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Palmer. John Parcells. Thomas Park. Jackson Parker. Thomas Parrott. William Penniman. Thomas Perkins. Jesse Perry. Elijah Phipps. Samuel Phipps. John Pierce. Joseph Pierce. Samuel Pierce. Job Potamea. Edward Prentice. Henry Prentice. Henry Prentice, Jr. Jonas Prentice. Solomon Prentice. Peter Quinn. Henry Ramor. Abraham Rand. Moses Rand. Thomas Ransford. Jonathan Read. Joseph Read. Stacy Read. John Rice. Elias Richardson. Moses Richardson. George Richey. John Ridgway. Ebenezer Robbins. Ephraim Robbins. Jonathan Robbins. Gain Robinson. Silas Robinson. York Ruggles. John Runey. Joseph Russell. Patten Russell. Samuel Russell. Jacob Sanderson. William Sanger. John Savage. Richard Seaver. Joseph Shaw. John Sherrin. Ebenezer Simonds. James Simson. John Smith. Blake Sparhawk. Noah Sparhawk. Convers Spring. Jonathan Stanley. Joseph S
omas, late of Charlestown—had Jacob, b. 30 Mar., bap. here 5 Apr. 1778. Elizabeth, and Richard Loring, both of Camb., m. 9 Nov. 1780—fee a silver dollar. Rebecca, and Jabez Frothingham, of Camb., m. 27 Sept. 1781. Mary, of Charlestown, m. Elias Richardson, of Camb., 15 May, 1788. Benjamin, of Chas., m. Rebecca Cutter, of W. Camb., 5 Feb. 1817. See Cutter (par. 44); Paige, 583; Wyman, 787, 790, 791, 792. Ray, Edwin C., of Camb., m. Harriet W. Prentiss, of W. Camb. 19 July, 1837. The l. 1817. Sophia R., and Thomas T. Wellman, both of Lynnfield, m. 21 Dec. 1837. Reeves, Mr., had Hannah, d. 20 Jan. 1838, a. 5 yrs. Charles Reeves, a file cutter, of W. Camb., was a party with Welch & Griffiths in a leasehold deed in 1832. Richardson, Zebadiah, of Woburn, m. Esther Swan, of Camb., 19 Apr. 1759. See Wyman, 814. Sarah, m. Jonathan Winship, 4 May, 1769. Mary, m. William Russell, 16 Jan. 1772. Edward, of Concord, m. Anne Wilton, 16 May, 1771. See Paige, 640. Asa, and Jenny