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The names of the men composing the company on that memorable occasion are all recorded on the muster-roll; and they were all Medford men, as follows:-- Isaac Hall, Captain; Caleb Brooks, Lieutenant; Stephen Hall, Ensign; Thomas Pritchard, Isaac Tufts, and Moses Hall, Sergeants; John Tufts, Gersham Teel, and Jonathan Greenleaf, Corporals; Timothy Hall, Drummer; William Farning, Fifer. Privates as follows: David Vinton, John Bucknam, Isaac Watson, Jonathan Lawrence, Jonathan Davis, Abel Richardson, James Tufts, jun., Samuel Tufts, 3d, Andrew Floyd, Benjamin Floyd, Andrew Blanchard, Samuel Tufts, John Francis, jun., Paul Dexter, John Smith, Abel Butterfield, Josiah Cutter, John Kemp, Eleazer Putnam, James Bucknam, jun., Aaron Crowell, Jonathan Tufts, Benjamin Peirce, Thomas Wakefield, Jonathan Teel, Aaron Blanchard, Richard Cole, William Binford, Thomas Bradshaw, Daniel Tufts, Peter Tufts, jun., Ebenezer Tufts, Isaac Cooch, Daniel Conery, Richard Paine, William Polly, Peter Conery
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as James (247). Marriages and deaths not previously recorded. Feb. 26, 1729.Elizabeth Tufts, m. John Foskit. Feb. 17, 1731.Elizabeth Tufts, m. Jonathan Hall. Feb. 17, 1732.Ebenezer Tufts, m. Rachel Whitmore. May 18, 1767.Ruth Tufts, m. Thomas Binford. Nov. 1, 1770.Lydia Tufts, m. Daniel Wiswall, of Cambridge. May 14, 1772.Hannah Tufts, m. Watts Turner. Dec. 17, 1772.Mercy Tufts, m. Isaac Greenleaf. Mar., 1774.Rebecca Tufts, m. Thomas Manning. Dec. 21, 1775.Anna Tufts, m. Abel Richardson. Mar. 26, 1776.Eunice Tufts, m. Joseph Trask, of Boston. Nov. 14, 1776.Rebecca Tufts, m. Aaron Blanchard. Aug. 21, 1777.Elizabeth Tufts, m. Daniel Swan. Nov. 3, 1777.Mary Tufts, m. Daniel Collins, of Gloucester. Nov. 20, 1777.Lucy Tufts, m. Benjamin Hall, jun. Nov. 25, 1777.Mary Tufts, m. Richard Clark, of Watertown. Feb. 5, 1778.Eleanor Tufts, m. Isaac Green, of Lexington. May 19, 1778.John Tufts, m. Elizabeth Perry, of Cambridge. May 11, 1779.Benjamin Tufts, m. Lydia Francis.
ill a lover of rum, and on December 22 came down to see Mrs. Hutchinson while under its influence. After venting her displeasure upon that good lady's earthen milk pans, much to their detriment, she continued on her devious way to the village of South Woburn (Winchester). In going over the foot-bridge that spanned the Aberjona, she fell into the water and was drowned. The same writer said, She had a little dog that always went with her; the dog commenced barking and gave the alarm. Abel Richardson (who owned the mill and lived near by) and his sons took her out of the water and carried her into his house; from there, two days after, she was buried. There was a great attendance at the funeral, the Rev. Joseph Chickering of Woburn preaching a sermon from this text, And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth. Some have thought her drowning was at the bridge on Main street, near by, instead of at what is now Pleasant street. Both were
re, answer Here! Perhaps none here tonight bear these names, but let us stand while that old Medford roll of honor is called:— Captain Isaac Hall Lieutenant Caleb Brooks Ensign Stephen Hall Sergeant Thomas Pritchard Sergeant Isaac Tufts Sergeant Moses Hall Corporal John Tufts Corporal Gershom Teel Corporal Jonathan Greenleaf Drummer Timothy Hall Fifer William Farning Privates:— David Vinton John Bucknam Isaac Watson Jonathan Laurence Jonathan Davis Abel Richardson James Tufts. Jr. Samuel Tufts, 3d Andrew Floyd Benjamin Floyd Andrew Blanchard Samuel Tufts John Francis, Jr. Paul Dexter John Smith Abel Butterfield Josiah Cutter John Kemp Eleazer Putnam James Bucknam, Jr Aaron Crowell Jonathan Tufts Benjamin Pierce Thomas Wakefield Jonathan Teel Aaron Blanchard Richard Cole William Binford Thomas Bradshaw Daniel Tufts Peter Tufts, Jr. Ebenezer Tufts Isaac Cooch Danie