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Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 3., A hot day on Marye's Heights. (search)
he extreme right of the line next to the Telegraph road; two 12-pounder Napoleon guns of the 3d Company, under Captain Miller and Lieutenant McElroy, in the center; two 3-inch rifle-guns of the 1st Company, under Captain Squires and Lieutenant Brown, on the left, next to a little brick-house and in front of the Welford graveyard, and one 10-pounder Parrott rifle, under Lieutenant Galbraith, of the 1st Company, next to the Plank road leading into Fredericksburg. The 2d Company, under Captain Richardson, with four Napoleon guns, moved on across the Telegraph road to the right, and reported as ordered to General Pickett for service with his troops. Without delay the men made the redoubts as snug as possible, and finding the epaulements not to their liking, went to work with pick and shovel throwing the dirt a little higher, and fashioning embrasures to fire through. The engineers objected, and said they were ruining the works, but the cannoneers said, We have to fight here, not you;
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 3., The opposing forces at Fredericksburg, Va. (search)
m, 89 == 500. Second Brigade, Col. Jacob B. Sweitzer: 9th Mass., Col. Patrick R. Guiney; 32d Mass., Col. Francis J. Parker; 4th Mich., Lieut.-Col. George W. Lumbard; 14th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Thomas M. Davies; 62d Pa., Lieut.-Col. James C. Hull. Brigade loss, k, 23; w, 193; m, 6 == 222. Third Brigade, Col. T. B. W. Stockton: 20th Me., Col. Adelbert Ames; Brady's Co. Mich. Sharp-shooters, Lieut. Jonas H. Titus, Jr.; 16th Mich., Lieut.-Col. Norval E. Welch; 12th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Robert M.. Richardson; 17th N. Y., Capt. John Vickers; 44th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Freeman Conner (w), Maj. Edward B. Knox; 83d Pa., Col. Strong Vincent. Brigade loss:: k, 18; w, 158; m, 25 == 201. Artillery: 3d Mass., Capt. Augustus P. Martin; 5th Mass., Capt. Charles A. Phillips; C, 1st R. I., Capt. Richard Waterman; D, 5th U. S., Lieut. Charles E. Hazlett. Artillery loss: k, 2; w, 1 == 3. Sharp-shooters: 1st U. S., Lieut.-Col. Casper Trepp. Second division, Brig.-Gen. George Sykes. First Brigade, Lieut.-Co
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 3., The opposing forces at Chickasaw bluffs (or First Vicksburg), Miss.: December 27th, 1862--January 3d, 1863. (search)
enn.,---; 30th Tenn., Col. James J. Turner; 41st Tenn.,---; 50th Tenn.,---; 51st Tenn.,---. Brigade loss: k, 1; w, 3==4. Tracy's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. E. D. Tracy: 20th Ala.,---; 23d Ala., Col. F. K. Beck; 30th Ala.,---; 31st Ala.,---. Provisional division, Brig.-Gen. Stephen D. Lee, Major-Gen. Dabney H. Maury. Brigade Commanders (Provisional): Colonels William T. Withers and Allen Thomas. Troops: 37th Ala.,---; 40th Ala.. Col. A. A. Coleman; 1st La., Col. S. R. Harrison; 17th La., Col. Robert Richardson; 22d La., Col. Edward Higgins; 26th La., Col. Winchester Hall; 28th La., Lieut.-Col. J. O. Landry; 31st La., Col. C. H. Morrison; 3d Miss.,---; 3d Battalion Miss. State Troops,---; 4th Miss., Col. Pierre S. Layton; 30th Miss.,---; 35th Miss.,---; 46th Miss., Lieut.-Col. W. K. Easterling; Miss. Battery, Capt. Robert Bowman; Miss. Battery, Capt. J. L. Wofford; Miss. Battery (section), Lieut. Frank Johnston; Miss. Battery, Capt. N. J. Drew, Lieut. W. J. Duncan; 2d Tex., Lieut.-Col. W. C
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 3., The defense of Vicksburg. (search)
The defense of Vicksburg. by S. H. Lockett, C. S. A., chief engineer of the defenses. The occupation of Vicksburg was the immediate result of the fall of New Orleans on the 25th of April, 1862. The first troops to go to Vicksburg were from Camp Moore, a rendezvous of the forces which had recently evacuated New Orleans. They were Allen's 4th Louisiana and Thomas's 28th Louisiana. These regiments were soon followed by Marks's 27th Louisiana, De Clouet's 26th Louisiana, Richardson's 17th Louisiana, Morrison's 30th Louisiana, all infantry; and Beltzhoover's Louisiana regiment of artillery, and Ogden's Louisiana battalion of artillery. After these came Mellon's regiment and Balfour's battalion of Mississippi troops. The staff-officers were Major Devereux, Assistant Adjutant-General; Major Girault, Inspector-General; Lieutenant-Colonel Jay, Chief of Artillery; Captain McDonald, Chief of Ordnance, and Lieutenants Harrod and Frost, Aides-de-camp. These troops and officers constitu
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 3., Confederate forces: Lieut.-General John C. Pemberton. (search)
Lieut.-Col. Thomas C. Lanier; 1st Miss. Light Art'y (Batteries A, C, D, E, G, and I), Col. William T. Withers; 35th Miss., Col. William S. Barry, Lieut.-Col. C. R. Jordan; 40th Miss., Col. W. B. Colbert; 2d Tex., Col. Ashbel Smith; Ala. Battery, Capt. H. H. Sengstak; La. Battery (Pointe Coupee Art'y), Capt. William A. Davidson. Brigade loss: Vicksburg (siege), k, 121; w, 304 = 425. Smith's division, Maj.-Gen. Martin L. Smith. First Brigade, Brig.-Gen. W. E. Baldwin: 17th La., Col. Robert Richardson; 31st La., Col. S. H. Griffin (k), Lieut.-Col. James W. Draughon; 4th Miss., Lieut.-Col. T. W. Adaire (w), Capt. Thomas P. Nelson; 46th Miss., Col. C. W. Sears; Tenn. Battery, Capt. Thomas F. Tobin. Brigade loss: Port Gibson, k, 12; w, 48; m, 27 = 87. Vaughn's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. J. C. Vaughn: 60th Tenn., Capt. J. W. Bachman; 61st Tenn., Lieut.-Col. James G. Rose; 62d Tenn., Col. John A. Rowan. Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Francis A. Shoup: 26th La., Col. Winchester Hall (w), Lieut.-Co
vote in the Senate on the adoption of the league: Yeas.--Messrs. Allen, Horn, Hunter, Johnson, Lane, Minnis, McClellan, McNeilly, Payne, Peters, Stanton, Thompson, Wood, and Speaker Stovall. Nays.--Messrs. Boyd, Bradford, Hildreth, Nash, Richardson, and Stokes. Absent and not voting--Messrs. Bumpass, Mickley, Newman, Stokely, and Trimble. The following is the vote in the House: Yeas.--Messrs. Baker of Perry, Baker of Weakley, Bayless, Bicknell, Bledsoe, Cheatham, Cowden, Davidson, Davis, Dudley, Ewing, Farley, Farrelly, Ford, Frazie, Gantt, Guy, Havron, Hart, Ingram, Jones, Kenner, Kennedy, Lea, Lockhart, Martin, Mayfield, McCabe, Morphies, Nail, Hickett, Porter, Richardson, Roberts, Shield, Smith, Sewel, Trevitt, Vaughn, Whitmore, Woods, and Speaker Whitthorne. Nays.--Messrs. Armstrong, Brazelton, Butler, Caldwell, Gorman, Greene, Morris, Norman, Russell, Senter, Strewsbury, White of Davidson, Williams of Knox, Wisener, and Woodard. Absent and not voting--Messrs.
ble, Of Missouri. Wm. A. Hall, Of Missouri. J. B. Henderson, Of Missouri. Wm. G. Pomeroy, Of Missouri. R. K. Williams, Archibald Dixon, F. M. Bristow, Joshua F. Bell, C. A. Wickliffe, G. W. Dunlap, J. F. Robinson, Jno. B. Huston, Robert Richardson, John Caldwell, of Tennessee. To the people of Kentucky. Having been elected by you as your delegates to A Convention of the Border Slave States and such other slave States as have not passed ordinances of secession, with power chibald Dixon, F. M. Bristow, Joshua F. Bell, C. A. Wickliffe, G. W. Dunlap, C. S. Morehead, I have signed the foregoing address, because I approve of the policy therein indicated, of refusing to furnish troops to the General Government to prosecute the civil war now going on, and the policy of neutrality, without considering myself committed to all that is said upon other matters. C. S. Morehead. J. F. Robinson, John B. Huston, Robt. Richardson. --Louisville Courier, June 8.
ared to defend the approaches to it. Meanwhile, a shot from the iron howitzer on the McDowell announced to us that Capt. Voester, with his artillery men, and Capt. Richardson's company of infantry, who were left in charge of the boats, were commencing operations on the battery over a mile below Camp Vest. This but increased the pth, but the bulk kept on westwardly. A good many persons were taken at the different points of battle, but it is believed the enemy secured none of ours. Capt. Richardson had landed below, and, with the support of the howitzer from the steamer McDowell, captured their battery, consisting of two 6-pounders, (with which they ints of Col. Blair's regiment, though actively engaged in the skirmishing, had none of their men killed or wounded: Companies A, Capt. Fusch; C, Capt. Stone; D, Capt. Richardson; E, Capt. Cole; F, Capt. Gratz; G, Capt. Cavender; K, Capt. Burke. Company B, Capt. Maurice, has one wounded and one missing; Company H, Capt. Yates, has one
Col. S. F. MarksAug. 9, 1861.  12thLouisianaRegimentInfantryCol. Thos. M. ScottAug. 9, 1861.Promoted Brigadier-General. 13thLouisianaRegimentInfantryCol. R. L. GibsonSept. 16, 1861.Promoted Brigadier-General. 14thLouisianaRegimentInfantryCol. Z. YorkAug. 15, 1862.Promoted Brigadier-General. Col. R. W. Jones   15thLouisianaRegimentInfantryCol. Edmund PendletonOct. 14, 1862.  16thLouisianaRegimentInfantryCol. Daniel GoberMay 8, 1862.  Col. P. Pond   17thLouisianaRegimentInfantryCol. Robt. RichardsonMay 23, 1862.  Col. S. S. Heard   18thLouisianaRegimentInfantryCol. L. L. ArmantSept. 26, 1862.  Col. A. Mouton Promoted Brigadier-General. 19thLouisianaRegimentInfantryCol. W. P. WinansJuly 17, 1862.  Col. B. L. Hodge   20thLouisianaRegimentInfantryCol. Leon Van ZinkenJuly 7, 1862.  Col. Aug. Richard   21stLouisianaRegimentInfantryCol. Isaac W. PattonMay 15, 1862.  Col. M. L. Smith   Col. Edward Higgins   22dLouisianaRegimentInfantryCol. Charles H. HerrickM
Col. J. Stoddard Johnston, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 9.1, Kentucky (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), Chapter 2: (search)
ention, when the ticket composed of Union men of prominence was elected without opposition, the Southern sympathizers then having confidence in the sincerity of their opponents and believing that they could be more efficient in securing favorable action. The members elected were as follows: John J. Crittenden, James Guthrie, R. K. Williams, Archie Dixon, Francis M. Bristow, Joshua F. Bell, Charles A. Wickliffe, Geo. W. Dunlap, Charles S. Morehead, James F. Robinson, John B. Huston and Robert Richardson. The convention assembled at Frankfort May 27th, and continued in session until June 3d. Besides the delegates from Kentucky there were four from Missouri, H. A. Gamble, W. A. Hall, John B. Henderson and W. G. Pomeroy; and one from Tennessee. It resulted in an address to the people of the United States and also to the people of Kentucky, in which while the sectional troubles were deplored, and a strong plea made for the preservation of the Union, the refusal of Governor Magoffin to
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