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Stephen Hall, Ensign; Thomas Pritchard, Isaac Tufts, and Moses Hall, Sergeants; John Tufts, Gersham Teel, and Jonathan Greenleaf, Corporals; Timothy Hall, Drummer; William Farning, Fifer. Privates as follows: David Vinton, John Bucknam, Isaac Watson, Jonathan Lawrence, Jonathan Davis, Abel Richardson, James Tufts, jun., Samuel Tufts, 3d, Andrew Floyd, Benjamin Floyd, Andrew Blanchard, Samuel Tufts, John Francis, jun., Paul Dexter, John Smith, Abel Butterfield, Josiah Cutter, John Kemp, Eleazer Putnam, James Bucknam, jun., Aaron Crowell, Jonathan Tufts, Benjamin Peirce, Thomas Wakefield, Jonathan Teel, Aaron Blanchard, Richard Cole, William Binford, Thomas Bradshaw, Daniel Tufts, Peter Tufts, jun., Ebenezer Tufts, Isaac Cooch, Daniel Conery, Richard Paine, William Polly, Peter Conery, David Hadley, Jacob Bedin, Joseph Clefton, Samuel Hadley, jun., Moses Hadley, John Callender, John Clarke, Andrew Bradshaw, Thomas Savels, Francis Hall, and Benjamin Savils. Here are fifty-nine Medfo
s and twelve sheep. Now came the tug of love—separation from home and all its endearments—fond caresses and hearty farewells were exchanged, and the youthful bride of sixteen, with the husband, each mounted on the saddle, took up the march for her new home in the old Bay State, driving the cows and sheep before them. The above was (as we understand) reprinted in 1877 from information given by the lady herself when about ninety years of age. Henry Putnam was the youngest son of Deacon Eleazer Putnam [of Danvers] and sold what was his father's homestead about 1745 to Phinehas Putnam, the great grandfather of the present occupant. A query arises—was the new home in the old Bay State to which the bridal party came with cows and sheep in Medford or Danvers? The Louisburg expedition was in the spring of 1745. Was the veteran of Louisburg from Danvers or Medford? We are inclined to answer to both queries, Danvers: as he owned property there and was one of the tellers at Da<
han Davis Abel Richardson James Tufts. Jr. Samuel Tufts, 3d Andrew Floyd Benjamin Floyd Andrew Blanchard Samuel Tufts John Francis, Jr. Paul Dexter John Smith Abel Butterfield Josiah Cutter John Kemp Eleazer Putnam James Bucknam, Jr Aaron Crowell Jonathan Tufts Benjamin Pierce Thomas Wakefield Jonathan Teel Aaron Blanchard Richard Cole William Binford Thomas Bradshaw Daniel Tufts Peter Tufts, Jr. Ebenezer Tufts e from whence a few hours before he had gone to the fray. In his youth he had been in the expedition that captured the Gibraltar of America, Louisburg. But (as Miss Wild says it) though by age exempt, and having sons in the ranks, he showed his Putnam spunk and went with the rest. He had been for ten years a resident of Medford, his home probably in the valley opposite Medford's first schoolhouse. Gold stars are placed on the service flags and on the memorials of today. Certainly they sho
to St. John. Billings, b. 11 May, 1749. Benjamin, b. 26 Aug., bapt. in Salem Village, 15 Sept., 1751, d. Savannah, Ga., 1801. Henry Putnam's father, Eleazer Putnam, lived in Danvers. He settled on a farm north of the Gen. Israel Putnam house and near the Topsfield boundary on the present Preston place. He was a farmer and probably well off. Here Henry was born. In 1690 Eleazer Putnam had been one of Capt. William Raymond's company, enlisted for the Canada Expedition. The General Court thought so well of this command that in 1725 a grant of land was made to the officers and soldiers, or their heirs, in Merrimack. Afterward this grant, being found to be in New Hampshire, was located on the Saco river. During the witchcraft delusion, Eleazer Putnam drew his rapier and punched at an imaginary devil or two which seemed to be torturing one of the afflicted girls. According to the ancient depositions his thrusts were as effective against the witch as against the Frenc