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Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 15., Two Medford buildings of the Fifties. (search)
igh street. In 1869 this second house and land was sold for $I,200 to Edward Kakas, who had it converted into a dwelling-house. The cupola and the four corner turrets were removed and the exterior refinished. The entrance porch forms a bay-window, and the roof is slightly elevated at the eaves. The vertical siding was covered with clapboards, the projecting corners below the turrets removed, and the basal finish still shows the corners filled in. This building is now the residence of George H. Remele. For some years its arched cupola found a resting-place on the ledge next Hastings lane. Till very recently one (or two) of the tall turrets have stood on the hill slope in the rear of Mrs. Kakas' residence, and within a few months the writer has seen and examined the remains of one. They were octagonal, two feet in diameter, were of open construction, and each corner was of pine timber four by six inches in size. Their pagoda roofs were of heavy sheet iron, terminating in iron f
. Light Refreshments. November 19. Early Presidential Politics. Sherwin L. Cook, Esq., Roxbury. December 18. Development of Old Boston. Illustrated. Mr. Walter Kendall Watkins, Maiden. January 21. Annual Meeting. Reports, Election of Officers. Music by Trinity Church Orchestra. Light Refreshments. February 18. Leather-stocking Tales. Rev. Anson Titus, Somerville. Vocal Solos, Mrs. Annie Redding Moulton, West Medford. March 18. William Penn (with side lines). Mr. George H. Remele, West Medford. April 15. The Federal Constitution. Hon. George Wv. Fall, Malden. March, 27. Wellington, Ancient and Modern. Illustrated. Mr. Abner Barker, Medford. Soloist, Mrs. G. J. Slosser, West Medford. Pianist, Mrs. Gertrude Brierly, West Medford. Light refreshments served on this and previous occasions by the Hospitality Committee, Miss Atherton and Mesdames Googins and Mann. Mr. Brayton, of the high school, threw some (electric) light on both speakers' subjects, thu
d treasurer. George S. T. Fuller. Recording Secretary. Miss Jessie M. Dinsmore. Curator and librarian George H. Remele Directors William Leaven J. A.C. Emerson Melvin W. Pierce Standing Committees. Publication Mosers. Lester H. Williams. Miss Annie P. Danforth. Frank S. Gilkey. Percy W. Richardson. Papers and Addresses. George H. Remele. Moses W. Mann. Miss Annie E. Durgin. J. P. D. WlNGATE. Miss lily B. Atherton. Percy W. Richardson. Miss KatB. Dunham. John Albree. Charles H. Loomis. Charles M. Green. C. W. M. Blanchard. Library and collection. George H. Remele. Miss Agnes W. Lincoln. Miss Martha E. Hayes. Miss lily B. Atherton. Rosewell B. Lawrence. William Gushing Wa W. Mann. H. N. Ackerman. C. H. Loomis. Delegates to Bay State Historical League. Regular. Melvin W. Pierce. Mrs. John Googins. Miss Elizabeth R. Carty. Alternate. Miss Annie E. Durgin. George H. Remele. Miss Agnes W. Lincoln.
nce overseas in France. December 10th meeting was styled a Council Fire, and was a retrospect by members of the incidents and doings of the Society during the past two years, and some plans were formulated to be worked out. Light refreshments were served. January 21, 1919. The annual meeting was given to the reports and election of officers. The former board was reelected, with this exception: the curator and librarian, Miss Lincoln, was transferred to the vicepresidency, and Vice-President Remele was chosen to take charge of our library and collection. February 17. Rev. G. Bennett Van Buskirk of Trinity Church gave a timely and interesting talk on Three Eminent Americans—Washington, Lincoln and Roosevelt. Light refreshments were served by the Hospitality Committee. March 17 proved a cold and disagreeable day, affecting the attendance in some measure. The President read a paper of local interest, The Story of an Ancient Cow Pasture, which was supplemented by reminiscen
he Pilgrims at Provincetown. Mr. Wilson Fiske led off in a talk on the timely subject and was followed by several others, and the meeting was one of much interest. At the December meeting, special consideration, this being the Plymouth Day. Mr. Remele read historic selections, Miss Atherton told the story of Elder Brewster's life in England and Holland, and Mr. Mann read a short paper on the time and causes of the Pilgrim movement. This meeting was of much interest and more largely attended annual meeting in January was on one of the coldest evenings of the winter, and there was but a small attendance, but the reports were made, and officers elected for the ensuing year. The February meeting was An Evening with Parson Turell. Mr. Remele read selections from Brooks' History relating to him. Mr. Mann read the will of the old minister, having made copy of the same at the Probate office. At the Item—I give to little Turell Tufts. . . that my shadow may remain the portrait of Eben
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 24., Medford Historical Society. (search)
Medford Historical Society. Officers for the year 1921. President. Herbert N. Ackerman. Telephone, Mystic 1827-W. 10 Adams Street, Medford Hillside. Vice-Presidents. Rosewell B. Lawrence. George H. Remele. Miss Lily B. Atherton. Miss Agnes W. Lincoln. Recording secretary. Frederic H. Dole. Telephone Connection. Chestnut Street. Financial secretary and Treasurer. Gegrge S. T. Fuller. Telephone, Mystic 2208-W. George Street. Librarian and Curator. s W. McGill. Frank L. Mason. Thomas H. Norton. Winthrop I. Nottage. Joseph E. Ober. George W. Parsons. Joseph W. Phinney. Life Member. Priscilla C. Phinney. Melvin W. Pierce. S. U. Prescott. Life Member. Edward S. Randall. George H. Remele. Thomas C. Richards, Rev. Percy W. Richardson. Harriet J. Russell. William J. Reilly. Mary E. Reilly. Walter E. Richardson. Elisha J. Sampson. George T. Sampson. Henry E. Scott. Harriet A. C. Scott. Herbert F. Staples. Henry P. S
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 29., Medford Historical Society. (search)
Life MemberHon. Lewis H. Lovering. Frank W. Lovering. Mrs. Clara C. Lovering. Moses W. Mann. Mrs. Elizabeth J. C. Mann. Frank L. Mason. George B. Means. Mrs. Mabel W. Meloon. Joseph C. Miller, Jr. Ernest B. Moore. Mrs. Grace M. Moore. Winthrop I. Nottage. Joseph E. Ober. Miss Edith R. Orne. George W. Parsons. Life MemberJoseph W. Phinney. Mrs. Priscilla C. Phinney. Charles H. Phinney. Melvin W. Pierce. Life MemberMrs. Mary Gertrude Prescott, Lexington. George H. Remele, Palo Alto, Cal. Walter J. Rhodes. Mrs. Hannah E. Rhodes. Percy W. Richardson. Leroy H. Robbins. Henry E. Scott. Mrs. Harriet A. C. Scott. Miss Rhoda C. Slate. Miss Hila Helen Small. Herbert F. Staples. Miss Katharine H. Stone. Miss Abby E. Teel, Saugus. Life MemberLeonard Tufts, Pinehurst, N. C. Frank G. Volpe. Life MemberHon. William Cushing Wait. Harry E. Walker. Miss Mary L. Washburne. F. Irving Weston. Mrs. Cora F. Weston. Miss E. Josephine Wilcox. Mi