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Benson J. Lossing, Pictorial Field Book of the Civil War. Volume 2., Chapter 6: the Army of the Potomac.--the Trent affair.--capture of Roanoke Island. (search)
ark G. Ham, John W. Loyd, Charles Baldwin, Alexander Crawford, John Laverty, Benjamin Loyd, David Warren, William Wright, John Sullivan, Robert T. Clifford, Thomas Harding, Perry Wilkes, John Hyland, Michael McCormick, Timothy O'Donohue, George Butts, Charles Asten, John Ortega. Maurice Wagg, R. H. King,----Wilkes,----Demming, Bernard Harley, William Smith, Richard Hamilton, Edward J. Houghton, Oliver O'Brien, Frank Lucas, William Garvin, Charles J. Bibber, John Neil, Robert Montgomery, James Roberts, Charles Hawking, Dennis Conlan, James Sullivan, William Hinnegan, Charles Rice, John Cooper, Patrick Mullin, James Saunders, James Horton, James Rountry, John H. Ferrell, John Ditzenbach, Thomas Taylor, Patrick Mullin, Aaron Anderson or Sanderson (colored), Charles H. Smith, Hugh Logan, Lewis A. Horton, George Moore, Luke M. Griswold, John Jones, George Pyne, Thomas Smith, Charles Reed, John S. Lann, George Schutt, John Mack, John H. Nibbe, Othniel Tripp, John Griffiths, Edward Swatton,
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 42: Red River expedition.--continued. (search)
cting-Ensigns, Edw. Alford and John Powell; Acting-Master's Mates, W. H. English, C. W. Gross, J. W. Richards and Ignatius Dunn; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, J. A. Burns; Acting-Second Assistant, W. R. Hoder; Acting-Third-Assistants, J. T. English and Southwell Lyons. Steamer Queen City. Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, George W. Brown; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, Louis Westfall; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, C. S. Sims; Acting-Master, Michael Hickey; Acting-Ensigns, H. E. Alexander, James Roberts and F. M. Hathaway; Acting-Master's Mates, Geo. W. Hall, W. P. Eakly and E. W. Johnson; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistants, Irwin Fox and Wm. Downey; Acting-Second-Assistant, G. W. Shellenberger; Acting-Third-Assistant, Geo. S. Read. Steamer Tawah. Acting-Volunteer-Lieutenant, Jason Goudy; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, H. S. Nicholson; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, D. W. Hale; Acting-Master, M. V. B. Haines; Acting-Ensigns, J. B. Williams and Joseph Sawyer; Acting-Master's Mates, I. P. N
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 49: first attack on Fort Fisher.--destruction of the confederate ram Albemarle, etc. (search)
those who had volunteered for so hazardous an expedition than for the expected attack on Fort Fisher. The officers and men who volunteered to go with Commander Rhind--himself a volunteer — were Lieutenant Samuel W. Preston of the Admiral's staff, Second-Assistant Engineer A. T. E. Mullan, Master's Mate Paul Boyden; Frank Lucas, Coxswain; William Gainn, Captain-of-the-Forecastle; Charles T. Bibber, Gunner's Mate; John Neil, Quarter-Gunner; Robert Montgomery, Captain-of-the-Afterguard; James Roberts and Dennis Conlan, Seamen; James Sullivan, Ordinary Seaman; William Horrigan, Second-class Fireman; Charles Rice, Coal-heaver. The men were all volunteers from Commander Rhind's vessel, the Agawam. General Butler had been again notified that the powder-boat would be exploded on the night of the 23d December, as near the beach at Fort Fisher as it was possible to get her, but the exact distance could not be estimated in the darkness. Although the Louisiana had low steam up, she was t
e, at Corinth, Miss., April 26, 1862. First Brigade. Col. R. G. Shaver commanding.  Effective total. 2d Arkansas279  5th Arkansas400  6th Arkansas315  7th Arkansas380  17th Tennessee547  Battalion Arkansas cavalry250  Arkansas battery (Roberts)59  Mississippi battery (Swett)73  Tennessee battery (Baxter)73   2,376 Second Brigade. Brig. Gen. P. R. Cleburne commanding. 15th Arkansas223  2d Tennessee372  5th Tennessee429  23d Tennessee377  24th Tennessee406  48th Tennessee353 R. G. Shaver commanding.Brig. Gen. S. A. M. Wood commanding. 2d Arkansas.16th Alabama. 5th Arkansas.8th Arkansas. 6th Arkansas.33d Mississippi. 7th Arkansas.27th Tennessee. 17th Tennessee.44th Tennessee. Baxter's battery.Harper's battery. Roberts' battery.  Swett's battery.  Second Brigade.Fourth Brigade. Brig. Gen. P. R. Cleburne commanding.Col. J. S. Marmaduke commanding. 15th Arkansas.3d Confederate. 2d Tennessee.25th Tennessee. 5th Tennessee.29th Tennessee. 2
half, but the explosion did not occur till twenty-two minutes after that time had elapsed, the after part of the vessel being then enveloped in flames. The following officers and men manned the powder-boat: Commander A. C. Rhind; Lieutenant S. W. Preston; Second Assistant Engineer A. T. E. Mullan; Master's Mate Paul Boyden; Frank Lucas, coxswain; William Garvin, captain forecastle; Charles J. Bibber, gunner's mate; John Neil, quarter gunner; Robert Montgomery; captain after-guard; James Roberts, seaman, Charles Hawkins, seaman; Dennis Conlon, seaman; James Sullivan, ordinary seaman; William Hinnegan, second-class fireman; Charles Rice, coal-heaver. The crew were all volunteers from my own vessel, the Agawam. The zeal, patience, and endurance of officers and men were unsurpassed, and I believe no officer could have been better supported. To Lieutenant Lamson, Mr Bradford, and the officers and men of the Wilderness, we are indebted for the means of escape; and from the fir
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. (search)
C. H. Brooks,Zzz=Co. C. R. W. Caffin,Zzz=Co. C. J. B. Easley,Zzz=Co. C. W. R. Griffin,Zzz=Co. C. S. Garrett,Zzz=Co. C. W. J. McCullens,Zzz=Co. C. W. B. Moon,Zzz=Co. C. R. B. Moon,Zzz=Co. C. B. S. Moore,Zzz=Co. C. W. Prince,Zzz=Co. C. J. Roberts,Zzz=Co. C. B. Still, Sr.,Zzz=Co. C. S. M. Still,Zzz=Co. C. J. M. Still,Zzz=Co. C. J. L. Smith,Zzz=Co. C. A. J. Stevens,Zzz=Co. C. W. J. Soball,Zzz=Co. C. W. C. Thomas,Zzz=Co. C. G. W. Upshaw,Zzz=Co. C. R. A. Upshaw,Zzz=Co. C. W. C. Weaman, Private W. H. Hudson, E. Johns, S. Lamaster, D. H. Ponder, W. J. Thomas, W. D. Gilham, D. C. Winn, H. Wise. Co. E. Sergeant J. M. Clemmons, Private J. W. Stansel, W. F. Glass, Q.-M. Sergeant W. Knight, Private W. Green, J. Roberts, R. E. Burt. Co. D. Private J. Smith, D. Crutchfield, J. F. Winn, W. E. Geordon, W. A. Goodwin, Private M. P. Hamilton, J. Long, D. S. Berry, J. S. Bense, J. S. Wood. [88] Brigade of General B. G. Humphreys. G. R. Cherry, C
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
Staff. Com. Sergeant S. P. Mullen, Q.-M. Sergeant W. W. Graves, Hosp. Steward Bailey Busi. Co. A. Private H. A. Dudley, William Gallop, Jacob Goble, John Grier, Private J. Q. Homer, J. C. Hughes, John Sawyer. Co. B. Private Calvin Culbreth, Private R. M. Everett. Co. C. Private H. M. Luter, Duncan Parish, Dorsey Relph, Private B. J. Sears, Lerus Williams. Co. D. Corporal J. Fancette, Private A. J. Gordon, E. Gates, James Jacobs, Private James Roberts, Thomas Roberts, Thomas Taylor, George Tyner. Co. E. Private J. M. Herndon Francis Lucas, William Morris, M. Price, Private Wade Price, J. L. Scoggins, W. D. Vickers. Co. F. Private William Chitwood, J. C. Finch, R. W. Gardner, Private Frank Lutz, Philip Spake. Co. G. Private Elic Barberry, E. Carlan, Chas. F. Davis, Private J. B. Holinsworth, Robert Smith. Co. H. Private John Chisenhall, L. H. Dunnivant, W. F. Lackey, Private David M
te, from the recent storm. The Warrenton (Va.) Flag says: Rawley W. Dowaman, Esq., of this county, had his mill-dam entirely washed away last week by the flood. His loss, in consequence, is from $500 to $700. The heavy rains that have recently fallen have been terribly destructive to all parts of the country — making frightful chasms in the earth, completely sweeping off fences, heavy bridges and railroad tracks, besides doing a vast deal of damage in many other ways. Mr. James Roberts, the contractor for carrying the mail from Warrenton to Homeland, in Culpeper, had his horse drowned in the Rappahannock river, on Saturday last, which had risen to an extraordinary height, owing to the heavy fall of rain on the afternoon and night previous. He narrowly escaped with his own life. The Woodstock Tenth Legion says: This region has been visited with heavy rains for several successive days, and the consequence is, that the rivers and creeks are higher than they
Warmed. --James Roberts, a free negro, got drunk on Christmas day, and kicked up a general muss in the street, for which he was taken before the Mayor yesterday and soundly lashed.
Williams. He gave surety in $150 for his good behavior for twelve months.--The case of Stavethoper & Hansler, charged with creating a unissued, was continued to the 10th.--John H. Cook, charged with violently assaulting and beating Denis Wren, was required to give surety to keep the peace for twelve months, and for his appearance before the Hustings Court in November next to answer an indictment on said charge.--The child, who is not doti capar, had taken something from the defendant — James Roberts, free negro, was ordered to receive fifteen lashes, for assault and battery upon Mary Freeman, his reputed wife, and committed to jail in default of giving surety for his further good behavior.--Tom Griffin, free negro, was required to give surety for his appearance before his Honor next week, to answer the charge of retailing ardent spirits to be drunk at the place where sold, and selling "snacks," without license.--Some gentleman came forward and said that having lost a watch, and seen