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Ireland1 Hunt & Flagg3 Hubbard Russell1 Stephen Sewali1 Rev. Mr. Wiggles worth1 George Douglass1 Ye President [Langdon]1 Person Smith1 ——Bates1 James Frost2 Joseph Read1 Joseph Eares1 Benjamin Bird1 John Baverick1 Philemon Hastings1 Ebenezer Fessenden1 Nathaniel Chadwick1 —— Blacks, 9.155 As far as Menotomy Bridge. Deac. Thomas Hall1 Capt. Ephraim Frost2 Joseph Wellington1 William Bowman1 James Perry1 Ebenezer Prentice1 Ebenezer Prentice, Jr.1 Stephen Robbins3 Thomas Williams2 Philip Bemis1 Aaron Williams1 Benjamin Locke1 Samuel Locke1 Francis Locke1 Gregory Hill1 Gershom Cutter1 Ger shorn Cutter, Jr.2 Aaron Swan1 Nathaniel Swan 1 Solomon Bowman1 Samuel Russell2 William Cutler1 Nehemiah Cutter 2 William Winship2 Israel Blackington1 Deac. Joseph Adams1 John Cutter2 Ammi Cutter2 Thomas Russell 1 Ebenezer Swan2 Capt. William Adams1 Lieut. Daniel Brown1 William Whittemore1 Samuel Cutter2 Capt. Thomas Adams1 Edwar
uly, 1851, aged 63 —gravestones Arlington. Father of Adjutant-General William Schouler and of John Schouler, selectman 1844-46, 1853, 1874-77, representative, 1856. land in West Cambridge, with dwelling-house, factory and other buildings, with a mill-site and mill-privileges, known by the name of the Stearns Factory, on March 6, 1832. A mill about to be erected by Ichabod Fessenden in 1816 was that at the privilege now the property of J. C. Hobbs. Samuel Lewis, of Dedham, bought of Stephen Robbins land with water-mill and dwelling-house in West Cambridge, 1839. The mill below the Wear Bridge in the Mystic River on the Menotomy side was embraced in a conveyance by Joseph Prout to Jonathan Dunster, 1710. Edward Collins sold the same in 1660. Collins bought of Thomas Broughton, 1669. See Wyman's Chs., 136, 312; Brooks's Medford, 393, 606. Turning again to Paige, we find that in Nov. 1675, John Adams (a resident of Menotomy) was impressed as a trooper, or cavalry-man (p.
nt, Stephen Cutter, James Frost, Jeduthun Wellington, Isaac Warren, Miles Greenwood, Joseph Russell, William Winship, Jr., Gershom Cutter, 3d, James Locke, Stephen Robbins, Jr., Nathaniel Williams, John Fowle, Joseph Shaw, David Lamson, Samuel Swan, Josiah Hall. The term of service was probably five days. Mr. Cooke preached befoe3411131363191610 Benja. Piper173160121151511153 Jonathan Perry171113522135116 Jason Russell1717036 Thomas Rand17633116456 Jona. Robbins17117673319134 Stephen Robbins172000212123915211 Stephen Robbins, jr.1711131923175169 Samuel Russell1737811541611011 Samuel Russell, jr.17424215454 Seth Russell1731211944193117 Patten Stephen Robbins, jr.1711131923175169 Samuel Russell1737811541611011 Samuel Russell, jr.17424215454 Seth Russell1731211944193117 Patten Russell17281112114810193 Joseph Russell1717036 Wd. Elisabeth Russell28116321521211 Polls.Real.Personal.Total.Town Tax. Thomas Russell344651576150192 Noah Russell1717036 John Sprague1263115735 George Swan343150735163151 Ebenezer Swan3438101155143147 Samuel Swan6001685168120 Aaron Swan175126101071041128 Jos'h Shaw17
ter of that sketch quotes Backus's History to the effect that a Baptist church existed in Cambridge as early as 1761. The earliest known records of the society are dated Sept. 4, 1780, when a number of the Baptist Society in Cambridge met at Stephen Robbins's to have some discourse about sending a letter to the Association, to inform them of our circumstances and to desire their prayers for us. This letter was signed by Thomas Williams, John Williams and Stephen Robbins. A compact of six artiStephen Robbins. A compact of six articles, drawn by a committee, of which Capt. Benjamin Locke was chairman, was agreed upon Dec. 15, 1780, by Thomas Williams and thirty-eight others, four of whom only were religious professors. The design was to unite those who were friends of the cause, understanding its merits, and actuated by worthy motives. The first parish meeting was held March 6, 1781, and measures were taken to provide a place of worship, which resulted in the purchase of Capt. Locke's house for a hundred dollars silver
ounded S. W. on the brook running out of Spy Pond, 6 Apr. 1747. William Withington (1) was grandson of William Russell (1), per Wyman, 1044. 2. Elisha, s. of William (1), m. Mary Prentice here 12 Apr. 1768. He o. c. Pct. ch. 21 May, 1769, and had Elisha, b. 11, bap. 21 May, 1769. Wood, Josiah, son of Mrs. Anna Williams, d. 17 Nov. 1742, a. 22. Maria M., of Medford, m. Abram D. Tasker, 13 Sept. 1840. John, Jr., m. Mary C. Barker, of Boston, 28 Jan. 1841. Woolson, Sarah, m. Stephen Robbins, both of Lexington, 11 July, 1754. Sybil—called Wilson—m. Thad. Bowman, 1753—see Wilson. Wootton, John, s. of John and Rebecca, d. 7 July, 1739, a.— (g. s.). Wright, widow Ann, d. 22 Feb. 1772, a. 80. Elizabeth, of Woburn, m. John Symmes, Jr., of Medford, 31 Oct. 1780—fee $100. Chandler, d. 27 Oct. 1824, a. 55. See Wyman's Chas., 1052. Wybert, Thomas, of Boston, m. Mary Pierpont, of Camb., 27 Jan. 1776. Wyer, Lydia, w. of Eleazer, late of Charlestown, was adm. Pet, ch