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eph, b. June 29, 1704.  34Abigail, b. Jan. 7, 1707. 1-4John Tufts was of Malden. His residence was standing in 1821; and John Tufts, who was then alive, possessed a silver-headed cane,--an heirloom, descended from this early settler. He m. Mary Putnam; and d. in Malden, 1728. His children were three b. in Medford, and four in Malden; viz.,--  4-35Mary, b. Apr. 11, 1688.  36John, b. May 28, 1690.  37Nathanicl, b. Feb. 23, 1692.  38Peter, b. 1696; of Milk Row.  39Benjamin, b. 1699.  4023, 1821; m.C. F. Dennet, June 12, 1843, and d. Feb. 5, 1844.  1WYMAN, James, of Medford, was b. in Woburn, Sept. 28, 1726. His father was Joshua Wyman, by his wife Mary Pollard. Joshua was fifth son of William Wyman, by his wife Prudence Putnam; was b. Jan. 3, 1693, and d. c. 1770. William W. was second son of Francis W., of Woburn, who came here at an early date, and m., 2d, Abigail Read. William was b. 1656. His father, Francis, d. Nov. 28, 1699, aged c. 82. James Wyman, of Medfo
I.—36; IV.—25. Powder House, II.—21, 22, 23; IV.—12; III.—13, 14, 20, 22. Powder House Square, III.—13, 14. Prentice, Beulah, II.—25. Professors' Row, I.—32. Programmes of Meetings, IV.—5. Prospect Hill, I.—9. Prospect Hill, Earthworks on, I.—7. Prospect Hill School, IV.—30. Prospect Hill Skating Ground, I.—23. Prospect Street, I.—22; IV.—22. Province Magazine, IV.—12. Ptollopottomy Creek, I.—38. Publishers' Weekly, I.—8. Putnam, General, I.—7. Putnam, Mary, I.—22. Putnam, Nathaniel, I.—22. Quint, Wilson, II.—14, 15. Rafferty, John H., IV:—31. Rafferty, Patrick, IV.—31. Railroad Brigade, III.—24. Rand, Mary, I.—22. Rand, William, I.—22. Randall, Deacon, Benjamin, home of, III.—15. Rangeways, III.—10, 14. Rangeways West of Powder House, III.—14. Ranks, Christopher, I.—23. Rapidan, The, IV.—29. Rappahannock River, I.—37. Raymond Family, The. II
cond, Catherine Sumner, 23 June, 1786; and third Deborah Torrey. He belonged to the Baptist Society in Camb. N. W. Pct. 21 July, 1787, and d. (20) Aug. 1799, a. 45. Six children. See Wyman, 267. 62. Aaron, s. of Gershom (37), m. Polly or Mary Putnam, 23 Aug. 1796. Mary prob. she, d. 3 Nov. 1810, a. 37. He m. a second w., Mary Howe, and d. 25 Dec. 1822, a. 51. Had Rhoda, m. Kimball Farmer 24 June, 1818, W. Camb.; Maria, m. Luke Agur 23 Sept. 1827, W. Camb.; Gershom; Aaron Burr; Jefferson; Henry Putnam; Ira; Mary Putnam, m. Thomas R. Avery 1 Jan. 1834, W. Camb., and Ebenezer H. Allen; Amos; Lucy Augusta, m. Isaac Shattuck, 24 Jan. 1839; Rebecca Crosby, d. 7. Sept. 1822, a. 2. 63. Samuel, s. of Samuel (42), m. Nabby or Abigail Cutter, 21 Jan. 1787, dau. of Samuel Cutter (par. 13). She d. 17 Oct. 1803, a. 35. Four children; Oliver, d. here in 1873, being one of them. A child of Samuel, 4th, d. 10 Sept. 1789, a. 16 ds. See Wyman, 269. 64. Joseph, s. of Samuel (42), m. Na