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sustained the greatest loss in battle, during the American Civil War, was the Fifth New Hampshire Infantry. This statement does not include the Heavy Artillery, which, owing to their larger form of organization, will be considered separately from the ordinary regiments of the line. It lost 295 men, killed or mortally wounded in action, during its four years of service, from 1861 to 1865. It served in the First Division, Second Corps. This division was commanded, successively, by Generals Richardson, Hancock, Caldwell, Barlow, and Miles; and any regiment that followed the fortunes of these men was sure to find plenty of bloody work cut out for it. The losses of the Fifth New Hampshire occurred entirely in aggressive, hard, stand — up fighting; none of it happened in routs or through blunders. Its loss includes eighteen officers killed, a number far in excess of the usual proportion, and indicates that the men were bravely led. Its percentage of killed is also very large, especia
th Pennsylvania Manassas Includes 22 killed at Thoroughfare Gap. Ricketts's First 72 59th New York Antietam Sedgwick's Second 71 69th New York Antietam Richardson's Second 71 11th Penn. Reserves Gaines' Mill McCall's Fifth 71 23d Pennsylvania Cold Harbor Russell's Sixth 71 75th Illinois Chaplin Hills Mitchell's -mpshire Opequon Grover's Nineteenth 59 6th New Jersey Williamsburg Hooker's Third 59 111th New York Wilderness Barlow's Second 59 63d New York Antietam Richardson's Second 59 76th Pennsylvania Fort Wagner Assault of July 11, 1864--not the main assault. Seymour's Tenth 59 83d Pennsylvania This regiment appears York This regiment appears again in this same list. Fredericksburg Gibbon's First 51 26th New York Antietam Ricketts's First 50 64th New York Fair Oaks Richardson's Second 50 83d Pennsylvania Malvern Hill Morell's Fifth 50 12th Missouri Vicksburg (May 22) Steele's Fifteenth 50 2d Minnesota Chickamauga Brannan's F
Getty's 384 39 10+ 49th New York Spotsylvania Getty's 284 52 18+ 57th New York Antietam Richardson's 309 53 10+ 57th New York Fredericksburg Hancock's 192 20 10+ 59th New York Antietam Sedgwick's 381 71 18+ 61st New York Fair Oaks Richardson's 435 44 10+ 63d New York Antietam Richardson's 341 59 17+ 64th New York Gettysburg Caldwell's 205 31 15+ 66th New York FredericksburRichardson's 341 59 17+ 64th New York Gettysburg Caldwell's 205 31 15+ 66th New York Fredericksburg Hancock's 238 24 10+ 67th New York Wilderness Wright's 270 28 10+ 69th New York Antietam Richardson's 317 71 22+ 69th New York Fredericksburg Hancock's 238 34 14+ 70th New York WilliamsbRichardson's 317 71 22+ 69th New York Fredericksburg Hancock's 238 34 14+ 70th New York Williamsburg Hooker's 700 97 13+ 71st New York Manassas Hooker's 250 37 14+ 73d New York Manassas Hooker's 107 17 15+ 76th New York Gettysburg Wadsworth's 374 48 12+ 80th New York Gettysburg Doublebbon's 305 65 21+ 83d New York Fredericksburg Gibbon's 292 35 11+ 88th New York Antietam Richardson's 302 38 12+ 88th New York Fredericksburg Hancock's 252 38 14+ 93d New York Wilderness B
eral James B. McPherson, Army of Tennessee, Killed at Atlanta. Corps commanders. Major-General Joseph K. Mansfield, 12th A. C., Killed at Antietam. Major-General John F. Reynolds, 1st A. C., Killed at Gettysburg. Major-General John Sedgwick, 6th A. C., Killed at Spotsylvania. Division commanders. Major-General Isaac I. Stevens Killed at Chantilly. Major-General Philip Kearny Killed at Chantilly. Major-General Jesse L. Reno Killed at South Mountain. Major-General Israel B. Richardson Mortally wounded. Killed at Antietam. Major-General Amiel W. Whipple Mortally wounded. Killed at Chancellorsville. Major-General Hiram G. Berry Killed at Chancellorsville. Brevet Major-General James S. Wadsworth Killed at Wilderness. Brevet Major-General David A. Russell Killed at Opequon. Brigadier-General William H. Wallace Mortally wounded. Killed at Shiloh. Brigadier-General Thomas Williams Killed at Baton Rouge. Brigadier-General James S. Jack
organized under General Orders No. 101, March 13, 1862, which assigned General Edwin V. Sumner to its command, and Generals Richardson, Sedgwick, and Blenker to the command of its divisions. Within three weeks of its organization thle corps moved will-planned advance on the Dunker church, an affair which was under Sumner's personal direction. The Irish Brigade, of Richardson's (First) Division, also sustained a terrible loss in its fight at the Bloody Lane but, at the same time, inflicted a greater one on the enemy. General Richardson was killed, in this battle, and General Sedgwick received three wounds. The next battle was at Fredericksburg. In the meantime Sumner had been promoted to the command of a Grand Division--Second and Niuch, a division commander of the Fourth Corps, was appointed to his place. General Hancock succeeded to the command of Richardson's (1st) Division, and General Howard took Sedgwick's place, the latter being absent on account of wounds. The loss of
Division was the Fifth New York, or Duryee Zouaves--General Warren's old regiment. Hancock's Division. But the hardest fighting and greatest loss of life occurred in the First Division of the Second Corps,--Hancock's old division — in which more men were killed and wounded than in any other division in the Union Army, east or west. Its losses aggregated 2,287 killed, 11,724 wounded, Including the mortally wounded. and 4,833 missing; total, 18,844. This division was the one which Richardson — its first commander — led on the Peninsula, and at whose head he fell at Antietam; the one which, made the bloody assault on Marye's Heights; which, under Caldwell, fought so well in the Gettysburg wheat-field; which, under Barlow, surged over the enemy's works at Spotsylvania; and which, under Miles, was in at the death in 1865. Within its ranks were the Irish Brigade, and crack regiments like the Fifth New Hampshire, the One Hundred and Fortieth Pennsylvania, and the Sixty-fourth New <
1861, and left the State on June 15th. It was placed in Richardson's Brigade, Tyler's Division, in which command it fought Corps. This division was commanded successively by Generals Richardson (killed at Antietam), Hancock, Caldwell, Barlow and nsula with General McClellan's Army. It served there in Richardson's Division — afterwards Hancock's — remaining in that dif the Irish soldier. At Antietam this regiment, then in Richardson's Division, fought at the Bloody Lane, where eight of iteninsula, having been assigned to French's (3d) Brigade, Richardson's (1st) Division, Second Corps, remaining in that famous amounting to 13 killed, 64 wounded, and 17 missing. General Richardson was killed at Antietam, and General Hancock succeedethe field, March, 1862,--then in Howard's (1st) Brigade, Richardson's (1st) Division, Sumner's (2d) Corps. Colonel Miller wigade — Willcox's Division--Ninth Corps. (1) Col. Israel B. Richardson, W. P.; Major-Gen., U. S. V. (Killed). (2) Col
ne 1, 1862.             61st Pennsylvania Couch's Fourth 68 152 43 263 5th New Hampshire Richardson's Second 26 147 7 180 64th New York Richardson's Second 30 143 -- 173 67th New York CoucRichardson's Second 30 143 -- 173 67th New York Couch's Fourth 27 135 8 170 3d Michigan Kearny's Third 30 124 15 169 105th Pennsylvania Kearny's Third 41 112 8 161 104th Pennsylvania Casey's Fourth 28 111 67 206 5th Michigan Kearny's Third 's Third 22 121 87 230 1st Penn. Reserves McCall's Fifth 20 103 37 160 81st Pennsylvania Richardson's Second 23 107 5 135 5th Penn. Reserves McCall's Fifth 18 103 50 171 9th Penn. Reservesdgwick's Second 38 163 36 237 59th New York Sedgwick's Second 48 153 23 224 63d New York Richardson's Second 35 165 2 202 27th Indiana Williams's Twelfth 18 191 -- 209 3d Wisconsin Williams's Twelfth 27 173 -- 200 69th New York Richardson's Second 44 152 -- 196 4th New York French's Second 44 142 1 187 16th Connecticut Rodman's Ninth 42 143 -- 185 14th Indiana French's Seco<