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fts, m. Aaron Blanchard. Aug. 21, 1777.Elizabeth Tufts, m. Daniel Swan. Nov. 3, 1777.Mary Tufts, m. Daniel Collins, of Gloucester. Nov. 20, 1777.Lucy Tufts, m. Benjamin Hall, jun. Nov. 25, 1777.Mary Tufts, m. Richard Clark, of Watertown. Feb. 5, 1778.Eleanor Tufts, m. Isaac Green, of Lexington. May 19, 1778.John Tufts, m. Elizabeth Perry, of Cambridge. May 11, 1779.Benjamin Tufts, m. Lydia Francis. Nov. 24, 1779.Abigail Tufts, m. Joshua Symonds, jun. May 23, 1781.Sarah Tufts, m. Asa Richardson, of Billerica. Mar. 31, 1783.Abigail Tufts, m. Joseph Tufts, of Charlestown. Sept. 30, 1784.Rebecca Tufts, m. John Blanchard. Dec. 16, 1784.Esther Tufts, m. Hezekiah Blanchard, jun. Jan. 13, 1785.Jonathan Tufts, m. Deborah Bucknam. June 12, 1785.Francis Tufts, m. Hannah Greenleaf. Mar. 9, 1786.Elizabeth Tufts, m. Edmund T. Gates. Jan. 22, 1789.Nathan, jun. Tufts, m. Mary Thompson. July 27, 1790.Elizabeth Tufts, m. David Parker, of Cambridge. July 9, 1792.Joseph, jun. Tufts, m. S
, privates Corlew and Damrell reported to quarters. Private G. W. Parks returns from extended sick furlough and reported for duty. June 16. Donnelly reported to quarters. June 17. Privates Damrell, Frost and Donnelly, and Sergeant Allard reported for duty. Corp'l Shattuck and Private Corlew sent to General Hospital, Washington, D. C. June 18. Millett reported to quarters. June 19. Millett reported for duty. June 20. Privates John Knowland, John Millett, Frank A. Chase, John W. Bailey reported to quarters. June 21. Privates Knowland, Millett, Chase and Bailey reported for duty. Corp'l William H. Starkweather and Private Asa Richardson reported to quarters. June 22. Private Waldo Pierce reported to quarters. Corp'l Starkweather reported for duty. June 23. Private Waldo Pierce reported for duty. June 24. Started for Maryland Heights with Battery at 5 o'clock P. M. Camp equipage ordered to (be)? abandoned by order of Col. A. B. Jewett, comanding Brigade.
j. Vanderberg. March 22. Corp. Burnham C. Clark reported to quarters. March 23. Bugler John E. Mugford reported for duty. James Peach, M. M. Pierce and Asa Richardson reported to quarters. March 24. Jos. Sheridan sent to General Hospital, Washington. March 25. Corp'l B. C. Clark and H. B. Beals reported for duty. Artificer A. D. Bacon, W. Y. Gross and C. A. Mason reported to quarters. March 26. Asa Richardson reported to duty, L. E. Hunt reported to quarters. Charles Slack absent without leave. March 27. James Peach and A. D. Bacon reported to duty also P. T. Hill and Michael Campbell. March 28. C. A. Mason reported to duty; J. Wh Cross reported to quarters. Sergeants Geo. H. Putnam and James S. Bailey reduced to the ranks. Corp'ls A. B. Parker and C. W. Doe promoted sergeants. Private Asa Richardson promoted Corp. and C. E. Osborne promoted Lance Corporal vice Lance Corporal J. H. Knowland reduced to the ranks. One horse received from Lieut. Case.
Joseph, bap. 25 Aug. 1805; Lucy, bap. 30 Aug. 1807, d. 24 Feb. 1811, a. 4; Seth, bap. 26 Mar. 1809; Eunice Perkins, bap. 17 Nov. 1811; Hannah, bap. 10 Apr. 1814; Jason Belcnap, bap. 27 Apr. 1817. Lucy, wid. of Joseph B., d.—Feb. 1841, a. 67. See Wyman's Chas., 1058. 8. Samuel, d. 4 Jan. 1816, a. 25. Harriet, wid. of Samuel, was adm. Pct. ch. and bap. 18 Feb. 1816. He had Harriet, aet. 4, and Samuel, aet. 2, bap. 18 Feb. 1816. 9. Mrs. Rebecca, d. 7 May, 1788, a. 79. Jenny, and Asa Richardson, of Woburn, m. 11 Feb. 1779. Mary, m. Amos Winship 29 Oct. 1782. Sarah, of Woburn, m. Solomon Cutter 30 June, 1793 —Cutter (par. 29). Sally, of Charlestown, m. Amos Childs 21 Mar. 1805. Dau. of Seth (2). Eliza, of Chas. this district, m. Solomon Childs 3 Apr. 1806. Dau. (?) of Seth (2). Lucinda, and Josiah Smith, Jr., of Lexington, m. 21 May, 1818. William, of Woburn, m. Martha Symmes, of W. Camb., 16 Apr. 1828. He was s. of Daniel (5). See Book of the Lockes, p. 153. Y Yat