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d, of Middletown.  65Lydia, m. Job Wyeth, of Cambridge. 12-23Richard Francis, by wife Hannah Winship, whom he m. Mar. 20, 1760, had--  23-66Richard, b. Dec. 16, 1760.  67Loring, b. June 7, 1762.  68Samuel, b. Aug. 26, 1764.  69Daniel, b. June 25, 1766. 22-59CONVERS Francis m. Susanna Rand, May 11, 1788, who d. May 7, 1814, aged 48, and had--   James, b. June 12, 1789; lives at Wayland.   Susanna, b. Oct. 7, 1790; m. J. K. Frothingham, of Charlestown.   Mary, b. May 29, 1793; m. Warren Preston; d. Sept. 21, 1847.   Convers, b. Nov. 9, 1795; of Harvard College. [books.   Lydia, b. Feb. 11, 1802; m. David L. Child; has written several   Lydia Francis, m. Ebenezer Blount, Feb. 17, 1739.   Sarah Francis, m. Josiah Smith, of Lexington, Nov. 15, 1750.   Lydia Francis, m. Benjamin Tufts, March 4, 1779.   Hannah Francis, m. Isaac Amsdell, of Marlborough, June 7, 1725.   Lydia Francis, m. Nathaniel Pierce, Mar. 1, 1685.   Elizabeth Francis, d. Nov. 12, 1750
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 2., The second Congregational and Mystic churches. (search)
of such a pastor we should be false to these memories and our faith if our wishes, efforts, or prayers were wanting to promote his still higher success or the health and happiness of one so dear to us and him. During the Civil war Mr. Hooker was drafted for the army, but his people could not spare him, and with promptness cheerfully procured a substitute. In the winter of 1866-67 there was a deep religious awakening in the evangelical churches of the town, Mr. McCollom of the First, Mr. Preston of the Baptist, Mr. Waite of the Methodist, and Mr. Hooker of the Mystic, with many laymen of those churches, working earnestly and unitedly together. A large increase of membership was the result, forty-four being added on confession to the Mystic Church. Upon leaving Medford Mr. Hooker preached one year in Fairhaven, Vt., and then for ten years from 1870 was pastor of the church in Middlebury. Jan. 12, 1880, he was installed pastor of the Eliot Church in Lawrence, Mass., from which
cocious daughter to Maine, to be under the care of her judicious sister, whose husband, the Hon. Warren Preston, was a lawyer of standing in Norridgewock, the shire town of Somerset county. The Kennrom various parts of the State, and formed a centre of intelligence and refinement, in which Judge Preston's home was prominent. These new associations, combined with the freshness and vigor of the ria's intellectual growth and training, we have evidence also of the way in which her sister, Mrs. Preston, attended to the development of her domestic accomplishments, in a piece of her handiwork latas in this year, 1826, that Alexander painted Maria's portrait, which she sent to her sister, Mrs. Preston, writing, I hope you will like it. There is a glow and enthusiasm about it which belongs to tfe-size oil painting, is now in the possession of the Medford Historical Society, the gift of Mrs. Preston's family. Another letter, about this time, also to her sister, with whom she maintained a
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 8., Genealogy of the Francis family, 1645-1903. (search)
Lydia; m. Job. Wyeth of Cambridge. 11-23RICHARD Francis, by his wife, Hannah Winship, daughter of Samuel of Lexington, whom he m. March 20, 1760, had:— 23-66Richard; b. Dec. 16, 1760. 67Loring; b. June 7, 1762. 68Samuel; b. Aug. 26, 1764. 69Daniel; b. June 25, 1766. 22-59CONVERS Francis; m. Susanna Rand, May 11, 1788, who d. May 7, 1814; children:— James; b. June 12, 1789; lived at Wayland. Susanna; b. Oct. 7, 1790; m. J. K. Frothingham of Charlestown. Mary; b. May 29, 1793; m. Warren Preston; d. Sept. 21, 1847. Convers; b. Nov. 9, 1795, of Harvard College. Lydia; b. Feb. 11, 1802; m. David L. Childs. She was noted as a novelist and an abolitionist. 15-28JOSEPH Francis and Elizabeth Usher, daughter of Hezekiah and Jane (Greenleaf); m. May 15, 1764; children:— Joseph. Elizabeth (married Tower). Mary (unmarried). John (kept a grocery store on Eliot street, Boston). Thomas Dakin (kept grocery store Pleasant street, Boston,) b. Oct. 6, 1785. Thomas Dakin Francis; m. <