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jutant-General; Capt. W. T. Hoblitzell, Aid-de-Camp; Lieut. S. W. Davies, Aid-de-Camp; Lieut. S. M. Hosea, Aid-de Camp; Major Caleb Bates, volunteer Aid-de-Camp; Captain N. H. Fisher, volunteer Aid-de-Camp; Captain James P. Collier, volunteer Aid-de-Camp, I return my thanks for their conspicuous gallantry and intelligence on the field of battle. Lieut.-Colonel Bomford was wounded twice, while posting a regiment in line. My orderlies, privates Isaac Bailey, Second Indiana cavalry; George Richardson, Thirty-fourth Illinois infantry; Avery Graham, Thirty-fourth Illinois infantry; Henry Kline, First Ohio battery; George P. Jenniss, Thirty-fourth Illinois infantry; Wm. Edwards, Second Indiana cavalry, and Henry Knowles, Second Indiana cavalry, behaved with coolness and bravery on the field, and are recommended to their superiors for promotion. To Surgeon George D. Beebe, Medical Director of my corps, my thanks are due for his good conduct on the field, and the kind care he has tak
Rev. James K. Ewer , Company 3, Third Mass. Cav., Roster of the Third Massachusetts Cavalry Regiment in the war for the Union, Company D. (search)
b. 24, 1864. M. O. Sept. 28, 1865. Arthur H. Kneeland, Bugler, Georgetown, 18. s; shoemaker. Dec. 12, 1863. M. O. Sept. 28, 1865. Winfield S. Sumonds, Bugler, Roxbury, 21, s; clerk. Aug. 18, 1862. Disch. disa. Feb. 23, 1863. Sub serv. in Navy. George E. Hutchings, Drummer, Boston, 18. s; clerk. Aug. 14, 1862. Deserted while on furlough, Boston, Oct. 30, 1864. Jonathan R. Clark, Blacksmith, South Braintree, 39, m; blacksmith, Dec. 31, 1863. M. O. Sept. 28, 1865. George Richardson, Wagoner, Boston, 30, m; blacksmith. Aug. 17, 1862. Disch. disa. Sept. 20, 1863. Benjamin Bailey, Cook, en. Port Hudson, La. 40, Sept. 3, 1863. Deserted July 27, 1865, Fort Leavenworth, Kan. Thomas Cammil, Cook, en. Port Hudson, La. 29. May 29, 1863. Disch. July 27, 1865. Isaiah Dixon, Cook, en. Port Hudson, La., 20. Sept. 3, 1863. Died July 8, 1864. Nathan Parker, Cook, en. Port Hudson, La. 35. Sept. 3, 1863. Deserted New Orleans, La. Joseph Semmes, Cook, en. Port
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 9., Female Union temperance Society. (search)
Vice-Presidents. 1846-8.Mrs. George Fuller. 1849-51.Mrs. Henry Withington. 1852.Mrs. Ebenezer Waterman. 1853.Mrs. Henry Withington. 1854-5.Mrs. Samuel Joyce. 1856-8.Mrs. James O. Curtis. 1859-1865.Mrs. Timothy Cotting. 1866-1873.Mrs. George Richardson. 1874-84.Mrs. Albert C. Rogers. 1885-95.Mrs. George Richardson. Secretaries. 1846.Mrs. James O. Curtis. 1847.Miss Mary R. Bishop, Miss Ann E. Perkins. 1848.Miss C. M. Blake. 1849.Mrs. Ebenezer Waterman. 1850.Mrs. Silas F. Wild.Mrs. George Richardson. Secretaries. 1846.Mrs. James O. Curtis. 1847.Miss Mary R. Bishop, Miss Ann E. Perkins. 1848.Miss C. M. Blake. 1849.Mrs. Ebenezer Waterman. 1850.Mrs. Silas F. Wild. 1851.Miss Susan E. Withington. 1852-3.Miss Ann E. Perkins. 1854.Mrs. B. T. Clark. 1855.Mrs. B. T. Clark. Mrs. Geo. T. Goodwin, pro tem. 1856-1875.Mrs. John Brown. 1876-1895.Mrs. William H. Burrell. Treasurers. 1846.Mrs. Milton Fuller. 1847-50.Mrs. Timothy Cotting. 1851.Mrs. Caroline Chase. 1852-3.Mrs. Timothy Cotting. 1854-1898.Mrs. Ira Barker.
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 9., Record of the family of James Tufts. (search)
Record of the family of James Tufts. James Tufts his Bible September [torn] Price 2-10-0 [From Bible owned by Mrs. Susan (Richardson) Brooks.] Lydia Tufts born febrery 24 1724 James Tufts born January 15 1726 Gershom Tufts born July 2 1728 ruth Tufts born december 19 1730 elisebeh Tufts born January 17 1733 hannah Tufts born May 2 1735 ebenezer Tufts born March 18 1737 [Loose Bible leaf] 1774 September [ ] Rev. Mr. David Osgood ordained Hannah Tufts her Bibble Bought in the year 1769 Aug [ ] My Broather Ionathan Hall Died Decm 25th 1753 My wife Died Decm 28th 1753 My mother Hall Died Iany 1th 1754 My Father Hall Died Iany 12th 1754 My Dafter Elizabeth Teel Died Sept 27 1754 My wife died October 25 1766 My Father lames Tufts Died Iune 11-1769 Age 67 Lyda Tufts her Bjble September 16 1735 Price 2-10-0 Jonathan Tufts born february 25 1739 ruth Tufts born June 18 1742 Jsaac Tufts born november 10 1744 April 14 1757 Samll Tufts
Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.a Patriot of Halifax, Va. South Boston, Va., May 22, 1861. I met yesterday with Mr. Childress, the overseer of Mr. George Richardson. He told me that he had joined Mr. W. Ballard Bruce's company of volunteers. He said he went to his employer, (a large farmer,) who has been confined to his bed of sickness for a long time, and told him what he had done; and Mr. R. told him "he was glad to hear it; to go and fight for his country; that his wages should continue the same for the balance of the year; that the same finding would be given his wife as if he were still attending his business in person, and if he lived to return, he could get his business again." Can such a people be subjugated? Never! never! May God restore the health of Mr. R, and allow him to live to see our armies victorious, the liberty of the South achieved, and to enjoy peace and happiness in this our now distracted country. E. B. J.
sing result to leave so many helpless families at home by the call of the regiment, when it is well known that this county has furnished its full 10 per cent. quota of its entire population. Richmond and other counties adjacent have obtained its volunteers and has been credited accordingly, and unless this credit be given to Hanover, where it properly belongs, the drafts on this county will be larger than others. During this week Rev. Mr. Harrison's company at the Old Church has been organized. Yesterday, Professor Coleman's company (the Morris Artillery,) had nearly 100 on its muster roll, and another company is being raised by Mr. Meredith (son of Judge Meredith) and Major Pichegrue Woolfolk, and when mustered in, the 10 per cent. quota required of the county will be complete. Colonel Wm. Winn was elected in the place of Colonel George Richardson, now in the Confederate service. At present there are four dragoon companies drilling and preparing for efficient service. C. R. C.
The Daily Dispatch: January 24, 1862., [Electronic resource], "Sawery" Bennett's opinion of old Abe. (search)
d, Robinson, Sherrard, Small, Tate, Thomas, Vaden, Vermillien, Walker, Ward, West, Williams, James L. Wilson, Wooten, Worsham, Wynne — Total 39. For Mr. Rives.--Messrs. F. T. Anderson, Barbour, J. J. Coleman, Ewing, Harrison, Noland, Reid, Richardson, Vaden, Walker, Williams — total 11. For Mr. Floyd--Messrs. Bayse, Clarke, Dunn, Ewing, Grattan, Richardson, Shannon — Total 7. For Mr. Daniel--Messrs. Gilmer and Nelson. For Mr. Wise--Mr. Speaker. For Mr. Mason--Mr. James. Richardson, Shannon — Total 7. For Mr. Daniel--Messrs. Gilmer and Nelson. For Mr. Wise--Mr. Speaker. For Mr. Mason--Mr. James. For Mr. Barbour--Mr. Carpenter. Recapitulation. R. M. T. Hunter, 105; Wm. Ballard Preston, 67; Charles W. Russell, 39; William C. Rives, 11; John B. Floyd, 7; William Daniel, Jr., 2; James M. Mason, Henry A. Wise and James Barbour, 1 each. The result being announced, the Speaker appointed a committee to confer with a committee on the part of the Senate and compare the vote of both Houses. When the committee returned it reported the following as the result of the vote on j
d we will enumerate the following officers: Col. A M Scales and Adjutant H A Walker; Lieut Jas N Williamson, company A; Lieut S R Thornton, company C; Capt H A Rogers, company D; Lieut J D Boson, company E, Capt J A Fuqua, company G; Capt R H Ward, company I; Capt H L Guerrant, company, K. Richmond Howitzers This gallant company were in the thickest of the fight near Fredericksburg. Among the casualties we have only heard of the following: Killed — Thomas Barksdale. Wounded — George Richardson and — Royall. First Maryland Artillery This corps, commanded by Capt. Dement, defended an important position on the right of Marye's hill on Sunday morning, and did such service as to elicit the especial notice and commendation of Gen. Early. The following is a list of its casualties. Killed--Private William Roby, of Charles county; N. Pollett, of Somerset county; Dr. P. Duvall, of Anue Arundel county. Wounded--1st Lieut Join Gale, of Somerset county, severely; Serg<