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in its floor than a launch. It is carvel built. Long-bow. (Weapon.) A bow the hight of the archer, formerly used in England. See bow. Long-cloth. (Fabric.) A peculiar kind of fine cotton cloth, made milled or plain. Long-flax. Flax to be spun its natural length without cutting. Long-plane. (Joinery.) A joiner's plane used when a piece of stuff is to be planed up very straight. It is 2 feet 3 inches long. Long-poil. (Fabric.) A shaggy velvet. Long Prim′er. (Printing.) A size of type between Small Pica and Bourgeois. Small Pica, 83 ems to a foot. Long Primer, 89 ems to a foot. Bourgeois, 102 ems to a foot. Long-range barometer. Long-range Ba-rom′e-ter. A barometer, the upper portion of whose tube is in spiral form, and of diminished diameter, the distance between the coils being usually 12 base to 1 perpendicular, so that each inch rise of mercury in the tube is indicated by an advance of 12 inches in the spir
s to a foot. English, 64 ems to a foot. Great Primer, 51 ems to a foot. Prim′ing. 1. (Painting.) The first layer of paint, size, or other material laid 4. (Steam.) The carrying over of water with the steam into the cylinder. Prim′ing-horn. (Blasting.) The powder-horn of the miner of quarryman. Prim′inPrim′ing-powder. 1. Detonating powder. 2. The train of powder connecting a fuse with a charge. Prim′ing-tube. (Ordnance.) A tube to contain an inflammable compPrim′ing-tube. (Ordnance.) A tube to contain an inflammable composition, which occupies the vent of a gun whose charge is fired when the composition is ignited. There are several kinds of priming-tubes, fired by port-fire, lockf the tube. The rough bar is jerked out by a lanyard. See friction-Primer. Prim′ing-valve. A spring valve fitted to the end of a cylinder, to permit the escaler, either as priming or in a state of mechanical suspension with the steam. Prim′ing-wire. (Ordnance.) A pointed wire to prick a cartridge