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Doc. 53.-Virginia delegates to the Southern Congress. List of Delegates to represent the State in the Southern Congress, which meets at Richmond on the 21st July: 1. R. M. T. Hunter, of Essex. 2. John Tyler, of Charles City. 3. W. H. Macfarland, of Richmond City. 4. Roger A. Pryor, of Petersburg. 5. Thomas S. B. Cook, of Appomatox. 6. W. C. Rives, of Albemarle. 7. Robert E. Scott, of Fauquier. 8. James M. Mason, of Frederick. 9. John W. Brockenbaugh, of Brockenridge. 10. Charles W. Russell, of Wheeling. 11. Robert Johnson, of Harrison. 12. Walter Staples, of Montgomery. 13. Walter Preston, of Washington. State at Large — James A. Seddon, of Goochland; W. B. Preston, of Montgomery.--Baltimore American, June 27
Doc. 109.-the Confederate Government. the Executive. President,Jefferson Davis, of Miss. Vice-President,Alex. H. Stephens, of Ga. the Cabinet. Secretary of State,Robert Toombs, Ga. Secretary of Treasury,C. L. Memminger, S. C. Secretary of War,Leroy P. Walker, Ala. Secretary of the Navy,Stephen R. Mallory, Fla. Postmaster-General,John H. Reagan, Texas. Attorney-General,Judah P. Benjamin, La. members of Congress. Virginia.  James A. Seddon.  W. Ballard Preston. 1.R. M. T. Hunter. 2.John Tyler. 3.W. H. Macfarland. 4.Roger A. Pryor. 5.Thomas S. Bocock. 6.Wm. S. Rives. 7.Robert E. Scott. 8.James M. Mason. 9.J. Brockenbrough. 10.Chas. W. Russell. 11.Robert Johnston. 12.Walter Staples. 13.Walter Preston. North Carolina.  Geo. Davis.  W. W. Avery. 1.W. N. H. Smith. 2.Thomas Ruffin. 3.T. D. McDowell. 4.A. W. Venable. 5.J. M. Morehead. 6.R. C. Puryer. 7.Burton Craige. 8.E. A. Davidson. Alabama. 1.R. W. Walker. 2.R. H. Smith. 3.J. L. M. Curry.
c peace: Therefore, be it. "Resolved, That a committee of three Delegates be appointed to wait on the President of the United States, and respectfully ask him to communicate to this Convention what course he intends to pursue. "That the people of Virginia hereby declare their consent to the recognition of the separate independence of the seceded States; that they shall be treated as independent Powers, and that proper laws shall be passed to effect their separation." Messrs. W. Ballard Preston, Conservative; Alexander H. H. Stuart, Unionist; and Geo. W. Randolph, Secessionist, have been appointed to wait on Mr. Lincoln, and have arrived for that purpose. The Southern Commissioners are still here, but they are still unable to procure even a semi- official recognition of their existence, and all their correspondence has been carried on through one of the clerks. It is, perhaps, not necessary to add that Mr. Seward has no intention of resigning, as has been stated
Personal. --Among the arrivals in Richmond yesterday were Hon. W. Porcher Miles, S. C.; Hon. A. W. Venable, N. C.; Hons. W. Ballard Preston and W. C. Rives, Va.; Sir Jas. Ferguson and Hon. Robert Rourke, England; Judge Daniel, Va.; J. D. Darden, California.