. discharged.Actg. 2d Asst. Engr. Bienville; Palos.West Gulf. Nov. 19, 1863.Actg. 2d Asst. Engr. Heath, Samuel C.,-Mass.Mass.May 8. 1862.Actg. Master's Mate.Hatteras; Bohio.West Gulf.Mar. 28, 1864.Resigned.Actg. Master's Mate. Officers from Massachusetts in United States Navy—C
r. 13, 1865. Resigned, Oct. 27, 1865. Died, July 30, 1890. Pratt, Calvin Edward. Born at Princeton, Mass., Jan. 23, 1828. Colonel, 31st N. Y. Infantry, Aug. 14, 1861. Present at the battle of Bull Run, July 21, 1861, and in the engagement at West Point, Va., May 7, 1862. Present at the engagement of Garnett's and Golding's Farm, June 28, 1862; Glendale, June 30, 1862; Malvern Hill, July 1, 1862. Brig. General, U. S. Volunteers, Sept. 13, 1862. Resigned, Apr. 25, 1863. Prescott, George Lincoln. Born at Littleton, Mass., May 21, 1829. Captain, 5th Infantry, M. V. M., in service of the U. S., May 1, 1861. Mustered out, July 31, 1861. Captain, 32d Mass. Infantry, Nov. 15, 1861. Lieut. Colonel, Aug. 13, 1862. Colonel, Dec. 28, 1862. Engaged in the battles of Gettysburg and Laurel Hill. Brevet Brig. General, U. S. Volunteers, June 18, 1864. Died, June 19, 1864, of wounds received at Petersburg, Va., June 18, 1864. Quincy, Samuel Miller. Born at Boston, Mass., in
n service of the U. S., Oct. 17, 1862. Commissioned Major, Nov. 8, 1862; mustered, Dec. 15, 1862. Mustered out, Sept. 2, 1863. Pratt, Wheelock. Captain, 55th Mass. Infantry, May 25, 1863. Major, June 25, 1865. Mustered out, Aug. 29, 1865. Prescott, Albert. Captain, 36th Mass. Infantry, Aug. 28, 1862. Resigned, Apr. 29, 1863. Captain, 57th Mass. Infantry, Mar. 2, 1864. Major, 57th Mass. Infantry, June 15, 1864. Killed at Petersburg (Crater), Va., July 30, 1864. Prescott, George Lincoln. See General Officers. Quincy, Samuel Miller. See General Officers. Rand, Arnold Augustus. Private, 4th Battalion Infantry, M. V. M., in service of the U. S., Apr. 14, 1861. Second Lieutenant, 1st Mass. Cavalry, Oct. 30, 1861; mustered, Dec. 27, 1861. Captain, Feb. 4, 1862. Captain, Assistant Adj. General, U. S. Volunteers, June 3, 1863. Resigned, Jan. 12, 1864. Lieut. Colonel, 4th Mass. Cavalry, Dec. 3, 1863. Colonel, Jan. 22, 1864. Resigned, Feb. 3, 1865.
rn at Boston, Mass , Aug. 23, 1839. Sergeant Major, 2d Kan. Infantry, May 14, 1861. Mustered out, Oct. 31, 1861. First Lieutenant, Adjutant, 2d Kan. Cavalry, Nov. 11, 1861. Captain and Assistant Adj. General, U. S. Volunteers, Oct. 29, 1862. Mustered out, Dec. 19, 1865. Pratt, William. Born in Massachusetts. Captain, 24th Mass. Infantry, Sept. 2, 1861. Discharged, June 26, 1863. Captain, Assistant Adj. General, U. S. Volunteers, June 26, 1863. Resigned, Apr. 2, 1864. Prescott, George Lincoln. See General Officers. Prescott, William H. Born in Massachusetts. Second Lieutenant, 2d N. H. Infantry, June 5 to Aug. 7, 1861. Captain, 16th U. S. Infantry, Aug. 5, 1861. Resigned, Oct. 15, 1864. Prince, James P. Born in England. First Lieutenant, Assistant Surgeon, 22d Mass. Infantry, Oct. 1, 1861. Major, Surgeon, 36th Mass. Infantry, Aug. 13, 1862. First Lieutenant, Assistant Surgeon, U. S. Volunteers, Dec. 27, 1864. Major, Surgeon, May 3, 1865. Brevet Lieut.
— Brevet Colonel B. F., U. S. Volunteers, and late Lieut. Colonel of the 36th U. S. Colored Infantry, to be Brig. General, U. S Volunteers, by brevet, for gallant conduct and faithful services during the war, to date from Mar. 13, 1865. G. O. 67, July 16, 1867. Pratt, Major H. C., Paymaster, U S. Army, to be Lieut. Colonel, U. S. Army, by brevet, for faithful and meritorious services during the war, to date from Mar. 13, 1865. G. O. 133, Aug. 22, 1865. G. O. 71, Aug. 31, 1866. Prescott, G. L., late Colonel of the 32d Mass. Infantry, to be Brig. General, U. S. Volunteers, by brevet, for gallant and meritorious service while leading his regiment in an assault on the rebel works in front of Petersburg, Va., June 18, 1864, to date from June 18, 1864. G. O. 91, Oct. 9, 1867. Prince, Surgeon J. P., U. S. Volunteers, to be Lieut. Colonel, U. S. Volunteers, by brevet, for faithful services, to date from Jan. 16, 1866. G. O. 65, June 22, 1867. Prince, Major W. E.,
Daniel G. Abbott, Chairman Selectmen. Paxton. We are of the opinion that, generally, there has been an improvement for the better; none worse. Silas D. Harrington, Chairman Selectmen. Peru. The remark is often made, and the conviction is general, that the men have returned with better habits than when they went. E. Warren Pierce, Chairman Selectmen. Princeton. In no case are their habits worse, but in some cases better. William B. Goodnow, Chairman Selectmen. Prescott. It is my opinion that their habits have been better on the whole. W. H. Winter, Chairman Selectmen. Provincetown. No worse, but, upon the whole, we think them better citizens than before. S. S. Gifford, Chairman Selectmen. Quincy. As a body, the returned soldiers of Quincy are better men now than when they entered the United States service. Ebenezer Adams, Chairman Selectmen. Randolph. I fully believe as a general thing that their habits have been improved.
ge. Marble, Bradford, Somerset. Marrett, Lorenzo, Cambridge. Mason, Rev. Samuel R., Cambridge. Mason, Rev. Sumner, Cambridge. Matthews, D. P., Winthrop. Matthews, Watson, Cambridge. May, Frederic, Medford. Miller, Josiah, Prescott. Mills, Isaac B., Boston. Moffat, Richardson, Boston. Morey, George, Boston. Morrison, Alvah, Braintree. Morrison, Alvah S., Braintree. Morse, Calvin, Cambridge. Morton, Erastus, Whately. Munson, Garry, Huntington. Murfred, Salem. Peabody, Edwin R., Salem. Peabody, Mrs. Jerusha, Salem. Peck, Jonas O., Lowell. Peck, Capt. Jabez, Pittsfield. Peirce, Henry A., Boston. Peters, Edw. D., Cohasset. Phillips, Thomas W., Dighton. Pierce, Hiram, Prescott. Pierce, Chas. F., Newton. Pierce, J. M., Brighton. Pierce, Chas. W, Newton. Piper, Geo. C., Cambridge. Plummer, Israel, Northbridge. Plunkett, Thos. F., Pittsfield. Pomeroy, Theodore, Pittsfield. Pomeroy, Robert, Pittsfi
husetts men who died at Port Hudson. Bivouac, vol. 3, p. 305. Preble, Corn. Geo. Henry. U. S. steamer Oneida lets the Oveto escape, Mobile, Ala., Sept., 1862; documents reviewing the event and the dismissal of Com. Preble. Boston Evening Journal, Nov. 10, 1862, p. 2, cols. 1-4. Preble, U. S. sloop of war. Letter from; blockading at mouth of the Mississippi, autumn, 1861. Boston Evening Journal, Nov. 15, 1861, p. 2, col. 3. — Service of Richard F. Tobin. Bivouac, vol. 2, p.54. Prescott, George B. United States armory at Springfield, Mass. Atlantic, vol. 12, p. 436. Preston, Lieut. S. W. In Four naval officers whom I knew. H. Clay Trumbull. United Service Mag., vol. 1, p. 32. Prisoners. Arrived at Annapolis, Md., Feb., 1865; description of. Army and Navy Journal, vol. 2, p. 389. — Confederate. At Fort Warren; treatment and condition. Boston Evening Journal, Nov. 1, 1861, p. 4, col. 5; Nov. 5, p. 2, col. 3; Nov. 8, p. 4, col. 1. — – Escape from Fort
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, Index of names of persons. (search)
25 Pratt, J. A., 56th Mass. Inf., 336 Pratt, J. H., 439, 477 Pratt, John, 439, 477 Pratt, John A., 336 Pratt, M. C., 336 Pratt, Nicholas, 118 Pratt, Wheelock, 225 Pratt, William, 336, 439 Pray, C. F., 336 Pray, J. H., 118 Pray, R. B., 118, 336 Pray, T. J., 118 Pray, W. W., 336 Pray, William, 336, 494 Preble, G. H., 704 Prentiss, W. M., 118 Prescott, Albert, 225 Prescott, C. B., 336 Prescott, D. M., 336 Prescott, F. O., 336 Prescott, G. B., 704 Prescott, G. H., 337 Prescott, G. L., 192, 225, 439, 550 Prescott, Morrill, 337 Prescott, W. A., 118 Prescott, W. H., 439, 477 Prest, Ebenezer, 118 Preston, D. J., 337, 494 Preston, S. W., 704 Preston, W. H., 337 Price, B. S., 118 Prickett, Jesse, 337 Priest, G. E., 337 Priest, J. D., 337 Prime, S. S., 337 Prince, Albert, 337 Prince, J. B., Jr., 337 Prince, J. P., 387, 439, 550 Prince, J. T., Jr., 337 Prince, W. E., 439, 550 Prior, G. S., 118 Proctor, A. E., 337 Proctor, A. N., 337 Proctor, G. A.,