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t. William Penniman. Thomas Perkins. Jesse Perry. Elijah Phipps. Samuel Phipps. John Pierce. Joseph Pierce. Samuel Pierce. Job Potamea. Edward Prentice. Henry Prentice. Henry Prentice, Jr. Jonas Prentice. Solomon Prentice. Peter Quinn. Henry Ramor. Abraham Rand. Moses Rand. Thomas Ransford. Jonathan Read. Joseph Read. Stacy Read. John Rice. Elias Richardson. Moses Richardson. George Richey. John Ridgway. Ebenezer Robbins. Ephraim Robbins. Jonathan Robbins. Gain Robinson. Silas Robinson. York Ruggles. John Runey. Joseph Russell. Patten Russell. Samuel Russell. Jacob Sanderson. William Sanger. John Savage. Richard Seaver. Joseph Shaw. John Sherrin. Ebenezer Simonds. James Simson. John Smith. Blake Sparhawk. Noah Sparhawk. Convers Spring. Jonathan Stanley. Joseph Stanley. Jotham Staple. John Stearns. Robert Steward . Samuel Stim
e Swan1 Lieut. Stephen Frost1 Stephen Cutter1 John Adams1 William Cutter1 Jeduthun Wellington1 Moses Hovey1 Benjamin Cooper1 Jonathan Robbins1 Seth Stone1 Capt. Samuel Carter1 Josiah Hall1 Thomas Adams, Jr.1 John Cutter, 3d1 Thomas Cutter1 Jonathan Perry1 John Locke1 Josiah Wilson1 James Frost1 John Stone1 Jonathan Locke1 John Cutter, Jr.1 Caleb Hovey1 Francis Locke, Jr.1 Ephraim Cooke1 Ammi Cutter1 William Adams, Jr1 James Locke1 Stephen Locke1 John Perry1 Ebenezer Robbins1 Joseph Shaw1 —— Black, 1122 Number of inhabitants on the South side of Charles River. Eliphalet Robbins5 Josiah Warren6 Seth Brown3 Caleb Child5 Coolidge Wood4 Benjamin Bake6 Widow Capen6 John Ellis3 Thaddeus Wyman4 Nehemiah Fuller5 Henry Coolidge2 Widow Hood2 Edward Jackson8 Widow Smith1 Lois Brown .2 John Wyman6 Jonathan Fessenden9 Nathaniel Sparhawk7 John Dennie, whites6 blacks, 2 James Bryant7 William Fuller7 Abijah Learned4 Samuel Learned5 Eli
l Locke, Sergt.; William Cutter, Sergt.; Jonathan Davis, ditto; Thomas Cutter, ditto; Abraham Locke, Corporal; John Locke, ditto; Jonathan Perry, ditto; Thomas Cutter, Private, John Winship, Edward Wilson, Abraham Hill, John Hill, Daniel Cutter, John Cutter, Jr., Ephraim Frost, Jr., Samuel Frost, Jr., Aaron Swan, William Hill, Joshua Kendall, William Butterfield, Jonathan Robbins, Samuel Whittemore, 3d, George Swan, Daniel Paine, Amos Warren, Ammi Cutter, Jr., James Perry, Joseph Locke, Ebenezer Robbins, Levi Flint, Stephen Cutter, James Frost, Jeduthun Wellington, Isaac Warren, Miles Greenwood, Joseph Russell, William Winship, Jr., Gershom Cutter, 3d, James Locke, Stephen Robbins, Jr., Nathaniel Williams, John Fowle, Joseph Shaw, David Lamson, Samuel Swan, Josiah Hall. The term of service was probably five days. Mr. Cooke preached before the Convention of Congregational Minis. ters, 1776.—Am. Quar. Register, for 1839. 1777 Feb. 6, 1777, it was voted that the training band vo
ussell has furnished some valuable additions to this work. Mrs. Anna, wid. of John, m. Abner Stearns, 7 Aug. 1808. John Estabrook was a Pet. assessor in 1801. 4. Nehemiah, of Lexington, prob. Nehemiah (1), m. Elizabeth Hall, of W. Camb., 29 Sept. 1811. Elizabeth, prob. she, d. 12 Dec. 1822, a. 58. Endor m. Lydia Adams, 27 Aug. 1818; he d. here 23 Mar. 1835, a. 40. Eliakim—died in Lincoln 13 Apr. 1835, a. 70 about—Damon. M. A., from Lexington, d. 5 Dec. 1842, a. 28. Sa-Rah, m. Ebenezer Robbins, 8 June, 1775. Martha, of Lexington, m. Edward Waldron, Jr., of Sterling, 23 Sept. 1794. Elizabeth d. 4 May, 1809, a. 69. The name is occasionally Estabrooks. Everett, Peggy, and John Norcross, m. 8 Aug. 1799. Wil-Liam, of Bedford, and Anna C. Dickson of Camb., m. 31 July, 1823. F Faloon, Daniel, and Mrs. Hannah Lincoln, m. 3 Nov. 1837. Farmer, Nathaniel, and Hannah Fessenden, both of Lexington, m. 28 May, 1755. Life m. Elizabeth A. Locke, 1 Nov. 1835; their s. Kimball,